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5 Benefits of Post-Operative Home Care and How It Helps in Faster Recovery?

Surgery can be just as taxing on the body as recovering from an illness or injury. A patient’s condition may improve or worsen depending on the care taken after surgery. Your recovery span should be a time of rest to focus on getting healthy on your feet. Think about how you want your post-operative environment, or post-op, to look and feel.  

Is it relaxing and familiar? Can your loved ones easily pass? Does personal comfort surround you? Then a hospital or care facility may not be ideal for you. With a constant turnover of caregivers, irregular work hours, and noisy emergencies running in the background, your recovery may not go as smoothly as you would if you decided to stay in the hospital.  

Instead, consider performing post-operative care in your own home. Our post-operative care in Coimbatore offers all the services needed for a patient to receive the best possible care at home. Read on to learn more about home care post-operative care in Mysore and how it could benefit you.  

What Is Post-Operative?

Post-operative care is the care and treatment that a patient receives after surgery.  

It often includes post-operative wound care and pain management. Of course, the specific care you receive will depend on your surgery, medical history, and post-operative complications. Post-operative care may include:   

  • Cleaning and dressing wounds.  
  • Taking painkillers to prevent infection, relieve symptoms, and control pain  
  • Maintenance of feeding tubes, intravenous (IV) lines, and drains   
  • Collecting blood or other fluid samples   
  • Treating a postoperative complication  
  • Post-operative care begins with the completion of the surgical procedure and continues until you are fully healed. It is essential to continue the process after being discharged from the hospital, as it will heal you for weeks or even months after the procedure.  

What Is the Role of a Post-Operative Nurse?

Many of the tasks during your recovery period are difficult or uncomfortable to do on your own. Therefore, post-operative nurses are there to help. The role of a post-operative nurse is to provide medical care and guidance throughout the recovery process. Your work may include  

Checking Your Wounds:

Our post-operative nurses in Coimbatore are trained to look for signs of proper healing and infection. These signs may not be evident to a layperson. Keeping your wounds clean and dry while they heal is essential, so your nurse can also change your wound dressings.  

Checking Drains and IVs:

After surgery, monitoring the patient’s fluid intake is crucial. After the operation, they should support them. Besides ensuring they are working correctly; the post-operative nurses ensure they are kept clean and do not cause any unnecessary discomfort.  

Patient Vital Signs Monitoring:

Your vital signs, including body temperature, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate., along with other essential measurements like blood pressure and blood oxygen, will be watched after the operation. The nurse or caretaker will also regularly check how you feel to regulate pain control. For example, a nurse will help you with breathing exercises if you have respiratory complications.  

Most importantly, nursing interventions are critical in emergencies. A post-operative nurse takes these measurements to learn more about how your body is healing. It is essential to continue to take these medications as prescribed, and our post-operative care in Mysuru, home attendants or nurses, can help you stay on track.  

Educate Family Members:

Often, some parts of your care may not necessarily require a nurse but can be provided by a family member or loved one. When this happens, a nurse will teach them how to safely perform nursing duties and tell them what signs of adverse effects to look for to avoid complications. That way, a loved one can take on more of your care when healing and need less intensive monitoring.  

What Are the Advantages of Post-Operative Treatment at Home? 

Now that you are familiar with the functions of post-operative care, let us explore the advantages of getting your recovery at home with the help of a nurse.  

#1 The Comforts of Home  

Home sweet home is a phrase for a reason. At home, you are surrounded by comfort and familiarity. Your home is a comfortable and safe environment where you can completely relax, in stark contrast to a hospital environment where your days and nights can be disrupted. With unexpected check-ins, constant rotation of new caregivers, and emergencies.  

Your toiletries and clean clothes are always available. You can store fresh food that suits your taste preferences. Family and friends can easily visit with no time limit. All these benefits work together to make your recovery experience even more enjoyable. It has also been found that patients recover faster at home than in a hospital.  

Patients who were cared for at home had a 70% lower hospital readmission rate than patients who remained in the hospital bed during their recovery. Much of this change has been attributed to the movement or lack thereof. Patients cared for at home could move around much more freely than in a hospital.  

#2 Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)   

Life at home after surgery or operations can be some unexpected challenges. Even with something as simple as the daily routine, getting out of bed can become daunting. In our post-operative care in Mysuru, the home caregiver is there to help you with many daily activities that may be more difficult after surgery. These may include:  

  •  Eating out  
  • Dressing  
  • Grooming  
  • Showering  
  • Switching from standing to sitting or lying down  
  • Even if you do not expect any difficulties with these tasks, it is important not to overexert yourself.  
  • A common cause of re-injury in surgical patients is trying to do too much too quickly.  
  • Needing help is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it shows you have respect and patience for your body’s healing process.  

#3 Personalized Care Plans  

Your home caregiver’s job is to know everything about your surgery and medical needs. This way, they know exactly what you need to heal most effectively. Medications, wound care, nutrition, exercise, and mobility are all part of a care plan. A post-operative caregiver is qualified to help you in all these areas. A Post–operative care in the Coimbatore program will help your loved ones develop a care plan that ensures all aspects of your recovery. It can also help you learn how to take care of yourself and develop good habits to keep yourself safe and healthy after post-operative care.  

#4 Closer Relationships  

Home care involves an extra layer of trust that helps create a closer relationship between you and your caregiver. When you invite someone to your home to take care of you, you form a much tighter bond than if you were cared for in a hospital. When you decide to work with a post-surgical home nurse, you will soon find that your caregiver feels like family. You can get peace of mind knowing you are being cared for by someone who sees and speaks with you as a person, not just a patient.  

#5 Health Care for Both Physical and Mental Health Care

Despite the emphasis on relaxation, recovery can be a stressful time. Nurses are highly skilled in dealing with both physical and mental medical problems. Talking to someone familiar with your medical situation and knowledgeable about mental health issues is invaluable. Friends and family are often helpful during stress, but a doctor can offer an added, unique point of view.  

Ensuring that you are properly cared for after surgery can be a huge responsibility for your loved ones. Coping with everyday life and being a caregiver can be overwhelming, especially for people without experience or training in patient care. Fortunately, post-operative care in Coimbatore offers comprehensive home care to alleviate the stress of recovery for patients and their loved ones. In addition to surgical care, our Homecare specializes in in-hospital home care, chronic care, respite care, and palliative care. Our team of nurses has extensive experience working with convalescent patients.  

When you or your family member is recovering from surgery, trust our post-operative care in Mysuru to guide you through recovery with compassion and ease. An all-in-one expert also limits the number of appointments you would need to attend per week. Instead of going to several doctors, your nurse will come to you. Many post-operative nurses can also provide specialized treatments such as physical and speech therapy to aid recovery.  

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