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5 Best Mountain Bike Trails in India

Mountainous regions in India have much to offer – impressive and vibrant culture, highly cordial and friendly people, extraordinary spices, excellent food and the breathtaking scenic beauty. Along with all of these, mountains can offer something thrilling too. It is the “adventures” found everywhere in the mountainous regions. One of the major adventures is trailing in the mountain routes with a bike. Thus, Indian mountains can be a lovable hotspot for bike enthusiasts and here are the five best and much-recommended mountain trails that bike enthusiasts must not miss out.

Top Mountain Bike Trails You Must Go

1. Manali – Leh

Popularly renowned as “The Mountain Biking Capital of India”, trailing in the bike in Manali can leave one enchanted with the splendid beauty of the mighty Himalayan ranges. Located beautifully in Himachal Pradesh, biking route from Manali to Leh can be one of the memorable experiences in the life of any biker. Be it a DH rider who loves to trail in big mountains or an XC enthusiast who loves to have a challenging path with climbs, singletracks, etc. – the Manali – Leh path caters to the needs of all bike enthusiasts. The trail is highly rewarding for the magical beauty it offers –  peaceful villages, astounding vegetation, eye-catching monasteries, and surreal lakes found alongside!

2. Munnar

Munnar has always been known for its pleasant and tempting climate. It is one of the best destinations for biking trails, too. It has got to offer some of the best highlights in its meandering paths with slight ascents, that moves smoothly through its lush green plantations, shola forests and gardens. The routes would be pretty incredible as one sets on the journey and moves further. The trail aids in exploring the surrounding cities and immediate localities. You will surely enjoy the awe-inspiring sights of the Lockhart Gap, Bison Valley and Cardamon Estates.

3. Coorg

Coorg, the spectacular town known for its plantations, is a thrilling sports destination for adventures, especially for biking. Located magnificently, in the Western Ghats, the efforts undertaken for the trail would be worth the perseverance and strain. From amateurs to the experts, it’s an out and out destination for all bikers. Starting from Honey Valley and exploring, would take one through the aroma of coffee plantations, that can rejuvenate oneself. One can revel blissfully in the greenery, enjoy the fantastic beauty of numerous waterfalls and ample streams, and can thus find what Coorg has to offer.

4. Leh – Jammu and Kashmir

A trip to Leh is always any biker’s dream. If one ponders as to what Leh has to offer, it offers everything a biker dreams of – navigation under challenging terrains, testing one’s biking skills, breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenic beauty of the surreal landscape. It also offers a chance to get through until the highest and maximum motorable road in the whole world – KhardungLa. Above all, one can even cross some of the highest passes in the world. All of these factors add more significance to adding Leh in one’s must-visit list of trails.

5. Pindari  Uttarakhand

If Enduro is one’s passion and goal, then Pindari Glacier is the most beautiful place to look for. Look no further! Trailing the path in Pindari Glacier offers one everything a biker would expect from. Pindari Glacier hosts and provides international and world-class mountain biking, tons of grin factor swift-flowing single track, techie and high climbs, adventurous and great descents, all set amongst breathtaking Himalayan scenery.

Located adorably in the higher reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas, and where a biker can experience Kumoani culture at one’s best, Pindari Glacier offers everything a biker wishes and dreams off – epic sceneries along with adventurous trails.

Closing note

Reaching destinations like those mentioned above can help one move close to nature, experience the real magic in exploring, and being successful at overcoming fears and much more. It helps in conquering one’s internal summits, objectives and goals as a biker.


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