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4 Popular Second Hand Bikes In Bangalore You Can Buy Under 80,000

The motorbike industry in India is expanding at a rapid pace even though it has already established itself as one of the major two wheeler markets in the world. What was once a sizable market for inexpensive models has evolved into a market with a wide range of options. Moreover, due to the second hand bike price a lot of people are opting for a used bike while purchasing a two wheeler.

Bikes that offer a decent balance of performance, style, and fuel efficiency are one of the newest fads. You have come to the correct spot if you are seeking these combos in a motorbike along with the fact that they are available under Rs. 80,000.

In order to help you with your decision-making process, we have put together a list of some of the popular bikes available in India whose price tag is around Rs. 80,000 along with their technical details, complete information on their features and pricing. In case you don’t have the appropriate funds to purchase the brand new edition of these bike you can certainly search for the bike’s second hand price.

Under Rs. 80,000 you will easily get a two wheeler with all the modern features and it will also satisfy your requirements.

List of most popular bikes you can purchase under Rs. 80,000 in Bangalore

Hero Splendor Plus Xtec

Using new-gen technology, the Hero Splendor Plus Xtec motorbike has Bluetooth connection, a digital instrument panel, LED position lighting, and sporty graphics among a few of its avant-garde features. It has the same engine as the HF series and other Splendor models and is well-known for its fuel economy.


Hero, the manufacturer of this bike has also used its famous Hero MotoCorp i3S technology for providing better mileage to its customers. The current ex-showroom price of Hero Splendor Plus Xtec in Bangalore is Rs. 75,587. If you are willing to explore a second hand model then you can also search for the bike’s second hand price.


Power 7.91 bhp
Engine capacity 97.2 CC
Torque 8.05 Nm
Mileage 70 kmpl
Gears 4-speed

TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Star City Plus is perhaps the most feature-rich 110 CC motorcycle on the market right now. The bike has a striking presence on the road because of its dual-tone sports artwork, black alloy wheels and massive fuel tank. It provides sufficient comfort for regular travel without compromising fuel efficiency thanks to an upright handlebar and a long seat.

Other significant features of the TVS Star City Plus include a USB charging port, an integrated braking system, LED headlights, a Semi-digital instrument console, etc. The ex-showroom price of TVS Star City Plus in Bangalore is Rs. 73,385.


Power 8.08 bhp
Engine capacity 110 CC
Torque 8.7 Nm
Mileage 65 kmpl
Gears 4-speed

Bajaj CT 125X

The Bajaj CT 125X is a motorbike with a tough exterior enhanced by stylish decorations. The bike is designed to handle difficult terrain, and it does so with the help of knobby tyres. More importantly, it has a belly pan to protect the engine, more durable crash protection, and tubeless tyres.

There is also a USB port available on this bike. It also has a competent 125cc engine that can provide the required power when needed. The price for the Bajaj CT 125X in Bangalore showrooms begins at Rs. 71,545. If you choose to purchase this particular bike then you should also check out Bajaj CT 125X bike second hand price.


Power 10.75 bhp
Engine capacity 125 CC
Torque 11 Nm
Mileage 65 kmpl
Gears 5-speed

Hero Passion Pro

A stylish commuter motorbike, the Hero Passion Pro has three-tone graphics, a unique tail light design and a muscular fuel tank. It has a longer front suspension so that it can handle some of the most difficult terrains. Additionally, it has a powerful 110cc engine that provides a comfortable ride and good fuel economy.

Apart from these exceptional characteristics it also has a disc brake system, a semi-digital instrument console, alloy wheels and a brighter halogen headlight. Currently, the Hero Passion Pro is priced at Rs. 73,385 (ex-showroom Bangalore). You can also check out the Hero Passion Pro bike second hand price if you have a limited budget.


Power 9.02 bhp
Engine capacity 110 CC
Torque 9.89 Nm
Mileage 65 kmpl
Gears 4-speed

To conclude

If you are thinking about purchasing a bike anytime soon and your budget is around Rs. 80,000 then you select from one of the popular bikes from the above list to receive the best features within your budget. In case you want to opt for a better quality second hand bike at the same price then you should check out Beepkart.

It is an online platform where you can access multiple good quality second hand bikes at an extremely affordable price. More importantly, you won’t face any difficulty with the paperwork while buying a second hand bike. Additionally, you will also receive one year warranty and 7-day replacement warranty on your purchase. Additionally, you will also receive one year warranty and 7-day replacement warranty by only paying the bike’s second hand price.


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