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Kids and TeensStudy

5 Great Reasons For Your Kids To Attend Preschool

Background Research 

In the 1960s and 1970s, research on early childhood services showed that children’s gains extended into adulthood, prompting many states to invest in preschool programs. The latest reviews of two programs found conflicting results. Leaving lawmakers and the public unsure whether or not investments in preschool programs make a difference.

Modern Times Research

In 2019 a research study was published by the Learning Policy Institute, students who attend high-quality preschool programs enjoy benefits that can last throughout school and their lives (LPI). 


The research provides rigorous assessments of 21 large-scale public preschool programs, showing that children who attend these programs are better prepared for school and report significant learning changes than children who do not attend preschool.

Studies Comparison

LPI’s latest study thoroughly examines these two studies and others, recognizing that interpretations of the findings often rely on students’ groups being compared. When participants’ elementary school performance is contrasted to that of those who attended similar preschools there are often no significant differences. This does not imply that preschool results “fade out” or that preschool is ineffective; instead, it means that the children in both groups profit in the same way.


When you were younger, starting kindergarten was a huge thing, but many children experienced their first school milestone much sooner. Preschool services for young children are becoming more popular, with the National Center for Education Statistics reporting that 68 percent of four-year-olds and 40 percent of three-year-olds were enrolled in a preschool program in 2017.

What Childrens’ Psychologist Say

“From birth to age six, the human brain develops at an accelerated rate,” says Dr. Jennifer Jones, founder of Green Ivy Schools. “Preschool is an utter must for developing every part of your child for long-term lifetime results.”


Preschool can be thought of as an optional extra for children before joining the “actual” school system. However, there are undeniable advantages to preschool that parents should recognize when determining if these educational services are appropriate for their children.


Every parent has experienced the annoyance of having to repeat themselves repeatedly as their young child ignores them. Many parents don’t understand that following instruction is a skill that children develop over time, and preschool will help them.

Opening The Doors To Opportunity

According to Elizabeth Malson, president of the Amslee Institute, preschool provides children with additional opportunities to obey specific instructions, such as when to line up and wash their hands. “Children learn to listen to adults and regard them as authoritative figures” despite these essential tasks.


For a young kid, navigating a classroom’s workings for the first time in kindergarten can be a significant change. And part-time preschool services will assist children in making the transition.


“Access to school programs in preschool prepares them for the framework and expectations of kindergarten,” says Dr. Ari Yares, a school psychologist. Children also practice hygiene rituals like washing hands before eating and staying on top of their belongings in their cubby, and seeing the basic rhythm of a school day.

Parent’s Responsibility

An important responsibility that all parents have is to make sure that their kids get an excellent education. It is never too soon to begin formal education; this can start at a very young age. While a child is as young as three years old, they will have the opportunity to go to preschool to start their education. There are five great reasons you should have your child attend preschool for a couple of years before kindergarten.

Opportunity for Socialization

One of the most important reasons that you should have your kids attend preschool is because it is great for socialization. When kids start preschool, they are as young as two or three years old. Before starting this, they likely have had a limited amount of time around other kids their same age. When attending a preschool, they will get a chance to play and cooperate with other kids that are that age. This can help them learn how to socialize, and problem solve with other kids. It can also be an excellent time for them to start developing their friendships.

Develop Key Motor Skills

Having good motor skills is an integral part of development for any child. When a kid is in preschool, there will continue to evaluate their motor skills and further development when needed. As part of the education process, the kids will learn how to hold pencils and safety scissors and complete other simple tasks with their hands. This can help aid their development of hand-eye coordination and other skills. This can then help them develop more confidence and become stronger, which can provide a variety of benefits in the future as well.

Learn The Education Basics

A young child will start to learn at a very young age, which makes it essential for parents to speak to them, read books and focus on other educational activities along the way. Another great way to aid a young child’s education is by having them go to preschool. When a kid is in preschool, they will learn many basics that can help them get a step ahead of kindergarten. 


Some of the things kids will learn can include the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes, and other basics, especially when there are custom plastic school signs providing instructions and information. Towards the end, kids will learn some basic math and spelling, including writing and spelling their names. They may also learn some entry-level details on science, health, history, and nature, which could also help children develop new interests.

Get Used to Structure and Classroom Environment

By the time children are around five years old, they will start their formal education in kindergarten. For many kids, this can be a difficult transition. This transition might include spending several hours per day in a chair and structured environment. Without prior experience doing this, getting used to the classroom environment can be challenging. While a child is in preschool, they will get more experience doing this. Part of preschool will include getting used to structure, following rules, learning to be quiet and developing patience. This can help ensure that any kid will be ready for the next step in their education.

Have Fun

Finally, a fundamental reason children should go to preschool is that they will have a great time. In most settings, a preschool class will only be a few hours per day. During this time, there will be some time spent learning, but there will also be a lot of time playing with friends and having fun. Many kids that go to preschool will genuinely enjoy it and have a great time. This can help your child have fun without a parent around, which will help them start to build independence, which will continue to be quite beneficial for them.


Providing a child with proper education is very important. When a child is young, they will have a mind that is ready to absorb information. A great way to take advantage of this is by putting them in preschool for a year or two before kindergarten. There are five great reasons in particular why a student should attend preschool.

It is hard to make the choice to send our children to preschool. New parents are usually particularly nervous about this. But you are not alone, there are many families going through the same.

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