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11 Hollywood Movies That Are Based on Manga Stream

Manga Stream has become a great source of entertainment in the past few decades. Despite being more than 200-hundred-year-old forms of art, these Japanese comics are growing more and more famous thanks to the internet.

For a true manga fan, nothing can be more fun and exciting than to watch their favourite characters from manga come into life in the form of movies.

There are several manga series that have been adapted into Hollywood Live-Action films due to their popularity. In this article, we’ll discuss with you some of the best films that you didn’t know were based on manga.

List of the Best Manga Stream-Based Hollywood Movies

1. Edge of Tomorrow:

Based on the 2004 Manga ” All You Need Is Kill” this film stars the brilliant Tom cruise. This sci-fi film takes place in a world where aliens have invaded the earth and the planet is working to fight these using special fighting suits and weapons etc.

The story follows the life of a private who in an apparently unfortunate event gets the power to relive his day again and again.

The manga writer Hiroshi has admired the work that is put into making this manga so realistic and on point. Its manga is available for free on Manga Stream.

2. Alita: Battle Angel:

The year is 2563 and the world lives in a post-interplanetary war era which has left its mark even after 300 years. The story follows the life of a girl cyborg named Alita who is rescued by a scientist Dr, Dyson who also happens to be a bounty hunter.

The original manga was released in 2001 and its popularity is what made this adaptation a real success both commercially and critically.


The story is based on Hyun Min Woo’s comic which ran for 9 years straight from 1998 to 2007. This one is not exactly a manga since it is not Japanese instead it is a Korean comic but it still made the list for its awesome visuals and a great storyline.

The vampires are at large and a priest/warrior wishes to hunt these vicious creatures when they kidnap his niece and wish to turn her into one of them.

This manga is available on many free platforms like manga stream, manga Panda, etc.

4. Road to Perdition:

This film depicts mob culture mentality astutely with an amazing storyline and on-point acting by every cast member.

The story starts when a mobster and his son being betrayed by their own, depart on a journey to survive and take revenge. The story is filled with amazing twists and turns and not to mention the cool character costume designs.

5. Ping Pong:

This sports-based film is a great start if you wish to enter manga live-action films. Its manga is available for free on manga stream. It tells the story of two friends namely, tsukimoto and Peco. The former is a skilled ping pong player but he loses purposefully every time since he doesn’t want others to feel worthless or like a loser.

While his friends is an ambitious but arrogant character who cares about nothing but winning every match and wants to rule the ping pong world at any cost.

6. Speed Racer:

This film, released in 2008, received mixed reviews but no one can deny that the casting and cinematography of the film were top-notch. Starring Emile Hirsch, this film takes you on a thrilling adventure with lots of races, action, and cool vehicles.

If you use to watch cartoon networks as a kid you surely might have heard about the show named speed racer. That was also based on this manga. You can get the manga of this film for free on mangastream under the title Mach GoGoGo.

7. Death Note:

There are not very many manga that caught my advantage — and scores of others all throughout the planet — as fast as “Death Note” by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

From the very pair that presented to us the hit arrangement “Bakuman,” “Passing Note” is a consummately paced, heart-siphoning wrongdoing thrill ride about a kid named Light Yagami who discovers a demise god’s journal. The story spins around a “passing note” from the diary that has the ability to murder whoever’s name is composed inside it.

8. Dragonball: Evolution:

Growing up, to say that anime Dragon Ball Z was my reality would be putting it mildly. I once discovered a site that professed to show you how to utilize the Dragon Ball Z ki (soul energy) assaults, in actuality. I rehearsed each day in my front yard with my hands noticeable all around attempting with all that I needed to make a genki-dama (soul bomb). A portion of my relatives thought I was insane and I didn’t mind what the neighbors thought.

In this way, you can envision my energy when a true to life Dragon Ball Z film was reported. It was the film I’d been standing by for my entire life to see. Shockingly, it was likewise the most exceedingly awful film I’ve at any point seen.

9. Clench hand of the North Star:

At whatever point a film is made directly to-video it’s rarely a decent sign. There’s normally a motivation behind why it wasn’t sufficient to be appeared in theaters.

The equivalent could be said for the directly to-video, surprisingly realistic movie variation of Fist of the North Star

The Fist of the North Star follows a military craftsman named Kenshiro in the repercussions of World War 3. Kenshiro ventures to every part of the no man’s land crushing individuals from a detestable group known as The Crossmen looking for the one who murdered his lord.

10. Fight Angel:

The film depends on the cyberpunk manga known as Ganmu (“Gun Dream”) in Japan. It’s set more than 500 years later during the outcome of an interstellar conflict. The story follows a cyborg named Alita who stirs without any recollections. Subsequent to being saved from death by researcher Dr. Dyson Ido, Alita and Dr. Ido are subsequently trapped and almost slaughtered by three cyborg chronic executioners. On nature, Alita slaughters two of the cyborgs, however the head of the gathering, Grewishka, moves away. Through that experience, Alita understands her baffling uplifted battle capacity and leaves on a mission to bring down Grewishka and visit best video editing software.

11. Sekkou Boys:

Another sub-kind that has seen a flood in prominence over the most recent couple of years is the icon anime, shows that depend on the genuine marvel of Japanese symbol gatherings, produced gatherings of young people (normally involved young ladies) that perform charming pop melodies, show up on TV shows, and go about as broad good examples to their fans. Sekkou Boys was as of late named among the best symbol anime ever by My Anime List, however it is additionally perhaps the most unusual, icon or something else.

Indeed, consider that this symbol bunch is comprised of four Greco-Roman busts, and reconsider. Indeed, you read that accurately. “This is likely quite possibly the most peculiar shows that I have found in my life,” one confused anime fan said. “Talking Roman sculptures as your Japanese icons?! It’s safe to say that you are freakin’ messing with me?”

Final Words:

So, these are among the top manga-based Hollywood movies that you should definitely consider watching in your free time. For more information, you can visit pastnews.

We have picked these movies after considering viewer ratings and their popularity among manga lovers so, we are certain that you will not regret choosing from this list. We hope you find the best manga-based movie as soon as possible and this article helps you in your search.


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