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5 Great Study Tips for Medical Students

If you are a medical student, you know how difficult it can be to pass the exams and to always be ready to get the best grades. You have to be at the top of your game, which comes with becoming an effective student so that you can get the grades that you hope for. You not only have to put in work inside of the classroom or during your hands-on training,  but also outside of the classroom. That’s right, your study habits impact you and your learning. 

Part of being a good student is in the development of effective studying habits that are made to help you succeed. You can learn more about five great study habits for medical students in the information that is provided to you in the list below. Everyone’s study style or routine is different, but any of these five tips may help you study more effectively. 

1. Exam Prep

If you want to become a pediatrician, for instance, you have to prepare for the board and that comes with a lot of studying in order to receive a passing grade. You can sign up for pediatric study packages for residency programs right before you take your board exam in order to help you excel.

These are meant to prepare you for the test and to help you review examples of questions that may be on the test that you are looking to take. You will feel prepared when you go in to take the test so that you do not become overwhelmed or stressed out either. If you prepare early on, your future self will thank you. 

2. Set Goals

Being a medical student comes with a lot of preparation that has to be done in order to pass your tests and to be the doctor you want to be. You have to set goals and make a plan for the goals that you want to do.

They can be as simple as creating a deadline that you want to complete your homework by. You can even help visualize these goals by marking them in a planner or calendar of some form where you can see specific dates and times and make specific times for when you want to meet your goals.

3. Engage in Active Learning

Active learning is the best way to learn new material when considering the differences between active and passive learning styles. Passive learning styles are actually considered to be not as effective at helping you retain new information.

Take time to develop hands-on learning methods and take the time to be active in your studying plans rather than just reading your notes. Doing this at least 70% of the time can help you to retain information quicker so that you can ace that exam in the future.

4. Take Breaks

You may have heard that when you cram information, you are less likely to remember that information. With that in mind, it is so important that you take breaks when you are studying so that you can allow your brain to retain the information that it is learning. It is important to take breaks for both your physical and mental health

Make the time that you want to take a break a part of your schedule and part of your goal-setting technique. Even consider taking an entire day off during the week so that you have a day to relax and to get your mind off of what is stressing you out.

5. Create a System

There are so many studying techniques that are available to you to use. None of them are foolproof for one specific person though, so it is important that you take the time to develop a system that works best for you.

Do not simply try to fit the mold of studying habits and trust that the mold will work for you. Really take the time to develop a system that works well for you whether that returning your medical terminology words into songs or it is using flashcards.

Final Thoughts

If you want to become a doctor, you may be entering one of the most difficult fields to get into as a student. It takes so much studying that may make you feel overwhelmed and make you feel as if you do not know what to do.

It is important to develop healthy study habits so that you can feel as if you can feel confident that you will be the best doctor possible. After that, the world is truly limitless as to what you can accomplish in your field of medicine that you want to pursue. Hopefully one of the five study tips mentioned will benefit you. Remember to prep for exams in advance, set goals, engage in active learning, take breaks, and create a system that works for you. Happy studying!


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