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5 Different Ways to Wear Hoodies

Hoodies have been one of the most preferred clothing options regardless of gender. Moreover, hoodies are quite popular among children as well. Therefore, it happens to be an excellent option for clothing. In this regard, custom hoodies happen to be an extremely preferred choice for a considerable volume of the population. These hoodies, as can be understood from the name, are customized as per the specific needs of users. And hence the name customized hoodies. These types of hoodies are extremely popular and their popularity can be very well understood from the rising demand for the same.

It is true that hoodies are undoubtedly a very good option for clothing. The major reason behind the same is the cool look of the hoodies and their stylish nature. With the appropriate combination of looks, style, as well as elegance, hoodies happen to be a perfect choice of clothing for a wide array of occasions. It is another of the major reason for the preference for hoodies. Now, the people who have opted for hoodies should also have a clear idea about the different ways of wearing hoodies. There are many who are confused about the way to wear a hoodie. To eliminate their confusion and make it easier for them. Here we have listed the top five ways of wearing hoodies.

Smart Casual

Custom hoodies can be readily worn as smart casuals. But there are many who are confused about wearing hoodies this way. To wear a hoodie as a smart casual, you can very easily wear it underneath a jacket, overcoat, polo, or a button-down shirt. Simply pair it up with trousers and a sneaker or Chelsea boot for completing the smart casual look. Wearing hoodies in the smart casual way has become extremely common in recent times and can certainly be tried out without any kind of hesitation.

Custom Hoodies as a Casual

Wearing a hoodie like casual wear is the most common way to wear hoodies. This one is extremely easy and convenient. The wearers can simply layer the hoodie like a sweatshirt with a t-shirt underneath. It would be ideal to choose thicker materials or fabrics for a warmer feel. You can choose custom hoodies as your workwear. On the other hand, lighter material is recommended for wearing during the summer season.


Hoodies can be worn like sportswear. The same goes for gym wear as well. For wearing hoodies like sportswear when you hit the track or the gym, the wearers can simply pair the hoodie with a part of track pants or half pants. To impart the sport-like look that you are planning to go for.


One of the major reasons to wear a hoodie is comfort. It offers and that is exactly the key to athleisure. It is an effortless style with performance in mind and one of the top ways of wearing a hoodie. If you intend to go for an easy and stylish athleisure look. It would be ideal to opt for soft luxe bomber jackets over cotton or merino wool hoodies. You can simply combine it up with a pair of smart-fitted joggers and box-fresh leather sneakers to finish the look off in the most appropriate way.


Another way to wear a hoodie is like streetwear that provides you with the funky look you were looking forward to. The humble hoodie has always played a significant role in the evolution of streetwear. And it is exactly where the more creative side of color, design as well as fit can be played with. The wearers can try relaxed cuts, bold hues visible logos, and the latest kicks.

In addition to the different ways of wearing hoodies mentioned above, there are a number of others that can be explored. Moreover, the wearers can also come up with different ideas about wearing hoodies in an entirely different way.

Major Things to Consider While Buying a Hoodie

Once you know the different ways in which you can wear a hoodie, you might be very excited to buy one for yourself. Now, you might be thinking about the factors to consider at the time of buying a hoodie. To make the selection process easier for the users, here we have listed the major things to consider at the time of buying a hoodie.


Color is the most vital thing to consider at the time when you are planning to buy a hoodie. Even if you are looking forward to getting personalised hoodies, color is a matter of immense importance. It is the choice of color that provides you with the intended look or the perfect combination that you are looking forward to. Hence, it is extremely important to consider the color of the hoodie at the time of buying.

Personalised hoodies happen to be dynamic in nature meaning that the wearers can layer it as if it were a sweater or pullover. In this regard, it would be suitable to wear subtle shades in keeping with an outfit or simply make it the signature piece. With bold as well as punchy colors along with logos. Everything depends on the look that you have planned to go for and the risks that you are willing to take with the looks. If you are focusing on longevity and versatility, then it would be a very good idea to go for neutral colors. In this regard, plain grey is undoubtedly the best.


The next thing to consider is the material of the hoodie. Hoodies are made up of a number of materials such as cotton, wool, silk, suede, cashmere, and a number of others. But the wearers need to be extremely careful about the choice of materials. Since each of the materials happens to serve a different purpose. Thus, it would be a very good idea to first identify the purpose for which you are buying a hoodie. Since there are a wide variety of materials of hoodies available in the market, it creates a lot of opportunities for the wearers to invest in. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the material as per the exact needs and requirements.


Finally, you need to consider the quality of the hoodie at the time of buying. Once, you have decided on the color and the material of the hoodie, it is time to check the overall quality of the hoodie. It is of immense importance to be very particular about the fit of the hoodie. Since the fitting determines the level of comfort at the time of wearing the hoodie. Moreover, you need to consider the quality of things such as the drawstrings and zips to make sure that the chosen hoodie is perfect in all aspects. If you have opted for a hi vis hoodie, you need to make sure that its quality is top-notch and appropriately serves the intended purpose of use.

After reading through, it can be very clearly understood the different ways in which one can wear a hoodie. And the things to consider at the time of buying a hoodie. Being one of the most versatile options for clothing, a personalised hoodie is certainly a must-have in the wardrobe of all. There are many who have a number of hoodies and are still planning to add to their collection. Thus, if you still haven’t got your favorite hoodie in your wardrobe, it is high time to go and get it.


Hi, I am Henry Nichols working as a fashion influencer at Personalised and Printed.

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