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100 seconds for one caricature!

The profession of a caricaturist is extremely rare. He’s not a driver, bricklayer or IT specialist. To support a family with artistic talent in the field of caricature, one must be an outstanding professional. Such a specialist in funny portraits is Szczepan Sadurski from Poland.

A well-known press cartoonist

He was never a street artist. When he started studying at the secondary art school in his hometown of Lublin, he was already publishing in the press. Soon he won the Golden Pin – the most prestigious award for caricaturists in Poland. At that time, he was a cartoonist whose humorous drawings were published by the famous satirical magazine Szpilki. It was then that he received offers of cooperation from many editorial offices of Polish newspapers. The drawings and the name Sadurski became very popular. They said his drawings would soon be popping out of the fridge for everyone!

Joke magazines

When he was 20, he was at the forefront of the most popular press cartoonists in Poland. He was close to becoming number 1. But then he decided to realize the dream of his life. He founded a publishing house and started publishing a small newspaper with jokes and cheerful drawings. He settled in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

In September 1991, the first issue of Dobry Humor monthly was distributed to press outlets all over Poland. The circulation of the cheerful newspaper grew rapidly. 20, 50, 70, 100 thousand. At its best, it exceeded 200,000. The well-known satirist introduced new titles to the press market every two years – humorous magazines. At the end of the 20th century, you could buy 5 newspapers with the humor and jokes of Sadurski’s merry press empire at the same time.

Good Humor Party and caricatures

Sadurski’s cheerful magazines were wildly popular in Poland in the 1990s. No wonder that together with his friends and fans he decided to found… the Good Humor Party. A nationwide organization that soon gained fame in many countries around the world. It wasn’t about serious politics, but about cheering people up. Sadurski wanted them to smile more often.

After some time, he began to receive invitations from companies organizing events. He became an event caricaturist. He traveled all over Poland, he was also invited to other countries. USA, Australia, Europe. Today they write that Sadurski is one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. Is it true? To find out, just invite him to the next event.

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