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5 Components of a Winning App Store Optimization Strategy

Less than a decade ago Apple App Store and Google Play Store were launched which soon after were exploded with a huge number of mobile apps. With the massive increase in mobile applications over the app stores, it has become a daunting task to make your app get noticed instantly. Businesses pushed app marketers to focus on app store optimization strategies in order to get their app noticed. The mobile app can never be downloaded by audiences if it isn’t visible across the app stores. Thus strong App Store Optimization techniques are used to make the app appear in search results. Among the growing competition, businesses are in the race to get their app published on the top search results pages of the app store.

There are only a few models that help in developing a perfect and successful ASO strategy. Picking up the best strategy isn’t enough but there are several components that need to be focused, let’s have a look at the major ones. 

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

Most app marketers start with a strategy that doesn’t go right with their target audience. The major cause of app store optimization strategy failure is due to not knowing your audience. First you must identify the audience you are targeting which is the key step in creation of wining ASO strategy. After identifying the target group, tailor your app marketing strategies accordingly. Ensure to choose the group of particular users for which your app is aimed majorly at your target profile. This target profile must contain necessary information like age, gender, education, culture, residence etc. All these factors matter a lot in the decision to download your mobile application. Know everything about your users like why people are using your app, their interests, preferences etc. 

2. Far Beyond Keyword Optimization

Many developers improve the discoverability of mobile apps by optimizing the keywords used is the app’s metadata. Keyword optimization is an essential component of a healthy ASO strategy which can help you to move towards business growth through better discoverability. By using this marketing technique your app can rank higher in app store search results. When you use keywords wisely, you can make a great combination through their excellent marketing techniques. Creative appearing in search results appealing your target users can increase your tap through and conversion rates. The search algorithm will rank your app relevancy making it appear at the top for that particular keyword if your tap through and conversation rates for specific keyword search are higher. 

3. Hypothesis-Driven Optimization

The hypotheses based on a combination of messaging with creatives built a string ASO strategy. It shows the exact reason why most users will choose to download your app. If you don’t invest your time on good hypothesis testing, then you are probably wasting the resources on unfocused experimentations. A good hypothesis plays the role of foundation statement, based on which further investigations are performed. Think broader in this context, perform research and use existing data to move forward with ideas that can impact your users, and then create categories for every idea to perform further tests. Come up with innovative and amazing ideas, explore your app feedback and identify your most engaging app features. 

4. Strong Creatives & Messaging

According to the data collected after analyses, app store creatives like preview videos, screenshots and icons are the most impactful app store marketing assets. Various mobile apps improve their conversation rates by optimizing their app store creatives. After the completion of the hypothesis process, when you’re about to begin with the designing creative, keep a few important things in mind. App visitors tend to make the decision to download or drop the app within a few seconds on the landing page of the app store. Visitor’s attention is limited, thus never expect that users will browse your screenshots, watch videos etc. Visitors are only exposed to the First Impression Frame of your app store page containing the creatives. Thus, make your messaging and creative strengths and to the point.

5. ASO Strategy Cycle Informed By Data

Now comes unarguably the most important component of ASO strategy. A healthy analysis stage contains an analysis of app store engagement which assesses the performance of a page’s asset. Understand the user’s interest, identify all the strengths and weaknesses and determine variation that can be combined with the ASO strategy. After these both determinations, quantify conversation rates lift in the live store. Mobile application development services use findings from post-test analyses to come up with new hypotheses. For a successful ASO strategy, a strong foundation is necessary, that’s where the ASO cycle of life benefits you where every stage is informed by the previous stage. Your ASO strategy must follow the cycle as your market, users and competitors are constantly evolving, thus you must adopt the new changes.

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