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10 of the Best Shopify WordPress Plugins for a Successful Online Store in 2022

If you’re looking to start an online store, it helps to have the right tools at your disposal—and Shopify has plenty of these in its WordPress plugin library. 

But with so many Shopify WordPress plugins to choose from, it can be hard to determine which ones will work best for your site in 2022 and beyond. 

So to help make this choice easier, we’ve picked out 10 of the best Shopify WordPress plugins that will take your store to the next level.

Here we go!

Top 10 Shopify Plugins to Use in 2022 and Beyond

1) Visual Composer – Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer is a drag-and-drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will help you create content pages easily. This comes with over 50 elements that enable you to build anything from simple image galleries to team members or client sliders. 

Content blocks come with hundreds of fonts, icons, layouts, and design options to customize your Website truly. It also has an advanced grid builder, allowing you to create custom layouts for any project easily. 

With its easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder why thousands of designers and developers have chosen Visual Composer as their go-to tool when building websites.

2) Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is an e-commerce plugin that provides membership functionality. It’s easy to use and works out of the box, requiring little to no setup. 

With it, you can create highly customized membership plans at any price point, with multiple levels and advanced billing terms. (paid memberships pro) The purpose of including paid memberships pro in our list is because it is one of the best in developing online stores. 

You can also hire Shopify developers in India to know more about this plugin. One of their main selling points is that they offer free trials so customers can see how much value they get from their services before paying anything. 

3) Headway – Premium HTML5 & CSS3 Template

Headway is a premium HTML5 & CSS3 template that helps you easily create stunning eCommerce websites. It has many great features such as Font Awesome, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, fully responsive design, and many more. 

It is ideal for online stores selling digital goods or services. You can easily customize it via a control panel to reflect your brand’s colors and style. Moreover, several demo templates are available for download so you can get started quickly. 

The theme is built on Bootstrap 3, ensuring high compatibility with all modern browsers and devices.

4) Easy Digital Downloads – Selling digital products with WordPress

More and more merchants are selling digital products through their ecommerce stores. If you’re one of them, or if you plan to be, then Easy Digital Downloads is your best bet. 

You can create your product license agreements and will have access to an array of user-friendly features like post-purchase URLs and downloadable licenses. 

This plugin has been around for a long time and keeps improving yearly. It’s one to watch as we move toward 2022.

5) SnapPages – Create Stunning Webpages With Just A Few Clicks

If you have a dedicated team, then it’s wise to invest in a page builder that’s easy to use. SnapPages is one such plugin. Whether you want full control over your site or need some help getting started, it allows you to create stunning web pages with just a few clicks. 

Your customers will love how simple it is to use, and your store will look professional and be easy to navigate. This makes it easier for them to make purchases from your store. It also means you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about design issues.

6) Intelligent Newsletter Popup Plugin For Your Website

In an effort to increase email subscriptions, some websites use popups that cover most of the screen to ask readers to subscribe. While these can effectively get new subscribers, they’re extremely annoying. Thankfully, you don’t have to subject your users to these obtrusive popups anymore. 

Instead, you can let them subscribe on their terms by installing and configuring Intelligent Newsletter Popup Plugin For Your Website. This plugin allows visitors to subscribe using a popup, but it only shows up after they’ve been on your site for a while. 

This way, you won’t lose any traffic from people who don’t want to subscribe immediately. But if someone is interested in subscribing, they can do so easily without being interrupted by intrusive popups.

7) EasyAzon – Powerful Amazon Affiliate Plugin For WordPress

If you’re selling on Amazon, you should be using EasyAzon. For WordPress users, it’s a must-have plugin that allows you to easily create Amazon affiliate links on your Website and keep track of your profits and sales through easy reports. 

This can save countless hours of fumbling around with spreadsheets! If you have any experience with affiliate marketing (even if it’s just one time on Fiverr) then EasyAzon is an absolute must-have.

With EasyAzon, you’ll be able to manage all your product listings directly from within your WordPress dashboard, meaning no more exporting/importing products from other platforms like Amazon Seller Central or Merchant Central! 

The premium version includes amazing features like bulk imports and auto-updates, making managing multiple online stores super simple.

8) Google XML Sitemaps – Easily Create & Publish Sitemaps Automatically on your Website

Implementing XML Sitemaps is a great place to start if you want to make your Website faster and more efficient. Follow Google’s step-by-step guide, and your sitemap will be live on your site within minutes. The best part is that no additional steps are required – all you have to do is submit it! 

Set up an account with Google Webmaster Tools and verify your domain so they can crawl your XML Sitemap properly. Once you’ve done that, add a link to your XML sitemap from your homepage. 

You can also implement Ping-O-Matic (for WordPress users) or Pingomatic (for non-WordPress users) to automatically update search engines when you publish new content on your site. This ensures they can always access any new pages added to your site.

9) ThriveDesk

If you’re looking to expand your online store, several great WordPress plugins can help. The ThriveDesk plugin has all sorts of features, including user registration and management, order processing, and more. 

Even if you already have an ecommerce solution on your site, using ThriveDesk can be really useful—it allows for integration with WooCommerce via an easy-to-install plugin. 

This way, you can easily manage orders and payments from one central location. Plus, it comes with over 40 templates for shop pages, so getting started is a breeze!

10) Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress (by StudioPress)

While setting up your online store with WordPress, you might want to include an editorial calendar to help keep you organized. This will make it easier to plan out posts and optimize your social media. 

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress helps you stay on track by adding deadlines and reminders to your calendar. If a particular task is not done on time, you’ll know about it immediately. 

You can create recurring events like posting every Monday at noon or running a weekly promotion. The plugin also includes pre-made templates that you can use to create calendars for specific purposes, such as sales or marketing campaigns. 

You can also add custom fields to these templates to fit your business needs perfectly.

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This list contains some of what we believe to be some top Shopify WordPress plugins. We also feel that these will be really useful if you want to rank higher on search engines and get more traffic to your site. 

You might be thinking about buying all or most of these, but it’s not necessary; just go through each plugin carefully and pick those that are most relevant for your niche or business.

You can also get in touch with the top Shopify development company in India to know more about the top Shopify WordPress plugins to use in 2022.

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