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5 Hacks for Writing Knockout Push Notifications

Push notification is the new big boy in town! You might already know the basics of how to use them, but crafting push notifications that users actually want to receive is a true art form.

Today’s world runs in a fast-forward mode, people want to stay updated with the latest information but do not have time to go and search through the list of the latest news, events, and offers. This the reason why the information that needs to be delivered should be crisp, apt, and attract attention.

If the developers succeed in producing perfect notification for the user, there is still very little chance that the subscriber will interact with it. E-commerce websites have been in trend lately. With reduced manual interaction due to the pandemic, business professionals have opted for online platforms to promote their businesses.

These e-commerce businesses use various ways like Emails, SMS, social media, and push notifications to drive traffic to their websites which include new visitors as well as maintaining and retaining the existing traffic. Comparing Emails, SMS, and push notifications Emails are one of the most common methods used to deliver information regarding products, advertisements, offers, reviews, invitations, and more. Emails have been proven beneficial because it has a wide reach and information can be accessed anytime, the disadvantage that stands in the way is that the time-sensitive information cannot be delivered through emails because people don’t check their emails regularly.

On the other hand, SMS is best for these time-bound notifications like a coupon or a limited period offer. Whereas Web push notifications have had the upper hand over emails as it delivers information in real-time and also has a good response rate than emails, they have been somewhat similar to SMS but push notifications give options to users to choose to receive or to not to receive the notifications.

Various things that the marketer needs to keep in mind while generating a push notification are its content, timing, segmentation and more. 

Here are 5 amazing hacks to write knockout push notification:

1.Evoke emotions

  • Smart publishers are aware of the fact that people are more attracted to the information that evokes emotions rather than a robotic or a formal message. 
  • Try building up the curiosity by delivering a minute detail of their interests and holding back the most of it.
  • The writer should use techniques to boost courage and encourage power users by portraying them as experts.
  • Using emotions as background be it the amazing deals, exciting offers can draw more attention of the users.

2. Avoid writing vague and lengthy messages.

  • The writer should always think of the matter that delivers real-time information in a small message that is enough effective to get a click- which is the primary purpose. Your copy needs to be useful, reasonable and satisfactory.
  • The user will click only if the message is relevant and valuable. A short and crisp message is largely preferred by users. Most people have tight schedules and do not have time for vague messages.
  • A clear and direct message is more likely to receive a good response. A short and direct message will grab more attention than long and vague ones.

3. Use the FOMO technique.

  • After using emotional techniques to provoke the user’s interest, the next would be to understand the user’s psychology. “A person is more motivated by the idea of potential loss than the idea of potential benefit.”-writes Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book ‘influence- the psychology of persuasion
  • The fear of loss attracts us more than the benefit, that is the reason why publishers use the FOMO technique to drive traffic and increase sales. You can use this principle while writing your copy of push notifications.

4.Track the time zones of your subscribers.

  • While writing your copy always keep a track of the time zones of your subscribers. 
  • As push notifications require an instant response, timing becomes extremely crucial while writing or sending a push notification. Although it takes more effort as it needs an understanding of how and where your subscribers are located.
  • For instance, a list of soft and soulful music would not be suitable when the user is busily jumbling files in the office.
  • While sending a promotional message you should choose a time when the users are mostly in a relaxed state and can go through the announcement.
  • If you find sending notification in one single batch more convenient then it’s better to target an audience from a specific region with a similar time zone so that there is no time-related difficulty.

5.Segmented optimization.

  • Push notifications are subjective. And requires proper optimization considering every user. 
  • A personalized e-commerce website that classifies its users into different categories experiences more involvement of the users as they receive notifications of their interest.
  • There is also segmentation based on the page activities of the users. For example, if a user is browsing through Sufi music the site should categorize him into someone who likes Sufi music and then notifications regarding the same can be sent to that user.

Push notification is a high-engagement technique to drive traffic on a website or a mobile app. So it becomes more important for us to understand what are the basic requirements for knockout push notifications

Apply these hacks in writing your copy of the push notification and you will receive a more positive response.

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