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5 Issues that often appear in Diesel Engines

Recent times have proved that owning a commercial automobile can prove to be quite fruitful if you suddenly think of a small startup or business. Due to these recent events more and more people approached small online business startups but not all of them could afford the hefty prices of logistic companies so they used their commercial vehicles to deliver their products where possible that saved them quite a few bucks plus the customer satisfaction was insured this way.

Diesel engines are generally cheaper to own if used for commercial purposes as you can earn big from them due to their powerful performance and reliability while the fuel for these engines is generally cheaper in comparison to other fuels for different commercial and daily use engines. This way you can cover more mileage with less cost which is the best possible condition for new businesses as mostly they start with a tight budget plus a more powerful engine to deliver many heavy products is like a cherry on top.

But absolute perfection isn’t something you can find in this world as everything has its pros and cons. This same principle goes for diesel engines as they have some downsides also which we are going to discuss further in this blog but let me first clear this up that diesel engines like any other engine require proper maintenance and service to function smoothly and without breakdowns. This can only be possible if the user of the diesel engine is properly aware of the common problems that can be causing troubles to the engine itself and only then they can avoid these issues or maintain the engine accordingly.

Some commonly reported Diesel Engine problems

1. Keep track of the engine’s oil

Engine Oil

According to most of the garages in Europe, I’ve contacted to collect some statistics about diesel engines and issues they come up with and also to my personal experience the oxidized engine oil is the prime factor causing trouble in diesel engines and this doesn’t stop here as transmission oil gets oxidized that causes the issues in the engine.

Most of the time oxidization of oil can happen due to the vehicle being stationary because of the transition in season or when there is no business available for the vehicle to be used for. This allows the air to sneak into the oil sumps and clog the engine’s oil storage with air pockets that can cause friction onto moving parts of the engine which in turn causes issues. Also, watch out for oil leakage as it can drastically drop down the oil level resulting in startup failure or even the engine might get seized.

2. Humid Environment

Humid Environment

People living close to the sea or in tropical environments have often reported problems with their diesel engines than usual because of water being as much of a threat as air to the engine’s combustion system. It can cause contamination in the engine’s oil storage or can cause serious rust problems in the parts that will eventually lead to a drop in the engine’s performance or even a complete breakdown.

3. Smoke darker than usual

Generally, diesel engines produce a lot more exhaust smoke than usual and to the naked eye, it feels more dark and dense than an average engine’s exhaust. But even then you have to be careful of any unusual output coming out of your exhaust pipe as it can be an indicator of a problem that can be caused by a faulty air filter, fuel pump, EGR valves, or an injector. And if your vehicle has a turbocharged engine installed maybe a fault in the turbocharger itself can be causing the dark smoke so you must replace the faulty parts but stay alert when buying them online and just to be on the safe side watch some of the tips on replacing auto parts here.

4. Engine struggling to kick-off

Diesel engines are known to cause startup problems in winters due to the fact that they rely on compression of air to ignite the fuel, unlike petrol-based engines which use spark plugs or other ignition systems to crank up the combustion process. If your diesel engine isn’t starting up within the usual time it used to be then there can be some serious issue causing this and without wasting time you must contact an expert auto mechanic who specializes in diesel engines as they can understand the problem better than an average technician.

5. A Sudden drop in Performance

Diesel engines are famous for their high production of power and torque with significantly strong motors than a petrol engine. This is the main factor that the business sector is comfortable in using them and also they are pretty commonly used in commercial vans. Things can be frustrating when these expectations suddenly stop meeting and the engine stops producing the roaring rev noise full of power it used to and you start to wonder what went wrong. These kinds of power drops from nowhere are often caused by dirty fuel filters or delivery lines, in some rare cases over lubrication or a malfunction in throttle linkage also affects the engine’s ability to produce the power it’s supposed to.


These five issues aren’t all but definitely can be the most problematic for a diesel engine and must not be ignored if you get any hint like these, get your engine checked and repaired as soon as you can and if the repairing process requires a replacement of an auto part and to save time and the hard-earned money you go for an online deal always go for the trusted and certified auto parts store to ensure a safe and reliable installation.


I am an Automotive enthusiast and an avid Motorsports follower.

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