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10 Best Reasons to Visit Krabi

Krabi is a magical place. Krabi is the most relaxing part of Thailand, with the most stunning scenery imaginable, including beautiful white beaches that stretch for miles, a jungle, and over 200 islands just off the coast. It has grown in popularity over the years, attracting visitors due to its pristine natural landscape. Krabi tours would be one of the most enjoyable tours for you and will make you keep wanting for more. So presented here are the 10 best reasons to visit Krabi and make a Thailand vacation right away!

1. Home To Koh Phi Phi

Thailand, Koh, Phi Phi, Beach, Island, Archipelago

The most talked-about island in Thailand is located in Krabi province, just a 90-minute ferry ride from the mainland. In addition to the stunning Maya Bay, Phi Phi is home to wild beach parties, numerous bars and restaurants, and stunning natural features. You can visit this Krabi by choosing our Thailand packages at the Pickyourtrail website.

There are even top-tier diving adventures available for those whose day begins at eight o’clock in the morning rather than eight o’clock in the evening. What more could you want from a stay on an island paradise than beaches, bars, and buckets?

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2. You have a lot to do

During your visit to Krabi, you can participate in a variety of activities and tours. Making new friends beneath the waves on a diving excursion, making your Instagram followers jealous on a four-island tour, or even learning how to cook your favourite meal, Krabi has plenty to keep you busy no matter how long you stay. This is one of the best reasons to visit Krabi.

3. The Night Markets

Market, Street, Krabi, Thailand, City, Urban, Shopping

Markets are a great way to immerse yourself in authentic slices of local culture, and Krabi has plenty of them for you to explore. The Walking Street Market in Krabi Town is the best in the province; it’s a night market that runs from 5 to 10 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not only does it serve delicious, freshly-prepared food, but it’s also a shopping paradise, with a plethora of stalls selling locally-made crafts, accessories, and clothing. It also has live entertainment every night.

4. Railay Rock Climbing

Railay is a stunning peninsula located between the major hubs of Ao Nang and Krabi Town. While it is not an island, the fact that it is separated from the mainland by sheer limestone cliffs means that it can only be reached by boat — and it is these cliffs that have put the area on the map. This is one of the best reasons to visit Krabi. The Railay cliffs are a popular spot for rock climbing, with both beginner and advanced routes that reward climbers with breathtaking views of the bay. You’re not a climber? Railay also has beautiful beaches, which may be more to your liking.

5. Tiger Cave Temple

Wat Tham Sua, Tiger Cave Temple, Asia, Banita Tour

If climbing mountains sounds like the last thing you want to do on vacation, you should probably stop reading now. Krabi is famous for its breathtaking karst landscape, and Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham Suea in Thai, is a collection of temples that includes a stunning Buddha statue just 1,247 steps up a mountain. It’s a strenuous climb in Krabi’s tropical climate, but it’s well worth it because those who make it to the top are rewarded with stunning views of the province and several beautiful statues.

6. Ao Nang

Poda Isand, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Ao Nang, the most popular tourist destination in Krabi, is a bustling resort town just 20 minutes from Krabi Town. It not only has a large number of great hotels, ranging from luxurious to low-cost, but it also has a plethora of welcoming bars and restaurants. This beach is one of the best reasons to visit Krabi. The main draw, however, is Ao Nang beach. It’s a beautiful stretch of soft sand with mountain and karst views; it’s the ideal spot on mainland Krabi to soak up the sun and go for a swim, and it’s only a stone’s throw from all the action.

7. Krabi is Affordable

Krabi is one of the few places in paradise where you won’t have to break the bank. Despite its popularity with tourists, Krabi has remained significantly less expensive than neighbouring tourist hotspots Phuket and Koh Samui. In terms of lodging, the sheer number of options available means that bargains can be found without sacrificing quality or staying in a hostel. Similarly, food from local joints and night markets isn’t subject to the “double-pricing” that you might encounter elsewhere in Thailand, giving you more money to spend on tours and excursions. So there you go, you won’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to visit Krabi making it of the best reasons to visit Krabi.

8. Less Crowded

Thailand has recently become one of the most popular tourist destinations. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Thailand, making it a very crowded country during certain seasons. The number of visitors has increased dramatically in the last seven months as a result of the numerous festivals and the Thai government’s visa-free policy.

The majority of tourists visit the Bangkok side, so those areas are always the most crowded. Krabi, on the other hand, is not widely known, and most visitors do not make it their first choice. This is why this location is less crowded most of the time.

9. Cuisine

Thai Food, Meal, Food, Dish, Cuisine, Rice, Thai

Krabi’s seafood is famous for its freshness and authentic southern delicacies. Wing shells are popular among tourists due to their sweet meat, which is especially delicious when served with a spicy seafood dip. Crispy roti is a popular local snack, especially when paired with milk tea or sugar cane tea. Tao Sor and chilli shrimp paste make excellent souvenirs. So get prepared to have your taste buds tickle and enjoy some scrumptious Thai cuisine in Krabi.

10. Perfect for whole family

Krabi is one of the most adaptable destinations for excursions because the activities available there cater to both families with small children and groups of friends. Many activities are suitable for both children and adults. If you’re travelling with small children, you can take them on educational tours like hiking trails and exploring Mother Nature. Children are naturally inquisitive, so they will enjoy exploring Krabi’s many hidden caves – just like in a cartoon, so they can definitely relate to the activity. If you’re looking for a quality walk with your other half, don’t worry because most Krabi resorts offer babysitting! Krabi is such a kid-friendly destination!

These best reasons to visit Krabi will certainly make you add it to your bucket list. In addition to these advantages, spending a few days of your summer vacation in Krabi will save you money on everything from water sports and food to nightlife and shopping. Summer in Krabi is a true paradise! While summer is not the best time to visit Krabi’s coastal lands, it is still a better time for most visitors. The humid months of the first half of the year are not popular travel months, but they are certainly rewarding in many ways. So are you convinced enough to make a Krabi trip already? Yes? Check out Krabi packages at Pickyourtrail and customise it to suit your needs and preferences and make a perfect holiday to Krabi, that you will reminisce for a lifetime!

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