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10 Reasons to Try Press On Nails

Press on nails are the perfect accessory if you want to amp up your look in an instant, but don’t have the time or energy to paint your nails every day. The best press on nails not only look great, but they also offer plenty of benefits as well, including helping you maintain healthier, stronger nails and allowing you to create different looks on different days by swapping out the adhesive nail tips. However, there are many types of press-on nails to choose from, and it can be hard to know which style will work best for you.

1) Last Longer Than Any Manicure

Press-on nails have so many benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. They last up to two weeks, which means they can go on and off easily when life gets busy. Plus, they come in beautiful colors and designs that give your manicure the wow factor, making you feel put together and confident all day long.

They’re a genius way of turning a simple nail polish into an art form by creating intricate patterns with press-on nails. To get them off? Use nail polish remover – as long as you don’t forget about the clear coat!

Now you know ten reasons why everyone should try out these nails at least once!

2) Instantly Add Length

One great thing about false nails is that they instantly add length. Short nails will never look as pretty and polished as long nails, but with press-on nail tips you can fake it just like the real thing. The best part is that if your nails are super short, false nails are a quick fix and they’re easier to maintain than actually growing out your natural nails. They’re also a budget friendly solution for nail biters who want their hands looking good.

Another cool thing about false nails is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes: pointy, round, square, almond shape, oval shape, etc. Some even come with rhinestones for added glamor!

3) Make a Basic Manicure Pop

Press-on nails are one of the best quick beauty hacks for women on the go. Gone are the days when you have to scrub at your nail polish in an attempt to get it off and done with. With a press-on manicure, everything is fast and easy – just peel off the backing, give it a couple of seconds, then fit each of your nails and get ready for glamorous nails in minutes! Plus, there’s no dry time so you can literally get dressed right away with no worries. In fact, you could even press them on at night before bed (we won’t tell) if they’re starting to chip or don’t look quite as fresh as they did in the morning!

4) No Waiting for Polish to Dry

No matter how steady your hand, there’s always the chance that you’ll make a mistake with nail polish and chip your nails. But not if you’re using press-on nails! They can be placed on in minutes and come off at any time with acetone or alcohol. Who knew a little bit of plastic could go such a long way? Here are 10 reasons why we think these false nails are the perfect solution for anyone who is trying to take care of their real ones.

A Manicure In A Matter Of Minutes: If you haven’t noticed by now, there are tons of beauty hacks out there for when you don’t have much time to spare. You know those times when you want a cute mani but need to get going soon because of some impending deadline? Well, press-ons are just what the doctor ordered! Quick application and easy removal mean no more wasted time waiting for your fingers to dry.

5) Look Like You Spent Time on Your Hands

  1. Save Time – A pair of press-on nails from Sally Hansen can save you up to an hour on a manicure, so you have more time for relaxing!
  2. Perfect Fit – If your nails are too long or short, using press-on nails lets you achieve the perfect fit with zero effort. No nail cutters required!
  3. Manicure Results Without Chemicals – With no liquid coatings or acrylics, these fingernail covers are completely vegan and never damage your natural nail bed.
  4. Get Creative With Your Design – From simple French tips to sparkling rhinestones, create the look that matches your personal style with press-on nails in under 5 minutes!

6) Save Money on Removing Polish

Have you ever wondered what the best way is to remove your nail polish when you run out of remover? Sometimes it can be difficult if you don’t have remover, so an alternative idea is to use another product like hand sanitizer or cooking oil. Removing nail polish can also be time consuming and messy – especially if you’re dealing with a dark color that takes forever for the polish to come off. And let’s not forget about those pesky hangnails! These issues are enough reason for some people to turn in a perfect manicure with press-on nails.

7) Protect Your Natural Nails

The most important thing you can do for your natural nails is to try not to chip them, split them, or cause other damage. Cutting and filing your nails down may seem like the best way to prevent splitting but if you cut too low you might weaken the nail bed, resulting in more brittle and thin nails that break easier.

Instead of cutting, use a natural buffer like a piece of sea sponge with a little bit of hand soap on it. This will buff away any ridges on the nail surface gently without cutting. If you’re dealing with seriously jagged edges or ridges that won’t go away no matter what you do then give your nails a manicure using only press-on nails.

8) Wear Multiple Colors at Once

If you’re ever in a jam for time, and need your nails done fast, but don’t want your fingers to look like Frankenstein’s monster, press-on nails are the way to go. Just find your color and in a matter of minutes you’ll have fabulous looking nails. If you are feeling adventurous then try painting them more than one color at a time. For example, paint your nail tips with yellow nail polish and use white on the rest of your nail. Be creative! You can create any pattern or design you desire and they will stay on as long as the top coat is applied.

Another great tip is to use them when you do your manicure so that it lasts longer. They can last up to 10 days without chipping if you take care of them properly and keep the top coat well polished.

9) Get Creative with the Designs

If you’re a frequent manicure dabbler and want to try something new, press-on nails are for you. Press on nails come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that allow for any desired design. There’s one thing press-on nails lack though; durability.

10) Won’t Damage Gel or Acrylic Polishes

For most people, the joy of painting their nails begins and ends with having a manicure. Though for many nail salon customers, getting gel or acrylic polish only means their newest manicure will be shattered in a day or two. If this sounds like you, press-on nails are the answer you need! Unlike regular nail glue that can mess up your manicures, press-on nails won’t damage them in any way. So all you have to do is pull off your old polish and slap on some new ones!

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