How fast the chapters of a series pass when you live in a constant state of tension. ‘La casa de Papel’ or Money Heist on Netflix has returned to offer us in its fourth season a new dose of eight hours of violence, the script turns and bitter goodbyes, and now we just want more. If the Álex Pina series also seems too addictive and you need to continue exploring that essence of the ‘ heist movie ‘, we have some options for you. A selection of series and films that, to a greater or lesser extent, contain the adrenaline and charismatic spirit of the Spanish series.

Whether it’s through clever heists or prison breaks, gangs that work as a perfect cog of unique characters with extraordinary abilities, or remote battles between geniuses, this set of stories are a great alternative to ‘The Paper House’ that will help us endure she waits until her fifth season arrives.


1 Prison Break (TV Series)

Before The Professor in ‘The Paper House’, the master plans for escape on television were created by Michael Scofield ( Wentworth Miller ), a man determined to save the life of his brother Lincoln ( Dominic Purcell ), who has been sentenced to the death penalty. In general, the plan is to be sentenced to the same prison as him and to escape together before the fatal destiny that awaits him. It will not be easy, but his unusual intelligence and the prison plans tattooed on his body will be of great help. A series created by Paul Scheuring full of tension, extreme situations, obstacles in the way of the protagonists, and that incredible nerve that he shares with the Spanish series.

2 Vis a Vis (TV Series)

Without moving from the national television we jump from ‘La casa de Papel’ to the great ‘Vis a vis’, a kind of Spanish version of ‘ Orange is the new black ‘ (but very different) that shares many of the elements with the Álex Pina series. With absolutely charismatic characters who meet at the Cruz del Sur women’s prison, from the implacable Zulema ( Najwa Nimri, who doubles in both shows) to the innocent Macarena ( Maggie Civantos ), the series immerses us in a full plot of tension, conflicts, escape plans and as many friends as enemies. Be careful who you trust.

3 The Ocean’s saga

Perhaps in the world of series, we cannot find anything exactly like ‘La casa de Papel’, but, in the cinema, the Ocean’s saga comes very close to it. From the groundbreaking ‘ Ocean’s Eleven ‘ to the recent female version of ‘ Ocean’s 8 ‘, this series of films focus their action on heists of the level of ingenuity, risk, and tension of those of the band of The Professor. Promised.

The iconic first film, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and others, is a brilliant demonstration of the possibilities of the genre of the most entertaining, stylish, and even romantic ‘heist movie’. As in the Netflix series, each member of the band has their unique personality and their specific mission in El Plan, which, as we will see, is habitually infallible.

4 Hunters (TV Series)

The protagonists of this series of Amazon Prime Video do not rob banks or Mint and Stamp: they kill Nazis. Of course, if you liked ‘La casa de Papel’ the mixture of completely different personalities in the same action group that completes dangerous and violent missions, ‘Hunters’ is going to hook you as much or more. In addition, it stars Al Pacino.

In it, the adventures of some Nazi hunters in New York in the 70s are told, who want to eliminate from their country the refugees who arrived through Operation Paperclip and hid their war crimes under an American Dream facade.

5 Hidden Plan (2006)

Experience tension in your veins with this Spike Lee film, a ‘heist movie’ with more surprises if possible than ‘The Paper House’. It’s possible? Ask the police officer ( Denzel Washington ) who is in the situation of managing a bank robber ( Clive Owen ) who seems to have an ace up his sleeve.

The surprises will be served in this tremendous pulse between the two sides of the law, as also happens during the great robberies of the band of The Professor. A movie with a few twists that you don’t expect with a Budget of $17 Million and box office collection of $16.3 Million.

6 Breaking Bad (TV Series)

Finding a place in the world of crime is not easy, neither as a bank robber nor as a drug trafficker. The heist tension is transferred in the iconic ‘ Breaking Bad ‘ to the lab, where boss physics teacher Walter White ( Bryan Cranston ) makes his premium cocaine with his fucking Jesse Pinkman ( Aaron Paul ). Selling it in a market with other powerful suppliers will put them in pretty serious trouble for those who will not have a great plan from The Professor to get the hell out of it.

Even so, the essence of the “honest criminals” of ‘The Paper House’ lives on in this great series by Vince Gilligan, which is essential for those who have not seen it by now.

7 The Luck of the Logan (2017)

If you’re looking for one of the heists with the wit of ‘The Paper House’ and the absurd sense of humour of ‘Saturday Night Live’, give this delirious Steven Soderbergh movie a shot starring the best tragicomic versions of Channing Tatum, Riley Keough, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig. The latter, especially, in the hilarious mode that he would demonstrate again later in ‘ Daggers from behind ‘.

All these ingredients result in a ‘heist’ movie as brilliant as it is silly that it can be a good complement after devouring the series.

8 The Mission Impossible saga

In fiction, there are few more complex, risky, and successful criminal plans than those designed by The Professor in ‘La casa de Papel’, but, over six films, the ‘ Mission Impossible ‘ saga can be considered more than adequate. Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise ) and his team have undoubtedly been a great inspiration for the Spanish series, which draws on its liking for the surprising twists and turns, confidence in the extraordinary abilities of its characters, and its ability to regain control even when plans take paths they did not expect.

A saga is full of great moments that will delight (if they have not already done so) the most staunch fans of the Netflix series.

9 Death Note (TV Series)

If there is anything important in The Professor’s plans, that is the details. They are the ones that make the difference, the little gears that make things work. And in those details, he also lives installed ‘ Death Note ‘, the iconic anime series, in which a teenager finds a notebook with which to control the evolution of the world and self-proclaims God of the new world.

His ‘tour de force’ with L, the private investigator who tracks him closely and with whom he measures his astonishing intelligence, is not so far from the conversations between El Profesor and Inspector Serrano, both infallible on different sides of the law. But who will deliver the last blow?

10 Now You See Me … (2013)

Do you rob with magic? Of course. Perhaps the robbers of ‘La casa de Papel’ are sometimes more about hitting four shots than aspiring to subtlety, but they share with the protagonists of ‘Now you see me …’ the taste for absent-mindedness, a technique they have used many times among his ‘outfits’ with Dalí’s mask, even with agents infiltrated among his hostages.

In this Louis Leterrier film, the band consisting of Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, and Woody Harrelson dedicates himself to stealing from corrupt businessmen using illusionism and then raining the bills down on people. An image that, in fact, we saw at the beginning of the third season of the Spanish series.

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