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10 Trendy & Cool Hairstyles for Men 2022

If you’re in search of the most popular men’s hairstyles for 2022, you’re sure to be awed by the new cool haircuts below. The most well-known haircuts are still cut short and have fade cuts along the sides, with long to medium hair on the top. While in men’s home salon short hairstyles continue to be fashionable and masculine, choosing the right hairstyle and haircut for men will be based on your hair’s length and type. While the most popular hairstyles this year don’t represent completely new styles, the endless styling options of these hairstyles are worth trying!

For inspiration and ideas, we’ve put together our top 10 haircuts for males. From classic haircuts to contemporary haircuts, these are the most popular haircuts for men to try right now.

Top 10 Hairstyles for MenĀ 

Textured Crop

The trend has gained popularity in visiting men’s salons and men salon at home across all over the world. The first time it was observed in Europe, this resurgence has been extending across the United States and Australia, where young men are embracing the shortcut for its convenience and ease of hairstyle. The hair that is shorter on the top is then paired with faded sides and then styled with wax or matte pomade. For a French crop side, the sides that have faded are then cut with a hair clipper , while the top that is cropped is cut using scissors. To style your hair cut in a crop, we suggest keeping your hair style flat to create an appearance similar to the crew cut but with a fringe that is small.


The quiff is still a trendy elegant hairstyle for every style-conscious man. With more length at the top and short , faded sides, the primary issues with the modern quiff hairstyle are due to the intense demands for styling. Eventually, this fashionable medium-length cut is well worthy of the time and effort put into it, and lots of people do not have the time or desire to maintain their hair each day. To style a quiff, we suggest starting with dry, clean hair. The process of styling a quiff requires an air-dryer with high heat and wax, pomade or putty that is strong in hold. If you want to create a messy style, apply your hair styling product evenly across, and then while brushing back, blow-dry. Then, you can use either your fingertips or comb the hair into the desired position.

Comb Over

No matter if you’re seeking an old-fashioned or contemporary style, the comb-over haircut is a great option. It is versatile and simple to find and cut, and the comb-over fade actually styles itself around the hairline. However, men can find numerous ways to style this look in a unique way. From a simple fade to side cuts that are undercut to a medium or short length cut, this hairstyle is perfect for anyone. If you’re searching for the latest haircut for men that will flatter all face shapes as well as hair style, comb-overs and side pieces are among your top options for this season.

Ivy League Haircut

Classic and timeless Traditional and vintage, the Ivy League haircut is another popular style that anyone can do without any lengthy instructions or a multitude of styling tools. The distinctive characteristics of this style include shorter hair that is parted on the side and faded sides. If you want a more traditional look, go for a gentle taper fade. However, an extreme skin fade could give a great contrast. For a classic haircut for men that will impress at business meetings or at social gatherings, hairstyles from the Ivy League are a good option. Simply ask your barber about 2 to 3 inches of hair above the head and some kind of fades along the sides. Then, style your hair naturally.

Taper Haircut

This cut can be fashionable and versatile; the thing that makes tapered hair distinctive is that the sides aren’t buzzed by clippers like fades, but rather scissor cut to give an extended look. Although the style is smaller towards the lower part of the hair, a cut that is tapered isn’t as striking as fades do. While some guys begin to favor longer hairstyles, this cut is expected to become one of the most sought-after styles of this year.

Angular Fringe

In the summer, the hairstyle with an angular fringe gained the spotlight and is expected to remain popular. When you opt for a straight or messy fringe, males can have longer hair that is cut naturally in an angle. The top is then worn with an undercut or high fade to straighten. This is an ideal option to showcase highlights. If you’re bored with your hair then you could use the same hair to make a fringe that is angular.

Slicked Back Hair

The hairstyle is a timeless, iconic hairstyle that looks great on the majority of males. For the hipster generation hairstyles, the undercut slicked back is a staple. If you’re looking for a striking option to show off your hair that is thick cut back, slicked-back styles work great in every situation. The most appealing thing is that slicing it back with your hair is by far the simplest style to pull off. All you require to pull off this style is at least 3 inches at the top with a fade or cut along the sides, a high-gloss pomade, and the combing. Just comb the pomade through your hair to create an elegant, professional appearance.

Dyed Hair

If you’re looking to make an overhaul in the new year, dyeing your hair may be the ideal way to show your personality. Many men do not think of bleached hair as a viable choice, but it might be the most effective method to give your hair a new beginning and also add a little something more. White, platinum blonde, as well as grey hair, may look incredibly elegant with the correct hairstyle and style. Whatever your hair’s natural texture or color, selecting the most appropriate new color for you can create an entirely different style.

Hairstyles with waves

Hairy men know they require a specific cut that suits their tangled, difficult-to-manage locks. Instead of battling your hair’s natural curls, we suggest you embrace the look. The most stylish wavy hairstyles were those which showcased the natural hair texture. It adds an element of style that isn’t available in other styles. However, to make life easier, we suggest cutting your hair extremely short along the sides. As an example, you can go for a bald fade or an undercut, which allows for a more acceptable length at the top of your hair, yet still shows the natural texture of your hair.

Spiky Hair

Hairstyles with spiky texture may be reminiscent of the 90s; however modern hair with spiky texture is totally different and offers a unique method to style your short hair. By adding texture using just a tiny amount of hair product that is visible on your scalp, you are able to create this cool and edgy hairstyle for younger men. In the future, as fashions shift towards messy styles, spiked haircuts are expected to remain popular and barbershop favorites.

The Short Sides are paired with a Long Top and Beard

Hairstyles that are cool and stylish go together, and some of the most stylish haircuts for men look better with the fullness of a beard. To create a chic look, go for a sophisticated quiff or slick hairstyle with a long, rough beard for a masculine look that shouts “alpha male.” Be sure to take good care of your hair’s appearance with the oil for your beard, balm, and wax and if you want professional care for your hair and beard then you can pick salon services. The good thing is you can even call these salon services at home Fraidabad via Swagmee. It offers you a wide range of salon and spa services at home right from hair cutting to mani-pedi to body massage.

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