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23 Ways to Design your Attic conversion

The attic is a chamber at the top of the home with a particular architecture, such as lower and asymmetrical walls and a sloped ceiling. The unevenness of the roofs of the dwellings is to blame.

When properly planned and decorated, an attic can be one of the greatest spaces in the house. However, keep in mind that the size of the area varies greatly, and the smaller the room, the more creative you must be in creating a pleasant, cozy, and productive environment for the occupants.

Like the concept? So We loft conversions London gives here are 23 ideas for decorated and planned attics, as well as recommendations on how to use this space for a variety of purposes, including gathering family and friends, working and studying, or simply resting.

1. Attic offices ensure a peaceful and quiet environment

The office is one of the preferred environments to be adapted in the attic. This joinery had to adapt to the sloping roof, without giving up storage spaces. Note that the books and organizing boxes have gained a planned and creative bookshelf. Silence for hours of study and work is guaranteed!

Attic 1

2. Special environment for the home theater

Here, the attic became a super elegant environment to receive the home theater. In addition, it also has a mini bar serving as a bar. The beveled mirror and the super fluffy plush rug gave the decoration an extra charm. Have you ever imagined relaxing and watching your favorite movies and shows in a space like this?

Attic 2

3. How about renovating the attic and making a room like this?

This room looks like it came out of a treehouse! The rustic aged wood has a very interesting effect on the decoration. In addition, the cushions and colored lights left the atmosphere cheerful and very cozy. This location can also be used to gather friends and chat.

Attic 3

4. A room with an inspiring view

This beautiful living room made in the attic even has a telescope to be able to admire even more the incredible view from the outside. The interesting thing about the environments made in the attic is that they are usually well lit. In addition, the beautiful combination of blue and beige left the environment clean and serene.

Attic 4

5. A charming room

This attic turned into a beautiful single room with charming decor. The bed under the sloping wall increases the feeling of warmth. The floor, on the other hand, is the highlight of the room and perfectly combined with the neutral colors, drawing to shades of tea pink. The lantern with the candle on the floor and the hide gave even more charm and comfort to the environment.

Attic 5

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6. The attic can also have a balcony

Look how beautiful the decoration of this attic! The mix of black, white and gray colors is a super modern and sophisticated choice. To close with a flourish, it also has a beautiful and spacious balcony, leaving the environment with that pleasant and relaxing climate.

Attic 6

7. An attic that is every child’s dream

Look how cute this attic is made for the little ones. The space was filled with niches, boxes and shelves to organize dolls, plushies and other children’s toys. But, in addition to all the toys, the interesting thing is that the parents were not left out either. A pool table has been set up so that adults can also be entertained. So, parents and children can have fun together!

8. A youthful room

This attic became a young, clean and modern room. The decoration was made with a lot of creativity to enjoy every corner, since the space is small. The bed stayed on the floor and got a lot of pillows to make it more comfortable. The glass-topped countertop serves as both a desk and a nightstand.

Attic 8

9. The perfect space for a studio

If you work with handicrafts, photography and arts in general, a great idea is to set up a studio or studio in the attic. In this example, a fashion studio was set up. It has a screen and even a mannequin. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Attic 10

10. An environment with multiple functions

This attic became a kind of living room and bedroom at the same time. The bed, the armchair and the puff made the environment super comfortable, and on the other side, you can still see a table with two chairs, giving even more function to the place. In addition, the pale wood also contributes to give a more intimate atmosphere to the environment.

Attic 10

11. Lightness for working days

Another inspiration to reuse the attic space. Creating an office in this environment, taking advantage of the high ceilings, good lighting and the charm added by the wooden floor is always a great option. In fact, the combination of white and wood made the environment even clearer and cleaner.

12. An attic where the imagination runs wild

If you have children at home, turn the attic into a playroom. See how cute this environment was filled with playful toys as if it were the child’s own house. Isn’t that an incredible idea?

13. Double rooms are a good option for attics

Double rooms can also be set up in an attic. After all, this is a naturally intimate space. It can be a guest room or a more intimate and reserved room for the owners of the house. The sloping and rustic ceiling, a hallmark of this type of environment, makes the atmosphere even cozier.

14. Great solution for those who work at home

This attic was completely renovated to become a stylish and functional home office corner. He got a workbench with all the equipment organized, a comfortable armchair for reading, and, in addition to the built-in lighting, a well-directed floor lamp. A piece of furniture with specific niches for car miniatures was also used, ideal for collectors! By the way, this shag rug is a delight and helped to increase the feeling of comfort in the place.

15. An office grace

Here, we see one more option of office in the attic. A bench was also set up to write and use the notebook and niches for decorative ornaments and collectibles.

Attic 15

16. ​​Integrated room

This attic became an integrated room with an American kitchen. Despite the rustic touch typical of this environment, the decoration bet on modern and sophisticated pieces, making a beautiful contrast.

Attic 16

17. Comfortable and well lit

The natural lighting of this attic is incredible and the decor is very appropriate and cozy. Take the opportunity to enjoy a few hours of rest in a beautiful and bright attic like this.

18. A charming and authentic bathroom

This is another example of a beautiful bathroom in the attic. The sloping ceiling of these rooms is great, because in addition to giving a more authentic and cozy air to the room, it also allows for greater lighting, due to its windows. You can also complement it with dedicated lamps or lights, like the one in the photo.

Attic 18

19. Assemble the attic according to your need

This attic became a small living room with a small office. In fact, placing a bench behind the sofa is a great solution to share the same environment and delimit the spaces of each function. The clean decor featured colorful dots to make the place more cheerful.

Attic 19

20. Artist’s room

See how interesting the decor of this room is made in the attic. The paintings on the floor and handmade materials such as the wooden table, baskets and crochet rug, left the room looking atelier. A great idea for a bedroom and work corner for artists or artisans.

Attic 20

21. Organization is key

The attic can be anything but a place of mess! Even if you do not want to transform this environment into a room in itself, you can use it to store everything you are not currently using, such as: clothes from other seasons, dinnerware, Christmas ornaments, etc. But it is not because these objects are not in use that they need to be thrown and messed up, right? Here is a super functional idea to keep your items well organized and sectorized.

22. An improvised guest room

Will you receive friends and family and do not have enough space to accommodate them? Leave the attic reserved for that! Just put sofa beds, puffs and mattresses. Thus, when you have a visit at home, you will already have a space reserved to receive them in comfort and privacy.

23. Take advantage of the attic space for a home office

Take advantage of the attic to create a home office environment, this is even more so if your home is small. In addition to having an exclusive space for work, you will also be able to store books , documents and other items that need storage space. Here, the decor followed the rustic style with wooden furniture, such as the chair, desk, shelves and chests. The water tanks were painted white to not stand out so much in the environment.

So, what did you think of these examples of attics? Instead of leaving the place cluttered and lifeless, this environment can be used in a more fun way and even increase the possibilities of accommodation in your home. Give your attic a functional and modern destination, after all, who doesn’t like having another useful and pleasant space at home?

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