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10 Wedding Makeup Must-Haves For Your Big Day

Makeup Must-Haves

Well none of us wishes to ruin our big day at any cost, that’s a given thing. All brides out their harbors this simple dream of looking nothing but drop-dead gorgeous on their wedding day. From Maang-Tikkas, bridal lehengas, to bridal footwear everything has to be simply stunning. Besides outfit and accessories, what further adds on to the glamor of the bride is her Makeup. Makeup helps in accentuating the natural glow of the bride and highlights her features. Bridal makeup in itself is a whole different forte and one needs to be well aware of products going over her face. Then certain factors are to be considered as if your makeup products are waterproof, smudge-proof, long-lasting, and most importantly if you have your bridal make-up kit essentials. If not, don’t worry we have got you covered by bringing to you ten Indian bridal makeup kit essentials.

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Here are 10 wedding make-up kit essentials


Start with Primer as it is one of the essentials for bridal makeup and makes it into a good base for your foundation and makeup. It reduces your fine lines, hides the pore from view, and keeps your makeup fresh for longer hours. Primer goes a long way in helping you look fresh for photos throughout the function, right from your entry to the after-party.

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Next comes the foundation, it helps in rendering an even tone and coverage to your face. Foundation is essential when it comes to bridal makeup materials but what’s more important is choosing the right shade of foundation as the right shade allows you to look more natural.

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Contouring your face is important for giving yourself a flawless bridal look. Contour helps in defining your facial features, enhancing your cheekbones and your nose. The contour gives you a sculpted look and glams you up to rock your wedding day.

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A clear, absolute, blemish-free skin is a boon not every one of us is granted. Adding to that the outside pollution, dust, and dirt give your skin pimples, acne, and make it dull. The concealer comes as a great help here. When applied with skill and an appropriate makeup application technique, concealer allows your skin to look fresh throughout the day while brightening up your under-eye area.

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What goes well along with your heavy and fancy bridal lehenga is a naturally glossy look. Here enters the highlighter as an essential thing in the bridal makeup kit. Highlighter pigments attract the natural light and render a dazzling look to your features. Highlighter is applied over the foundation and before the concealer to highlight the natural features of the bride.

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To add a subtle yet glowing warmth to your face, give it a glossy sun-kissed look and add the necessary drama to your bridal look, turn to a good bronzer. Bronzer allows the bride to rock her night-time cocktail party with glam and glitz. Bronzer is also a bridal makeup essential for engagement.

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While not everyone is granted a chiseled face, you can always recreate the magic with the help of blush. Just an upward sweep of blush alongside your temple and your cheekbones, and you are all set to make an angelic bride entry.

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After all this now you need to ensure that your makeup is properly set in place. What comes handy at this point is a good-quality compact. When it comes to compact, you need to make sure you choose the one that matches well with your skin tone. You apply the compact evenly with a brush or a sponge applicator to your entire face.

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Now that you are done with your face, focus on lips. Try choosing a lipstick shade that blends well with your bridal Lehenga, or the embroidery on it. This ensures that your lips are adding on to your bridal glam and helping you look stunning. Lipsticks are an absolute essential for bridal makeup kits.

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10.Lip Liner

Lip-liners are as necessary as lipstick as they prevent the lipstick from bleeding out and fills the entire lip area perfectly.

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