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20+ Business Ideas Coming Out of COVID-19 Pandemic [Small Business Edition]

While the year 2021 was a nightmare for lives and livelihoods around the world, the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic continues to have an impact on practically every area of our lives in 2022. The coronavirus outbreak has affected millions of businesses, including startups, entrepreneurs, and organisations. 

Many professionals who had been evacuated or fired off decided to create their path and start a business during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Undoubtedly, it isn’t friendly for business, but it has presented chances for many organisations, brands, and startups worldwide. China has high-quality products at cheap rates that are simple to import with the help of a sourcing agent. The expansion of internet sales prospects provides an opportunity for exceptional profit margins.

Did you know that, although the rest of the economy is struggling, demand for gaming, pet products, home renovation and delivery services has skyrocketed?

Even still, if you were to create a firm now, coronavirus — the new normal would be the most crucial factor to consider. Many things have changed tremendously, including how we engage with objects/people, how we buy online/offline, how we travel, and how and where we work. Some of them will undoubtedly be transient, while others will persist even after the pandemic has passed.

Despite the national and global circumstances, some new entrepreneurs are trying new ways to set up their new ventures. Furthermore, starting a business with the pandemic in mind allows you to future-proof your new company against crises like COVID-19.

Three methods for launching a business during a downturn

There are certainly ways to emerge from an economic recession, particularly one that has struck so suddenly and dramatically since it creates new difficulties to solve.

  • Have a clear goal in mind.
  • Make it inexpensive.
  • Make it last a long time.

Here are 20+ pandemic-friendly business ideas to start thinking about right now.

1. Digital Marketing

With many companies attempting to transfer more of their products and services online, a company’s internet presence is more vital than ever. As a result, the online marketplace will become even more congested, and websites will require a potent combination of sponsored search, SEO, and content marketing to generate visitors and conversions.

If you have these skills, freelancing directly for clients or on behalf of agencies would be a good business concept. To truly stand out as an expert in your profession and know your marketing, consider specializing in one service or industry.

Due to lockdown restrictions as a drastic covid-19, it is difficult to move out and join any offline courses during pandemic times. Although the world cannot stop, our lives, studies, and jobs must continue.

If you’re looking for the most excellent digital marketing course in Chennai or digital marketing online course, Digital Scholar will undoubtedly assist you with the best online digital marketing course available.

They provide an online digital marketing course in the form of an agency:

Learn Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and much more – all while working on an actual project.

This course has been modulized to make it easy at every stage, whether you are a student, professional, freelancer, or even an entrepreneur.

As per your demands and requirements, flexible and convenient.

The backup is saved in the LMS dashboard. There are recordings of previously completed classes available. This procedure makes it easier to revisit in the future.

Digital Scholar also offers paid internships to help you improve your knowledge, skills, and creativity while also boosting your confidence.

Course Covered:

  • Types Of Keywords
  • How Search Engine Works
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • How To Clean Your Website 
  • Google My Business.
  • How Google Algorithm Works
  • SEO Strategy 
  • Tools
  • SEO Audit

To sum up, Digital Scholar is a thorough course that can assist you in becoming a Digital Marketing Expert. We strongly advise you to take this course since it will assist you in getting started with digital marketing. 

It will help you learn the skills, but it will also provide you with the necessary career success.

Visit – https://digitalscholar.in/ for free digital marketing training

2. Graphic Design

Graphic designing firms most businesses want their visuals to stand out, but they don’t have the resources to do so in-house. Companies wish to sleek and professional-looking designs for their logo, event visuals, and marketing materials. 

Because social media has become such an essential part of modern marketing, firms must continually update their feeds with new and eye-catching graphics to remain relevant in today’s digital-first society.

3. Cleaning Services

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises every day worldwide, so does the demand for cleaning services. Many cleaning companies have increased cleaning and disinfection service requests, particularly in metropolitan areas.

In light of the pandemic, residents, apartment complexes, commercial high-rise buildings, and corporate offices are being urged to keep all commonly-used places clean and disinfected to prevent the virus from spreading. 

4. Remote Fitness

The fitness industry was one of many that took a hit due to the worldwide lockdown. The fitness sector is adapting to a new reality by providing remote workout services. You may take advantage of this opportunity by offering popular on-demand virtual fitness classes.

People have been pushed to live a healthy lifestyle and improve their immunity due to the pandemic. There will be an opportunity for you because exercise will play an essential role in enhancing your immune system. However, pick the proper niche based on the region, location, and expertise.

5. Online Teaching

Homeschooling has made all parents appreciate teachers and increased sales. Online education was already thriving, and it was just going to get bigger.

Consider how you might be able to teach what you already know or the abilities you have online. Health and exercise, music, crafts, school tutoring, business skills, beauty recommendations, and life counselling are examples of things that function effectively.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide remote assistance to businesses and individuals to make their lives easier. It could be a natural fit for you if you have excellent communication skills, a business mind, and are highly organised.

Calendar administration, customer service, website maintenance, email marketing, research, blog authoring and social media management are just a few of the benefits you can provide.

7. Culinary Classes

People enjoy eating and drinking, and they are always on the lookout for new dishes and cocktails to try. Consider sharing your culinary knowledge with the rest of the world if you have a culinary background or mastered the hobby. 

To begin, you may offer online cooking classes delivered via Zoom. As your company grows, you may be able to open a physical site as customers re-establish trust in fundamental, in-person interactions. 

Anyone with experience in bartending can start this business. People are always on the lookout for minor tidbits that will improve their cocktails or brand new recipes they’ve never tried before. These classes can be delivered through the internet, in person, or even filmed and uploaded to YouTube. 

If your business takes off, you might be able to collaborate with local distillers to develop your brand of liquor or mixer.

8. Consulting Business

With a consulting firm, you can assist others in just about any area of business knowledge, from marketing to legal to finance. You can communicate with clients electronically and provide them with professional advice on growing and improving their business. 

Consider how COVID-19 has impacted business patterns in your industry and acquaint yourself with the new criteria to flourish as a consultant. Many companies, for example, have adopted innovative technologies and remote work rules to survive the pandemic. You may assist other companies in navigating this new work climate to ensure their long-term viability.

9. Online Reseller

In 2021, online buying will have increased by 44%, a trend that will last well beyond the epidemic. An online reseller allows you to profit from the e-commerce boom while also assisting customers in being paid for gently used things they no longer require. 

You can buy items directly from customers and resell them or help them find a buyer and earn a commission. You can specialise your business and start curating things for repeat purchasers as your reselling audience expands.

10. Services for Social Media

Many small business owners understand the need of having a social media presence, but they lack the time or capacity to learn about it. Now is a perfect moment to start a social media management company, if you know. 

Approach businesses with little or no social media presence and offer to manage their accounts and communicate with their followers to increase sales and brand exposure. The ideal sites for businesses to develop a following are Facebook and Instagram. Depending on the sector and product or service offered, Twitter, and Pinterest can also assist a business gain and communicating with fans. Learn more about social media from Sorav Jain – the top instagram infulener. He has his own digital marketing agency & even he is providing digital marketing course which will not only help to upskill your knowledge in Social media but also will help you to learn more about digital marketing It is  India’s first agency based digital marketing training institute  

11. Delivery Service 

Consumers became concerned about having things delivered to their doorstep during the pandemic. Thus the demand for internet delivery services is at an all-time high. 

Groceries, meals and pharmaceuticals are the most ordinary services, although there is a market for services that provide a variety of things. Consider focusing on things that aren’t widely available through conventional delivery services like Zomato, Uber Eats, and Swiggi if you want to start your delivery service. You can engage with local businesses to deliver their products directly to customers from the store or supplier.

12. App Developer 

Some businesses were caught unprepared by the pandemic, with no ability to conduct business online. By designing apps to help companies reach and service their clients, app developers were able to assist companies in adapting to the digital landscape. 

This on-demand shopping, delivery, and service apps continue to rise in popularity: Nearly 90% of Americans spend their “screen time” on their mobile devices in applications. Mobile app revenue is predicted to surpass $800 billion by 2022. Entrepreneurs with app development expertise can take advantage of this need by assisting businesses in creating bespoke branded mobile experiences.

13. Accounting Services 

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, many businesses and individuals will face difficulty in 2022. Although some people’s finances have improved, others require creative solutions to keep their small businesses floating or their finances in order. 

Many people need your skills if you are a certified public accountant with a talent for identifying hidden resources on tight budgets. Small businesses are looking for means and methods to lower their expenses while keeping as much of their existing workforce as feasible.

14. Home Improvement Contractor 

Another industry that grew dramatically due to the epidemic was home remodelling. People began taking on home improvement projects during the 2021 stay-at-home orders, such as building an expansion, refurbishing a spare room for office space, or even building playsets for children. 

Others chose to upgrade their homes to take advantage of the current seller’s market. Now is a perfect moment to offer your handiwork and services to remote workers who need to carve out a private space in their house to work without interruptions or who want to enhance their property to sell for a higher market price. Home improvement contractors are in high demand in any case.

15. Online Reseller 

Starting an internet reseller business could be the right choice if you have a keen eye for fashion, a passion for apparel, and exceptional sales skills. You can start it as a side hustle at first and work your way up to a full-time reselling business.

Even though this business demands time and attention to succeed, it is simple to get started and reach success. Poshmark and Mercari are the most acceptable options for folks looking to sell their unwanted items, but if you’re skilled enough, you may create your resale website.

16. Cloud Kitchen/Healthy Meal Delivery

Any working parent with a couple of children is overburdened with a job, management, and other responsibilities. Parents’ tasks include going to workplaces, spending time with children, playing with them, and so on. Furthermore, they enjoy cooking nutritious and delicious meals for themselves and their children to maintain their health. 

However, their hectic schedules prevent them from focusing on all things simultaneously. It could be a fantastic time to get into the meal prep delivery industry. You can put together a well-balanced lunch that is also ready to eat. This approach may suit you well if you enjoy cooking and follow appropriate healthy eating practices.

17. Pet Sitting

Consumers flock to online stores to care for their pets in significant numbers. Its rapid growth was undoubtedly attributable to stay-at-home orders, which prompted individuals to seek pet companionship. Offering online pet sitting and care services could be a great way to make money. 

You can start by providing pet products such as homemade snacks and toys and work your way to provide pet sitting services. You may also keep an eye on their pet while away from home. It’s a bit company idea, but it can generate two sources of money simultaneously.

18. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can earn money by promoting other people’s businesses. You can make money by writing favourable reviews and promoting products and services on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

The bigger your profile, the more money you’ll make. To begin this business, though, you must concentrate on personal branding. You must increase your social media fame by growing your fan base and regularly connecting with your fans. If you’re writing for a blog, make sure you post something fascinating and valuable that others will want to read.

19. Ebook Writing

You can choose to write for yourself if writing is your passion and blog postings aren’t your style. We’re not suggesting that you register for free. While authoring and publishing eBooks, you can earn money. All you need are outstanding storytelling talents, beautiful writing patterns, and a platform to publish your eBook.

Working with online book publishers can help you save a lot of money. There are sites like Amazon, Fiverr that allow you to post your book and make as much money as possible. Your abilities, interest in the subject, and the utility of your storey will determine your success in this industry.

20. Accounting or Bookkeeping

You can make a decent profit from bookkeeping with a bit of accounting knowledge, ledger book management, and technical skills. Bookkeeping has enabled you to share your book with someone who lives 100 kilometres away. 

Every successful business owner requires a trustworthy and knowledgeable bookkeeper. If you’re good with numbers and have a basic understanding of bookkeeping, this idea might be right for you. Importantly, it does not necessitate a significant initial investment. You can advertise your services on Facebook, market your business on social media, or research how to keep your internet business strong online.

21. Online Therapy 

If you’re a counsellor, therapist, or psychologist, starting online therapy, aka teletherapy services, should be your call. We are saying this because mental health treatment in major cities worldwide has shifted from face-to-face therapy sessions to exclusively teletherapy sessions.

People needed support to keep themselves mentally fit. Online therapy has recorded immense popularity during the lockdown. All you need is to team up with specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, counsellors, and social workers, and you are all set to assist people in need.

22. Video Editing 

If you’re a counsellor, therapist, or psychologist, you should consider offering internet counselling, often known as teletherapy services. We say this because, in major cities worldwide, mental health care has changed from face-to-face counselling sessions to entirely teletherapy sessions. 

Furthermore, throughout the lockdown, online counselling grew in prominence as people sought help to stay psychologically fit. All you need to do is form a team of experts like psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, counsellors, and social workers, and you’ll be ready to help those in need.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19, without a doubt, was a nightmare for individuals, destroying their lives and livelihoods. “Adversity, on the other hand, brings up an opportunity,” as the adage goes. 

That is how we must think and discover the top possible businesses that will survive no matter how difficult the situation becomes. 

The suggestions made here are based on research, interviews, and support from industry leaders with the hopes of assisting you in growing your business in 2022. 

What are you planning to start? Let me know, in the comment section. And wish best of luck for your future.

Author Bio – Karthikeyan Maruthai      

Karthik is a Digital Marketing Head at EchoVme Digital. He heads the development team, SEO team at echoVME, and a trainer at Digital Scholar. He has been working in the development field for over a decade and is the go-to person for any SEO and tech-related queries.

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