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10 Ideas For Using Macrame To Enhance Your Home’s Decor

Macrame is a technique of art where knots are used to create different textiles. Recently, we have seen that this form of art has regained popularity, and people are using it more often in their homes for decorating their interior.

Macrame in Australia adds a Bohemian vibe and an aesthetic touch to all the rooms. In addition, this technique can be used for making products of different types like keyrings, wall hangings, table runners, planters, hanging chairs, and even jewelry. 

Here are ten different ideas for using macrame to upgrade your interior:

Dream catchers

These dreamy fiber arts are woven on hoops and lightly woven. These have a simplistic approach, and they become an entire frame. If you want to create a small corner for yourself, hang two dream catchers, place some plants and add sittings or mirrors and lights according to your preference, and your corner will be all ready.


Macrame Plant hangers are the most classic elements to add to your house. It would make ordinary pots look fresh and textured. The leaves entangled around the macrame patterns will provide a good color contrast, and you can place them in any place of your house, be it living rooms, bedrooms, or balconies. Using planters would add elegance. 

Flowing Wall Hangings

There can be various types of knots in the macrame that are used to create different kinds of designs. Wall hangings with different arrays and patterns can be used to decorate the space in your living room or bedroom. 

Mason Jar Light Holder

These mason jar light holders are perfect for gardens and balconies or in your backyard and lawn. Apart from that, you can ditch your ordinary lampshades and use these. 

Macrame Hammocks

The hammocks are most commonly used outside our homes, but if you want to build a relaxation corner, you can hang a macrame hammock near your bookshelf or on your balcony or porch so that you can enjoy the outdoor view or read books while you sip in your coffee. 

Macrame Decorative Garlands

Add these above your bed or entrance doors to express your aesthetic as well as your hippy nature. 

Macrame Textured Table Mats

These can be used as tea coasters on your tea table and as table mats on dining tables. 

Flowy Door Curtains

Macrame door curtains might not be enough to block light and give you privacy, but it is perfect for adding a dash of freshness and grace. Apart from doorways or windows, you can even use them for your closets. 

Macrame Patterned Stools

Macrame patterned stools are quite an off-beat concept, and they can be a hit if you can decorate them perfectly. You can use them around your tea table or dining table for display. Or you can place them among your plants and other decorative objects in your living room.


The Macrame Man provides the best quality macrame in Australia. So, if you are planning for a funky makeover, you should add this to your list, make the most of your abode designs today! 

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