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5 mistakes while hiring a wedding photography team

and how to avoid them

Hiring An Expensive Team Ensures Quality Content.

It’s a general notion that wedding photography is expensive. However that only depends on your requirements. Wedding photography costs vary on the requirements of the couples.

Candid photography and cinematic films are usually a little expensive, but also more appealing to the eyes.

Also, the team’s shooting style matters a lot. A team can be expensive and yet might not appeal to your eyes. The prices are not just for the product but also for the service. It’s completely fine to not like their product but just the service.

While hiring a wedding photography team, inquire on both the product (Photos & Videos) and services(number of changes allowed in the video, content delivery timeline, backups offered etc)

TIP : How to save money ?

If you do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding photography, look for traditional photography and traditional videos. Its way cheaper and delivers some good photographs and memories on a budget. Ask your photographer to share galleries of traditional photographs and traditional videos. If you like them, you can save a ton of money! And still get quality content.


Wedding Photographers Who Charge More, Just Makes More Profit

Every photographer charges differently in today’s market. In general, when you reach out to a brand with a good online presence, expect it to be costlier. Marketing a brand requires money. But they also are better at delivering what they offer and ensuring quality.

Online presence can be tracked with a social media platforms , websites, podcasts etc. Running and maintaining a website also demands money and fresh content! They would naturally charge more, but they will also have better experience to make the experience as smooth as possible.

TIP : Track if the photographer is worth the price

As a general rule of thumb, if the wedding photographer / brand owns a website, and has full wedding galleries uploaded, they are into the business for quite some time. Browse through the image galleries and past work of the photographer. The more projects, full galleries you can see, the better you can decide, if the work is worth it.

A photographer who has very less work to showcase and share , but with quite a huge package cost is a definite warning, something is not right


A Friend Purchased A Professional Camera, Can Take Professional Pictures!

It takes quite some time to develop the skill to consistently take good photographs, that appeals to the eyes. A friend or any colleague who recently purchased a professional or a semiprofessional camera might just take a few good photographs for sure. However, delivering an entire set of good photographs from the wedding day might be a big challenge for them.

Why? Because there are multiple things to take care of, when photographing a wedding. The lights change constantly when you are outside in the daylight to when you step inside the banquet.

One has to constantly tweak the camera settings, to get the best shots. Handling so many guests around, and capturing crucial moments takes practice

TIP: Trust only your team!

Let your friend, who offers to shoot your wedding because he/she just purchased a camera, actually shoot it. But trust only your photographer to deliver an amazing set!


The More, The Better.

When hiring a wedding photography team, do consider the number of edited photographs that would be delivered. While it is easy for any customer to think, the more number of edited shots they get, the better the deal is. However in the wedding photography world, the more is always not better. It can be a compromise on the quality.

In general, a set of 500-1000 edited pictures is good enough for any professional photographer to deliver from a 3-4 day of events. You might get more from different set of vendors, but if you’re someone who likes and values art, you would definitely value 100 awesome photos than 300 average photos.

Many of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, offer a standard 500-1000 edited image set. Offering an add-on clients can purchase later if they wish to!

Tip : Trust quality not quantity

Ask your photographer their usual set of deliverable. The prices usually increase as the quantity of quality deliverable increase. Also check their website for full galleries to check the quality of the full sets.

Sign A Contract

There are so many photographers out there, who run a business but do not really safe guard their customers. Ensure your photographer signs a contract with you. The contract can be as simple as a written piece of content on mail, that states what all will be delivered, the timeline for delivery and backup if anything goes wrong!

Tip : Ask to include details

Wedding photography can be quite an investment. So ask your photographer to include as many details as possible regarding deliverable. Also read the contract carefully, and clear your doubts if any on the points in the contract!







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