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5 Best Courses Online To Learn Android Development


Android application development is one of the best and most demanding skills in the world. Students are passionate about making android applications when they are in school as they have been using mobile applications since childhood. Their passion leads them to have a career in this field. However, they usually face difficulty while finding the best course available on the internet that can teach them from the basics to lead them to the development of advanced android applications. Some of the best and top courses to learn Android application development are listed in the article.  The majority of the courses cost less than $15, and some are available for free for 10 days. This is more than sufficient time to learn Android, particularly if you already have some prior knowledge of Java. These programmes are relatively affordable and thorough.

Practical Apps

Building practical apps like Uber, WhatsApp, and Instagram is one of the greatest ways to learn Android app development with Android 7 Nougat. One of the largest online training sites, Udemy, has over 58K students who have confidence in this course that was developed by Rob Percival and Mark Stock. The best feature of this course is that it requires absolutely no programming experience. This course will teach you all you need to know, so if you’re new to programming and thinking of using Android as your first platform, this is the one for you. In the age of E-learning, this is the best course to start learning online (BAW, 2020).

One of the most thorough courses available on actual Android development is this one. You could basically learn to create any kind of Android app you wanted. You will also construct a WhatsApp clone as part of the course, learn how to advertise it, and how to earn money doing it. So, if you’re searching for a fresh means of income, this is the course you want to enrol in. A wide number of technologies are addressed, including Bluetooth, Firebase, Admob, LibGDX (game development), and the open source Parse Server. Another aspect this course teaches us is how to use AdMob and Google Ads to monetize your Android app and earn money. If student having difficulty learning and have an upcoming exam, then this course will provide best exam help.

 The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course — Build 23 Apps!

You will adore this Android course from Udemy if you’re seeking for a project-based, hands-on course to learn Android. By creating practical apps like Super Mario Run, WhatsApp, and Instagram, you will learn Android O App Development in this course utilising both Java and Kotlin. Rob Percival and Nick Walter’s hands-on Android course is trusted by more than 74K people, and if you’re serious about turning into a pro at developing Android apps, I highly suggest it.

The nicest part about this course is that it teaches you how to create Android apps using Kotlin, which is the official language for creating Android apps, in addition to Java (Ardito et al., 2020). One of the most in-demand areas of software engineering is Android development. The fact that Android accounts for more than 85% of the global smartphone market share means that there is a large need for Android developers on a global scale.


Providing a portfolio of your past work is one of the finest methods to demonstrate to potential employers that you are prepared for the position. Especially if you’re new to programming, this can be difficult and time-consuming. This is where this course will really help you, since you’ll make practical apps like Super Mario Run, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Students are learning from this course while working on event management dissertation topics.


Another well-liked course on Udemy to learn Android is this one, which is often $15 after a 90% discount thanks to their periodic flash deals, which occur pretty frequently. You will learn how to create and develop Android applications for smartphones and other devices in this course. With more than 96,140 students enrolled, this course on Android is arguably the most well-liked on Udemy. It says volumes about the course’s reputation, and 97K people cannot all be wrong.

You will learn the principles and methods for making applications in this course, as well as how to build Android apps from scratch. You will learn how to install custom Android applications and use databases to save data from android applications. Additionally, you will discover how to develop games for Android phones using LibGdx, one of the well-liked Java game development frameworks, and, perhaps most significantly, you will discover how to design interface design for Android apps, one of the crucial elements of developing real-world apps.

 Android App Development Specialization

This is one of Coursera’s top online courses for learning Android for beginners. Coursera is a well-known online learning platform that offers learning resources from prestigious institutions and corporations like Google, AWS, and IBM. You will learn how to utilise essential Java programming language features & software patterns needed to construct maintainable mobile apps made up of core Android components as well as the fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanism through Vanderbilt University’s Android specialisation.

You will learn how to develop a straightforward, multi-screen Android application that makes use of menus and options as well as how to publish it to the Android Market in this course. Along the process, you will also learn about software patterns, unit testing, file I/O and data storage, Material Design, Android Studio, and Android Activity components. This Android course from Coursera is the best one to enrol in if you’re searching for a thorough course with a certificate. After finishing the course, exam, and project, you will be awarded a certificate. Additionally, an incredible 25% of those who completed this specialisation started a new profession and over 46% received promotions or pay increases.

 Android Beginner Series: Just Enough Java

John Sonmez has created another Android course on the Pluralsight platform, this one just for Java developers. In this course, one of the most well-liked IDEs among Java developers, Eclipse, will be used to teach you how to design a genuine Android application. Java and Android will both be taught to you in this course. While building a functional, real-world Android application, you will get a foundational understanding of Java and Android.

By the way, this is the third lesson in a four-part series on basic Android development, but you are not required to watch the others to follow along. You should always be capable of following along with this course and create your first Android mobile application with Java and Eclipse as long as you have a foundational understanding of programming. The first part of the courses teaches you how to set up Eclipse for Java development of Android applications. After that, you’ll step-by-step build a NoteTaker application while learning Java principles.

This course may be exactly what you’re searching for if you want to study Java in a novel and entertaining way while creating an Android application, or if you just want to make the most of your time by learning two topics at once. The nice thing about this course is that it’s free if you join up for a 10-day trial, which is long enough to finish it and get you started with Android.


The top 5 courses mentioned above for Android application development. These courses are from different websites and offer different types of programming languages that can enhance the learner’s ability and skills. The learner can select the different languages and server side according to their needs. These courses offer a variety of content for learners who want to start their career in Android app development.


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