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10 Must Read Home Improvement Blogs To Inspire You

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” It turns out that Anne Frank was right. She might have been speaking about something else entirely, but she certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to home improvement projects.

So if you are planning on sprucing up your home or simply looking for new design ideas to try out in your spare time, the following list contains some great articles and guides that are a must read for.

best home improvement blogs

Best Home Improvement Blogs

Centsational Style

diy home improvement blogsThis website was created by a young Californian named Kate Riley, who uses it as a forum to discuss her ongoing projects. She is very active on social media and even runs her own YouTube channel.

Of course, her blog is full of idea galleries for things such as peel and stick flooring, kitchen faucets, and shower designs. It’s a great place to go and be inspired.

Designer Trapped

best home improvement blogs
Designer Trapped is run by a North Carolina mom named Tasha, who used to be a lawyer in her previous life. She got interested in DIY projects because it was the only way that she and her husband could afford to remodel their home back in 2002.

The current blog setup makes it very easy for readers to locate design topics. It even separates the articles by subjects such as crafts, furniture, and flooring. Of course, her organizational projects are sure to come in handy, particularly for parents or anyone else with more stuff than space. This is definitely one to bookmark for future use.

Houseace Blog

Started by young entrepreneur, Jonny Sommers, Houseace is an Australian based renovation and home improvement business.

The business offers a hassle-free renovation experience that leverages instant, online and fixed quotes, rigorously vetted tradespeople and first class customer service and project management.

The Houseace blog is an outlay for the team to share their renovation expertise and advice, and they give wonderfully detailed guides on most need-to-know home improvement topics.

Keep up the great work, guys!

This is another good place to go if you’re looking for inspiration on your DIY quest. Those seeking specific articles can find them easily by clicking on the room or home renovation headers on the main page. Other readers can just browse the website for more ideas.

One Project Closer

one project closer blog

Run by a husband and wife team, this blog conquers home improvement projects one step at a time. It’s also fairly simple for readers to find the content they are looking for since there are numerous links on the main page to other places.

The content here is divided intoimprovement areas, coupons, and tools. There’s even a separate space for more crafty-type projects involving lettering, cooking, and essential oils.

Ugly Duckling House

Sarah is a pet owner and she enjoys cooking, so those topics do make appearances on her site from time to time. However, the most recent posts have discussed decorating challenges, a kitchen update, and how to make triangular tealights.


home blogsThis is another blog that combines a clean, straightforward web design with useful DIY information. The owner Cassity is a married interior designer who currently has two kids, two cats, and two roosters. She and her husband have already remodeled four houses and they’re currently at work on their fifth project.

Her site tackles topics such as making your own shelving units, creating mason jar spice racks, and improving your home’s curb appeal. It also discusses things like hairstyles for kids and prints for their rooms. As a result, parents who want to improve their homes will probably get the most use out of this website.


merrypad blogAnother website with a clean layout, MerryPad covers topics ranging from homemade garden planters to tiny storage boxes and nontraditional decorative prints.

One of the great things about this blog is that all the projects and the subsequent steps are displayed directly on the homepage. Readers don’t have to click through the site in order to find the content that they need.

The blog owner, Emily, has been regularly featured on HGTV. She currently lives in Rochester, New York with her husband and their young daughter.

Old Town Home

This blog is produced by a couple, Wendy and Alex Santantonio from Alexandria, Virginia. They have been renovating houses. Since 2003 and they currently own two homes that they are in the process of restoring.

Finding useful content is a breeze on this website. All of the most recent posts are available on the homepage, where they can easily be read in their entirety. Recent topics that the couple has covered include finding a home for their foster dog Yogi, how to plaster a room, an Amazon scam that might have caught them off guard, and the ongoing remodel of their dining room.

Refresh Restyle

Colorful but not too busy, this website mostly focuses on craft and painting projects. It also contains some good articles on refurbishing furniture. However, the latest articles have covered topics such as creating photo displays, having at-home spa parties, and making your own message board.

Refresh Restyle is currently run by Debbie Westbrook, a family-oriented DIY enthusiast.

DIY Projects

This website focuses on topics such as drain cleaning, applying stucco, recognizing loadbearing walls, and installing mirrors. Readers who are searching for a specific topic will find it easy to use the headers at the top of the page to find the information that they need. Those who are merely seeking inspiration can simply scroll down the main page for more ideas.

DIY Projects is currently run by a team of writers, with the newest being Meg Daves, a crafter and home project enthusiast from Texas.

Bonus: Essential Home And Garden

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Best Home Improvement Blogs for DIY Inspiration

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into our profile on the 25 best DIY blogs. By the end of it, you will surely be able to get great ideas on improving your home without requiring any professional assistance (though that is totally up to you).

1. Designer Trapped

Image title

Many people stuck in a career that they excel at, but which is not their true call. This is true of Tasha, the lady behind Designer Trapp. According to her, she is a ‘designer trapp in a lawyer body’. Through her blog, she shares her ideas and experiences related. Her forte is interior design and home renovation, completely DIY and on the cheap. She recently gave up her law practice to blog full-time, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of her decision!

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