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4 Major Challenges for Students Due to COVID-19 and How to Overcome Them

4 Major Challenges for Students Due to COVID-19 and How to Overcome Them

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak has forced many colleges and universities to shift to online classes and shutdown in-person classes. Some colleges have decided to offer online classes and finish the courses away from campus. It is the most worthwhile decision to adopt this flexible and resilient education system to provide quality education to students. Now students are completing their coursework remotely from the comfort of home. But a majority of students find it challenging to stay on top of their studies due to this recent transition from in-person to online classes. Many students are unable to maintain focus and self-discipline needed to study from home. They think that online learning is more difficult than in-person classes.

Campus closures and transition to online learning is the only solution to prevent the spread of the disease, but this transition is not easy, especially for students and instructors doing online education for the first time. Here are some major challenges students are facing while taking online classes due to the coronavirus pandemic and some effective solutions to deal with these issues.

Wi-Fi Connection

As many schools and colleges switched to online classes, students from all over the world are trying their best to adjust to the new virtual classrooms. They are equipping themselves with digital devices and essential internet services for remote learning and online classes. Many students have a wireless subscription, while some have no wired broadband connection at home are facing more hurdles to keep pace.

They are advised to look for an in-home broadband connection that offers sufficient data plans for their online learning. It is important to stay in touch with your instructors and inform them about your internet connection or any other issues they are facing. Your professor will definitely understand the situation and might send recorded class sessions to catch what you have missed.

Home Distractions

It is one of the biggest challenges for students studying from home as they think there can be more distractions and difficult to manage with younger siblings. Furthermore, unrelated thoughts like deciding the next week’s menu, thinking about the funny movie you saw last week, invade your mind. And it will make the situation worst if the family member barge into your study space at an inappropriate time. Internal and external distractions will make it difficult for students to study remotely to maintain focus.

Honing your concentration skills is the key to stay ahead of your online classes and regain your focus even if you become distracted. Creating a dedicated study space with limited clutter can help you study better and complete your coursework. You can always ask your academic adviser to discuss the course load options and how to improve your focus during remote study sessions.

Lack of Motivation

Due to the current uncertain and stressful situation, students are not attending a lecture on a physical campus, which makes it a bit difficult to stay motivated to complete their coursework. When it comes to taking online classes and studying from home, trying to focus on your study is critically important to succeeding. But unfortunately, when you don’t have a schedule or find a study environment, it is kind of struggle to prepare your mind for studying. One of the best ways to increase your motivation and stay focused is to write a list of reasons why you want to achieve something. For example, if you are studying in medical school, your goal is to become a physician and serve humanity. Whenever you lack motivation, read the list of your future goals, it will make you feel more empowered and motivated and consequently will increase your focus.

Poor Time Management

When it comes to studying from home, establishing a routine is one of the most important strategies to stick to your goals. Since you are in quarantine and due to campus closures, there is no need to attend lectures, it might feel like a vacation. But it is important to realize that it isn’t, and you have to complete the remaining coursework. Creating a daily routine and stick to small, consistent habits which will help create a sense of normalcy. For example, wake up early in the morning, eat at regular intervals, exercise daily, and study for a specific time of the day when you feel productive.

Creating a study schedule can help you efficiently manage your coursework, assignments, and quizzes. You can create a better study schedule when you know what your professors are expecting from you and what is really needed to complete the coursework. Ask your professors whether they will attend live lectures through videoconferencing at a specific time of the day, or they are expected to learn the material on their own. You can use a daily planner to create a list of your goals, which will remind you when to study and when the break is over. This way, you can improve your time management skills and study more effectively.

Final Verdict

The unexpected shift to online classes is difficult for both students and professors. Some students are worried about their academic future, while others are finding it difficult to manage their course load while fulfilling their family responsibilities at home. These are a few challenges that come with the transition to online classes; following these easy tips will help you better adjust in an online environment.

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