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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Online Fresh Seafood Market

Online shopping is indeed one of the most helpful things technology has contributed to today’s busy people. By just using your gadget, clicking, tapping or pressing, you can purchase your desired items and food from wherever in the globe to your house! Definitely, online buying is loved by many for the convenience and comfort it offers! 

Nowadays, not only clothes, toys and shoes can be shipped and not only pizzas, cakes and buckets of chicken can be delivered to you! You can also have fresh seafood brought to your doorstep in no time because today, the online fresh seafood market is also a famous business enjoyed by many consumers who do not want to go to the wet market. 

As a consumer, you must be alert and wise when it comes to shopping online, especially when it comes to foods like seafood! Online seafood markets are cool and aidful, but you should be extra careful to avoid mishaps and deceit! To help you understand that more, below are 5 factors you must consider when choosing an online seafood market.



The most important thing about seafood is freshness! These underwater creatures cannot be above the ground for too long because they have an expiration period when it’s time for them to rot, smell and be inedible.

See to it that the online seafood market’s top priority is providing fresh seafood to its customers. They should not just post photos of seafood online without actually selling the same fresh seafood! Take note of the different signs of fresh fish, shrimp, crabs and more! In that way, you will avoid being fooled by stores that take advantage of customers’ ignorance.

It would be helpful if you check the dates when they have gotten the seafood they have on hand, however, if it’s pre-order, it would be more convenient and safe for you to know. That means fresh seafood will indeed be brought to you since they are not transporting seafood to their delivery hub without sure orders from the customers.




The place where the seafood is first taken to, cleaned, scanned, packed and done all the other processes must be completely clean! Proper sanitation is a must and never an option, most especially because the subject here is food and not simply any dress or toy! 

High regard for hygiene must be the store’s concern. It should never be taken lightly. Bear in mind that any recklessness and irresponsibility when it comes to the workplace’s cleanliness could affect the seafood’s condition. Contamination is dangerous and might cause different kinds of diseases and food poisoning. 

Moreover, the equipment utilized in their stores must be kept thoroughly cleaned, washed and sterilized. Disinfecting is important too, especially if there is any rotten or problematic seafood exposed to the store. 




Consider the location of the store, so you have an idea of the expected time of arrival at your house. It could affect the freshness and length of consumability of the seafood as well. Also, if you urgently need seafood delivery, it would be disadvantageous for you if you will order chicken online from a shop that’s far and hard-to-reach from your own place. 




Perishable goods are not only affected by the location but also by the transportation means by which they are carried. Always keep in mind to ask, inquire and know if the transportation vehicles they use are in good working condition with good ventilation, cooling features, for seafood’s fresh state. At the same time, that’s vital to make sure that bacteria build-up will not happen while your seafood is on its way to you. Productive transportation must offer a short time waiting and traveling for delivery. 




Not only the workplace but also the workers must be neat and well-groomed. They are the ones handling the seafood and managing the processes even if there are high-end machines being used by the company. Still, they are humans that get in contact with the seafood, so it is a must that they maintain proper hygiene, most particularly during work hours. 

Workers in the stores and delivery men on the road must be clean and healthy, free from diseases since they can affect the food they bring. Do not be afraid to ask about the proper health screening of the company’s workers because it’s more difficult to eat seafood that got held by sick people. It’s just being sure and safe! 




Online fresh seafood markets are absolutely beneficial to consumers nowadays. In the midst of hectic schedules and tired bodies, you are still able to buy your desired fresh seafood even when you are just in bed! You just have to be certain that you get your seafood from trusted companies with high quality service and concern not only for their business but for their customers’ happiness and health!



Nicole Ann Pore believes that freshness of what people eat is always important not only because of the experience but also of its health implications. She writes about matters that revolve around fresh seafood and the market industry. Nicole is a daytime writer for Manettas Seafood Market Australia, an online and interactive seafood market allowing accessibility to the highest quality seafood from Australia and abroad.  | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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