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Kids and Teens

4 Brain Game Apps to Make Your Kids Smarter

Over the past few years, the education system has gone under tremendous transformation. With the evolution of smartphones, several applications have become pretty accessible which makes it very interesting for students of all ages.

Smartphone application development provides a wide range of benefits in the education industry. Students these days are more driven towards smartphones for almost everything, thus e-learning apps are the perfect way to attract students to learn and enhance their skills.

The educational applications now eliminate the communication gap between not only parents and teachers but also teachers and students. Learning is essential in childhood. With time children are becoming smarter and there is no requirement to introduce various advanced learning ways and methods. In this blog, we will shed some light on the 4 best educational apps for kids.


Brain Games for kids

It is an educational app for kids available on Google Play and Apple App Store. It teaches kids the math fundamentals while making learning fun and exciting. They have a series of apps for mathematics in total which includes algebra and geometry. Most people think of math as a difficult subject however it can be fun for kids if taught with a simple concept. All of these apps are subscription-based but don’t have in-app purchases charges.

The Quizopedia App

quiz app for kids

The Quizopedia is not only a platform for questions associated with quiz rather a gateway to variegated knowledge through amusements. It is indeed very rare to witness the amalgamation of knowledge and entertainment in the same rostrum but The Quizopedia is the sole one to provide it to the learners with confidence. This app helps in your kid’s overall development by offering interesting quizzes focused on enhancing analytical, reasoning and decision-making skills. Available on Google Play Store and App Store, this app is absolutely free.

YouTube Kids

quiz for students

Specially developed for children, YouTube Kids provides educational videos and entertainment content to inspire and enhance your kids. It is one of the best learning apps available for kids out there as it offers them an easy way to learn and to watch their favorite shows. Kids can also explore anything that captures their imagination with family-friendly videos.

Quick Math

Just like other apps in our list, Quick Math is also an educational app for kids it is the best option for self-improvement and increases your child’s skills to handle the challenges for numbers. This application is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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