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5 Most Contentious Stories in the Motoring Industry Of 2020

As each year brings its own ups and downs in the automotive industry, the 2020 year was no exception to this. Automotive manufacturers have time and time again fallen into controversial stories which have been in the spotlight. This article will look back into the most highlighted stories of the automotive industry of 2020. 

Top speed record of SSC TUATARA

The promised top speed of SSC Tuatara has been a hot topic of many car enthusiasts especially in the previous quarter of the year. It is said to have a mind-blowing speed of 331 mph. 

Much confusion and bewilderment was sparked on this topic. A famous youtuber along with Robert Mitchell investigated the vehicle’s footage. The analysis revealed that there is no reason for doubting the capability of SSC Tuatara. 

However, it is definitely a hard lesson for triple checking the claims made by the automotive companies. It is important to determine the accuracy of all information. 

Exterior design of BMW

Ever since the 1930s, BMW has been mostly recognized by their distinct kidney grille as seen in the second hand cars for sale. However, the company decided to change their styling direction recently. 

The Munich brand received backlash at the unveiling of the 4-series. People termed the new grille design as “nostrils” and said it does not fit the proportions of the vehicle. The designer of numerous famous cars, Frank Stephenson, was also against it. 

However, in spite of the harsh criticism, the car received much attention. 

2-Door S-Class of Mercedes

For many decades, the flagship model of Mercedes has included the 2-doors S-Class. This style showcases sophistication and uniqueness. It has also been a reason for gaining purchases and attention by the car. 

Whether it is the W111 or 220S Ponton, the brand has used the same strategy of designing to bring spotlight. However, this long-lasting design was recently axed by the company. This has been a cause of disappointment for many. 

Ford’s decision

There is another icon which is facing the axe. It is the hot hatch of Ford which has received much love. The Focus RS by Ford boasted classic attitude, a turbocharged engine by Cosworth, and a 4WD drive. 

It was an instant hit which the vanilla Focus ST can not deliver. Many people are disappointed at Ford for discontinuing the electric blue exterior and number plates.

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Death of Holden 

Holdens was a big part of Australian automotive enthusiasts. They referred to Holdens as being a part of their lives. However, this influential brand was stolen by General Motors. This caused a major heartbreak to the Aussies. Many people cried when the brand was taken away. 

Holdens held a sentimental value in Australia for decades. Anyone in the country could recognize the car and many of them had precious memories with it. In opposition to Holdens, Ford was severely against it. 

However, it was this cutthroat competition that kept the motorsport community alive. As the brand disappeared, so did the competition and it is devastating for the Aussies. 

The disappearance of Carlos Ghosn

Carlos used to run the automotive manufacturing company of Nissan. However, he was arrested for illegal financial dealings. Moreover, he is currently wanted by the Japanese government. But the reason why this man gained so much hype is because of the case incident. 

Carlos Ghosn managed to flee from Japan by hiding in a musical instrument case. This case with Carlos inside was loaded in a private jet and he disappeared! According to the Business Insider reports, Carlos was able to escape because the case was ‘too large for baggage scanners’. 

The scanners at the private terminal of Kansai airport could not detect Carlos. His private jet landed in Lebanon and ever since then, he has not been in sight. The news spread like a wildfire everywhere in the news at the beginning of 2020. Everyone was stunned in disbelief. It is allegedly reported that the escape team of Ghosn decided to make 20 trips to Japan for a successful departure. Each airport was weak to detect the man in the case. 

So these were the top controversial stories of the industry. If you’re wondering “How can I sell my car in Dubai“, check out CarSwitch which is the biggest automotive platform in UAE.

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