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Trending logo colors in 2022

A logo is not just an icon. A well-designed logo identifies your brand and carries out many important functions. Often, when organizing a new enterprise, a businessman has no doubt that his company needs a logo, but does not fully understand why. According to some, this is just a beautiful emblem or composition of symbols. Others consider the logo to be the trademark of the organization. In this article, you will learn about the functions and tasks of the logo. Also, we will talk about trendy colors that you can use when creating it.

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The main functions and tasks of the logo

Distinctive, associative function. With the help of a high-quality logo, the product and the company stand out in a competitive environment. It is thanks to the logo that the consumer can distinguish the products of one company from another. From this function another smoothly follows – protective.

The protective function of the logo is characterized by the fact that it, being the property of the company, protects its goods and services. When trying to illegally use your logo by another company, you can bring the owners of the latter to administrative responsibility.

The guarantee function of the logo is that if it is on the product, the consumer receives a guarantee of the quality of the latter. If you look closely at the products on the market, you can see that not all enterprises use the logo. But all self-confident companies that have been working on the market for a long time always work using the logo.

Aesthetic function. The presence of a company logo on clothes is by no means uncommon. This is the simplest example, when a beautiful logo enhances the aesthetics of a product. In addition, the trademark allows you to guarantee the quality of products and protects them from counterfeiting. The best logos are not just pictures, but key aesthetic elements in the design of product packaging.

Advertising function. It is because of her that many companies decide to create their own logo. Thanks to him, the desired image of the company is formed. Consumers get the opportunity to easily recognize a product by associating it with a certain level of quality, company reputation and other advertising parameters.

From the functions of the logo, its tasks flow smoothly.

The main tasks of the logo:

  • Associations. Often it is with the logo that a potential client begins to get acquainted with your company. In addition, it has a great influence on the impression of your brand and product. Therefore, the logo should be associated with your company and its activities;
  • Legal property. The logo is also the legal property of the company. Nobody has the right to use it;
  • Increasing the level of trust. Few people will buy a product without a logo. If a company sets itself the task of being remembered by the consumer, this tool is needed. Obviously, the level of trust in products with a logo will be higher than in the absence of the latter.
  • Individuality. The logo is an auxiliary element that contributes to the formation of the premium of your brand. For example, for the Prada brand, buyers can significantly overpay, just because the brand name is present on the clothes. They are not stopped even by the fact that there are clothes with the same high quality, but at a much more affordable price;
  • Promotion. The logo helps in promoting the company. It is everywhere: on the storefront, on the website, goods, business cards, social networks and other media. Therefore, it is important to take the process of its creation with all seriousness. The logo should be simple and memorable.

So, a good logo is the most important part of the image. In addition to the above, it has informational and psychological functions. With the help of the logo, the buyer receives information about the manufacturer and forms a positive image of the company in his head.

Trend colors 2022

The trend colors of 2022 (spring-summer season) reflect the desire of modern society for balance. Created by the Pantone Color Institute, the hue palette ranges from delicate pastels, soothing tones, to bright, bold colors. Experts believe that this is a reaction to the many changes that have occurred recently in the world. Society is drawn to stability and tranquility. At the same time, we are all tired of the social restrictions associated with the pandemic and are striving to be active, to get out of captivity.

Pantone’s 2022 fashion color names are Powdered Sugar, Pink Gossamer, Hint, Skydiver, Narcissus, Glacial Lake, Blue Harbor, Coffee, Dahlia and Poinciana.

Powdered sugar

Logo by Logo Preneur

This soft blue hue is reminiscent of the spring sky on a sunny day. It is as light, light and airy as our dreams of the future.

Pink gossamer

Logo by Tania

A powdery pink shade reminiscent of airy cotton candy. It is gentle, light and romantic, like a young lady.


Logo by Maycon Prasniewski

A bold bright crimson shade can not even be called a hint, but a direct message of seductive messages to everyone around.


Logo by Abdullah Designs

This dark blue hue is soothing and offers the promise of stability. Also, it will help inspire you to new achievements and conquer new heights.


Logo by Babu Ahmed

Bright sunny yellow color symbolizes joy. It gives hope, good mood and inspires optimism. Also, Pantone colorists believe that this shade is associated with the spontaneity and immediacy of blooming spring gardens.

Glacial lake

Logo by Md Deluar Hossain

It is a cool and calm shade of blue. It looks like an ice-covered water surface. Looking at it, you feel serenity, peace and tranquility.

Blue harbor

Logo by Shaheen Ahmed

A complex and deep blue-green hue is the epitome of a calm and quiet haven, which is in the dreams of almost every one of us.


Logo by Erin McDougle

Delicious and warm brown holds the promise of pleasure and enjoyment. It enchants, envelops and warms the soul.


Logo by graphicstockbd

An unusual and bright purple hue is associated with energy and activity. Thanks to him, the entire color palette is literally enlivened.


Logo by Garasigrafis

Bright scarlet shade for the most daring. Spectacular and passionate, he will command the entire parade.

So, we told you about the main functions and tasks of the logo, as well as the trendy shades of 2022. By designing the perfect logo for your company, you will take a big step towards success. Dare! We wish you good luck!

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