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5 Best Pet Apps for Pet Owners

Pet apps have been helping pet owners for a while now very successfully. Also, vets recommend using certain apps, as technology is making their work easier. When you do your homework right about your pet’s health, there is a very high chance that your pet is going to live a healthy and long life. A good pet app can literally make your life better.

Pet lovers belong to a different universe, where they are surrounded by so many pets. Whenever a pet lover sees a pet, he/she just wants to express their love for them. There are many pet lovers in the world, but not all of them are pet owners because owning a pet is a responsibility. We all have our circumstances, and accordingly we decide to have a pet or not. Sometimes, a pet lover brings a pet home and realises that he/she is not able to perform well as a pet parent, so they have to give up on their pets. However, technology has made pet parenting quite easy in the past decade. Some mobile apps have revolutionised the pet industry. This list of 5 best apps for pet owners may help you. 

1. DuePet App

DuePet app has been recently gaining a lot of popularity among pet owners for its fabulous features that help in pet management. It is a pet management app with features to manage all types of pets. Not just pet owners, the app is very helpful for breeders as well. You can create several pet profiles, make records and notes, set reminders and trackers, and so many other things. When you download this app, the free version comes with the features like reminders, records, notes, and a couple of other features as well. The main highlight of the app is its trackers. You can start using all the trackers after subscribing to the paid version for a small price. The most used tracker of DuePet is the pet pregnancy tracker, which is quite famous among breeders as well for the amount of details you can add and track. Similarly, all other trackers such as food tracker, water tracker, poo tracker, vomit tracker, wee tracker, etc come with many nuances for a holistic health tracking. Water pH tracker is also very famous among fish owners. All the trackers have their own fanbase, you may find your favourite tracker yourself. So, if you are a pet owner, try DuePet now and find it yourself.

2. The Bark

The Bark is a pet magazine with all that wisdom you need to know about your pet. As the name suggests, the website is mainly focused on dogs, but you will find some content on other pets as well. Their app serves as a proper magazine, which keeps you updated with all the latest advances in the pet industry. You will also get to know what vets have to say, and all about the many new researches happening around the world. The paid version of their app involves the option to download the magazine and a few other things. You must explore their app in your mobile app store.

3. Rover

Rover is a very unique app. This app helps in connecting the pet owners with the pet caretakers such as dog walkers, pet boarders, house sitters, etc and vice-versa. So, if you are a pet parent in need of some help, you may find people who love pets and would love to help you. 

4. PetSmart

As the name suggests, PetSmart actually makes you a smart pet owner by providing every pet product just a tap away. The app is an online shopping platform for all types of pet supplies, accessories, etc. Additionally, you can also book appointments for grooming, training, treatment, etc with this app. Overall, the app is a good package utility-wise and you must try it. 

5. 1-800-PetMeds

1-800-PetMeds is a very helpful pet health app. It is your online pet pharmacy along with the option of taking vet consultations. The app reduced the effort and time caused by visiting the vet and waiting in the queue. Also, you don’t need to go anywhere else to shop for the required medicines. All you need is to connect with a vet who is a tap away, take the consultation, and buy your medicines. You can do all this within a few minutes. Try this app and feel the convenience yourself.

Why Pet Owners Should Have Pet Apps 

When we don’t ask this question to ourselves, we shouldn’t ask this for our pets as well. Having mobile apps for pets will only make your life easier, then why shouldn’t you? Rather pets need the support of technology far more than us because they are like little babies forever who cannot express their worries easily. 

Do you know that 3000 Golden Retrievers have participated in a research because over 3 decades 60% of the Goldens are suffering from cancer and living a shorter life? Health of pets has been suffering lately. However, good pet parenting may help in increasing their life. If still your pet gets unwell, know that it is not your fault.

Do You Still Have Doubts

In case you think that pet management can be done without apps as well, you are right to a certain extent. You may like to visit your vet rather than choosing an online consultation. Also, you may have a fixed shop to buy pet supplies, medicines, etc. Further, you might be having all those pet boarders, dog walkers, home sitters, etc in your vicinity. But, mobile apps like DuePet are a real innovation because an app is always better to track your dog’s health, making records with all those pictures, etc. Also, this app gives you notifications to remind you if your pet is due for a vet’s visit, or a scan, etc. 

Further, if you don’t want to download an app just to read the wise articles, you may want to check the website or subscribe to their newsletter. Reading from reliable sources will only make you a better pet parent. 

There are so many pet apps available in the app store. Above list contains the apps that we thought might be helpful to you. Being a pet owner can be taxing without support. It becomes more like raising a child alone. Technology can become your partner in looking after your baby and making this journey with your pet beautiful.

So, please don’t shy away from trying mobile apps. You never know which app can just make everything better for you. If an app doesn’t go well with your requirements, you can always uninstall and move on. If you liked this post and found it helpful, do share it among your family and friends.

Learn about the gadgets that can make your pet-parenting easier.

Personal Note

Hopefully, this list of apps will be helpful to you. I would love to know your thoughts on my list. Also, if you have more app recommendations, please do share. Technology is constantly making things easier for all us. I believe that if we find something that can be helpful to others, we must share that information with everyone else. That’s how, together we take our world ahead faster. Also, by helping, you make friends. It is anyway good to help people, which is also very good for our conscience.

On top of that, we never really know how a little piece of information can literally change people’s lives and in what many ways. Here, we are not just helping out people, but also the pets. So, please do share this information among your family and friends. If you like my blog, please do share because it motivates me to write more. Lots of love to you and your pet. 🙂

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