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15 Major Points Have to Know Before Taking Admission in Xi’an Jiaotong University China

  1. Xi’an Jiaotong University China

The Xi’an Jiaotong University China comes under the list of C9 league universities of China which are providing premium education to the students.

  1. Affordable Cost

The university enrolls thousands of students every year in different programs at an affordable cost.

  1. Quality of Education

The Xi’an Jiaotong University is amongst the top research universities of China which are providing quality medical education to students from many countries across the world.

  1. Affiliations with Top Hospitals

Xi’an Jiaotong University has made famous inventions in several fields that are being used by many countries currently. The university has affiliations with top hospitals of China which are open to welcome the students for the medical internship under the supervision of experienced doctors.

  1. Build Educational Collaboration

The university is associated with One Belt, One Road initiative which means that the students of those countries who are associated with this initiative are welcomed in this university to build educational collaboration and fuel economic growth in those countries.

  1. MBBS Course Duration with Internship

The MBBS course duration of Xi’an Jiaotong University is of 6 years which also includes 1 year of medical internship. China offers students not just great MBBS options but also internship facilities in which students can learn a lot about dealing with many real-life scenarios.

  1. Opportunities for International Students

The most excellent part about taking medical education in the country for Indian students is that because China is the populated country in the world which provides the Indian students many opportunities to tackle and deal with patients and learn accordingly.

  1. Low Budget Educational Course

If any medical aspirant is looking for a low budget educational course, Xi’an Jiaotong University is the way to go for them.

  1. Apply for Admission

The students from many different countries apply annually for admission to the university as the university is recognized by prestigious bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Medical Council of India (MCI), etc.

  1. Approved by WHO and MCI

The university aims to create such an environment of study that the students do not feel uncomfortable in asking any questions related to their studies from the teachers instead of hesitating in front of the teachers. The university is approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI), which means the medium of providing education in the university, is English, so the students coming from out of China do not find difficulty in understanding the course.

  1. Faculties in University

The faculties of the university are well experienced and the students are given proper guidance and education by them.

  1. Laboratories

The laboratories of the universities are high tech with the latest technologically advanced tools and equipment installed for students.

  1. Affiliated Hospitals for Internship

To ensure that the students do not face any problems in communicating with the local citizens of China at the time of their clinical training and internship in the affiliated hospitals of the university, they are taught the Chinese language as a part of their medical course.

  1. Excellent and World Famous Doctors

China is a developed country and according to the suggestions of many famous scholars from India, a student must not miss an opportunity to study MBBS in China. The country is known to produce many excellent and world famous doctors.

  1. Great Accommodation Facilities

Along with the education the universities of the country have some great accommodation facilities and the students do not have to worry about the living atmosphere of the hostels as they are excellent.

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