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Health and Fitness

4 Effective Tips to Lose Weight on the treadmill in 2021

A healthy and fit body has everyone’s desire but only a few of them are series to fulfill their this dream. Overweight is the biggest enemy of a fit and healthy body. If you are frustrated with your over-weight and want to lose it to make a fit and healthy body. So this Article genuinely helps you out. In this Article, I am sharing with you 4 Effective Tips to Lose Weight on the treadmill. If you will apply the following tips properly then you will get a drastic change in your overall health.

The treadmill is a very popular fitness machine that will provide you the experience of walking and running while staying at the same place. It is a very effective exercise tool for losing weight or overall exercise of our body without going anywhere from our home.

  • The biggest advantage of the treadmill is, Along with losing weight, it has the following benefits.
  • You can easily do so many things while workout on it such as Watching TV, listening to a song, etc.
  • If you are suffering from an injury so it inbuilt with handrails to recover from it.
  • A treadmill can boost your mood reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, etc.

Now without wasting too much time, I am sharing with you 4 effective tips to lose weight on a treadmill.

So Let’s Get Started.


Include a hill

Including a hill in your exercise journey can be more challenging and significantly lose weight. Walking for running on a high inline is the way to lose weight as your body needs to work harder to do that. Exercise on a treadmill can promote body muscles, which burns more calories than fat and reduces body fat.

But if you are a beginner in using high inclined during exercise so it recommended setting your incline at zero. It is more comfortable and feels like running on a slight downhill.

Once you will normal with slight include increase the level of speed and go with the next level of fitness to increase your fitness.

Here how much you wight lose during the treadmill or incline workout is entirely depends on the level of push you do yourself.

 Set  a heart Rate and fat burning zone

Before workout on the treadmill to effectively lose weight.  It is important to make sure that your maximum heart rate is equal to the fat-burning zone minimum for half an hour.

So now the next question that comes to mind is how will be found that our heart rate is equal to the fat-burning zone.

So here is the Answer!

First, we will find the maximum rate:  But this is not rocket science, during 1 minute of exercise, it is only a total number of times your heart can beat.

So To find maximum heart rate, you need to minus 220 in your current age. Now Let’s Assume If someone‘s age is 50 Years old then his maximum heart rate is (220-50) =170 Beat Per minute. If your heart rate is kept on 180 bit PM Then your fat-burning zone is 70 percent.

Change your routine

The next tip to lose weight on a treadmill is to change your routine while working out. Because change your exercise routine has many following benefits. You may not face injury if you do not repeat the same exercise many times.

As we have discussed earlier, the more you challenge yourself the more your got result. Because our body needs challenges to grow. The body will feel more energetic when you change the exercise routine.

Use High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

The HIIT means you have to do a different set of high-intensity exercises than taking some rest. Workout using HIIT is the most effective way to lose weight in a very quest way. The logic begins HIIT is to burn more calories to lose weight by doing extra hard work out and then take some rest.

Lastly, it is recommended now to use HIIT when you feel unenergetic or tired because it can suffer you and injury.


Now Gedetsworld has successfully shared the 4 effective tips to lose weight on the treadmill. These tips will definitely make a drastic change in your overall health and decrease a certain amount of weight.

There is one famous “Quote” that I would like to share here that is “Execution is the Key” this means if we want something’s in life then we must execute the things successfully. Because the result will only come when you ready to execute rather than only reading.

Lastly, if you found any query to ask then we feel glad to reply.  And do share this article with your loving once to encourage them to execute these tips in their workout journey.

Lastly:) We are very glad and thanks to you that you read this Article.

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