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10 Tips on choosing the right coworking space

After choosing to work from a coworking space thanks to all the benefits they provide, you will be presented with yet another choice. Which coworking space should you work from? Since coworking spaces are provided by business centers that are in competition with each other to provide better coworking spaces for rent. These spaces differ from one another in both looks and services that they provide.

So, if these coworking spaces for rent differ from one another, how should you choose the one that is right for you? Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right coworking space for yourself:

1.) Location
The first factor you should take into account is the location of the space. First, you should consider your client’s needs. Your office space will leave an impression of you on your client. A coworking space in a reputed business district will always yield a good result during meetings with clients. If all of your clients are concentrated on a specific location in your city, then that is where you should consider taking up office. However, if your main reason for choosing a coworking space is remote working, then you should choose one that is close to you and convenient for you.

2.) Commutability
The coworking space you choose should be easy to get to. It may be within walking distance or within the vicinity of an excellent public transport connection like the metro or a bus stop. This is especially important if you have employees that will be working in the coworking spaces. If your employees spend all their time and energy to get to work, they cannot work productively when they get there.

3.) Amenities
As we have said before, services differ from one coworking space to another. So do the amenities provided by them. So, check whether the office equipment needed for your business is provided by the coworking space or not. Policies for costing these amenities also differ from one space to the other. For example, some spaces add the cost of printing services and meeting rooms to the rent of the space. While others use the pay-as-you-go method where you pay for these facilities only when you use them. Some coworking spaces have kitchens, showers, private areas, phone booths, and other facilities to make their space more attractive.

4.) Pricing
When picking a coworking space, you should select one that provides more return to you than it costs. If space costs more than the return you will get from renting it then it is not worth it. If you are opening a new business, then it will be hard to judge if the return is worth the cost. As a new business has a lot of other investments involved, you should never exceed your budget for a fancier place. Lastly, choose the space that has more pay as you use services so that expenses are limited.

5.) Internet Connection
Any business is as good as crippled without an internet connection. Almost all startups are based on the internet in some way or other nowadays. From software companies to transportation companies, every business uses the internet at some stage of their operation. All coworking spaces provide free internet when you move in. However, you need to ensure the Wi-Fi connection is strong where you will work. Ensure the Wi-Fi speed for yourself before renting and check if the speed is high enough. Also, ensure that the internet connection is stable and undeterred 24/7.

6.) Availability
If your business needs to be open 24/7 or even if you may need to come to the office at flexible hours. You need to check if the coworking space remains open 24/7 or not. If you want to be even safer, check if transportation to the office location is available all the time. In this competitive economy, it is always wise to be flexible. So, ensure the availability of the space before renting.

7.) Coworkers
Since you will be sharing the office space with other businesses and freelancers, you will have coworkers. It is a good idea to know about the coworkers you will have beforehand. You should choose a space that is filled with people you can collaborate and grow with. Companies that have the same motto and future plan as you will make the best coworkers. It is better to share the space with a business in the same sector and industry as you.

8.) Privacy
Even if networking and collaboration are the selling point of these coworking spaces. Some businesses need a level of privacy and mystery. If you are running one such business, it is wise to check beforehand what level of privacy is offered by the coworking space. Even if you do not need a lot of privacy for your business, sometimes you need silence and a distraction-free environment to get some work done. Some coworking spaces offer movable walls and noise-canceling headphones. These amenities allow you to create your own bubble should you require one.

9.) Security
If the coworking space is available 24/7, they have to have ample security to look after the premises. You may have to leave some of your accessories in the office overnight or at least during breaks. If the security is so over the top that is a hassle to get into or out of the premises, then it will soon get irritating and unbearable.

10.) Contract
Last but not the least, go through the contract for yourself carefully. There may be hidden terms and costs that you will not be willing to comply with later on. Check if they offer trial periods to get a feel of the space before moving in. Only sign the contract if you agree with everything, they have written on it.

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To round everything up, treat the coworking space for rent as an investment. If you do not get a return from this investment that you are happy with, then you better select another one. As the industry is quite competitive, there are always more options in the market for coworking spaces.

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