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10 Proven Tips for Great Oral Health!!! Be wise!!!

10 Proven Tips for Great Oral Health!!! Be wise!!!

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A million-dollar smile on face can win hearts, brighten up the face and change the world around you. Maintain a proper oral health routine is also very important daily. Weak oral health means inviting cavities, bleeding gums, foul smell and decay. Don’t wait for the situation to get bad or worsen!!!!!! Visit the dentist immediately and help yourself.

Here are a few great tips to help you regain your oral health and help others with these tips to fight these health problems.

  1. Brush twice

Make it a habit to brush twice a day, morning and at the bedtime. Choice of the brush is wisely made. Hard bristle brush harm gums and leads to bleeding, choose soft and small brush so that it reaches every corner of the mouth and cleans thoroughly. Take time to brush at least 2-3 minutes because anything less than this is next to no brushing at all.

For babies take a soft cloth dip it in warm water and clean their mouth, teeth and tongue every day. For kids pea- sizes toothpaste is enough to brush, they should also brush twice regularly.

  1. Fluorine based toothpaste

Do you know fluorine is one of the most elements in toothpaste? To find correct toothpaste because it is fluorine that helps the tooth enamel to harden and thereafter avoids decay and erosion.

  1. Regular flossing

Regular flossing is also equally important as sometimes in haste we forget brushing it can be a major help. It prevents tooth decay and cavities because as we floss the bacteria and sticky food perhaps food particles get removed. The teeth remain less acidic and erosion of the teeth can be reduced to a great extent. If we leave them as it is then acidic nature of the food particles can cause major oral health issues one by one. There are various tools available to ensure that flossing easy.

  1. Say no to smoking, say no to Tobacco

The most hazardous material is tobacco and smoke as it destroys the entire mouth from head to toe. Tobacco causes mouth cancer which is serious cases can even kill the patients. Smoking turns the teeth yellow and causes false mouth odor. Discoloration of the teeth is hard to remove plus it decays the gums too.

  1. No to sugary drinks

Limit the acidic drinks as it worsens the oral problems. Soft drinks, beverages and fruit juices cause softening of the tooth and tooth enamel. If they get thin and soft it becomes easy for the minerals present in the tooth enamel to dissolve. The more the dissolution thinner a tooth and tooth enamel gets and can even lead to no tooth. Keep a proper check on what to drink and how much can help good oral health.

  1. Increase water intake

Increased water intake can also help in maintaining oral health. Drinking water regularly and during food can reduce the risk of tooth decay to a great extent. As food parts stick to the gums and teeth water helps in washing them. Even the beverages and acidic food get washed away. Drink more water as it helps saliva creation and saliva, in turn, draws out all the foodstuff from every corner thus leaving less food behind.

  1. Tooth protection when necessary

During sports activities wearing tooth, guard helps as it protects the teeth from distortion if met with an accident. Even children should also wear these during school sports. If the tooth gets knocked out, carefully place it in a plastic bag or milk and visit the dentist immediately because there are high chances of restoration. Avoid opening bottle caps, cracking nuts because it can cause severe problems.

  1. Tongue care

Leaving tongue aside can cost because the tongue has taste buds enabling us to get through the flavors and taste of food. As tooth gets acidic with food and as time passes tongue and mouth also gets filled with bacteria. These bacteria with time-lapse create false odor and thus inviting more and more oral diseases. Use tongue cleaner daily and wipe out the layer accumulated in the tongue.

  1. Healthy diet plan

Add green vegetables, milk, fruits in the diet. Calcium hardens the tooth enamel and increases the strength of the jawbones. Milk, yoghurt, cheese, salmon are the major source of calcium. Vitamin D is also important as it helps to increase bone density. If bone density is high then the body the absorb calcium highly. Include oranges, cereals to diet and also don’t forget to get plenty of sunshine. Potassium increases mineral density potassium-rich food are bananas, sweet potatoes.

  1. Make an appointment

Twice a year have dental check-ups. Routine examination of mouth helps in reducing the risk of bad oral health. Initial problems are also solved within time. Situations don’t get worse. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve diet, and drink plenty of water so that your smile is perfect. Teach your friends, family the same and motivate them.
















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