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5 Myths That May Scare You from Hair Transplant

Knowledge is the real strength.’

Yes, it is right because knowledge enables you to disagree with myths and make a sensible decision in life. So, proper knowledge is the key in every matter of life. For instance, you can’t go for a hair transplant without proper knowledge and prior research. Knowing everything about Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is indispensable as there are several myths about hair transplant floating around. But, the fact is that they don’t make sense in real life due to their illogical reasoning.

Gladly, over the past few years, seeking advice from hair transplant surgeons has increased drastically. But sadly, the number of ‘black market pirate clinics’ is also turning-up. Resultantly, the cases of falsified clinics and unprofessional hair procedures are also mounting swiftly. All such negative aspects lead to the creation of myths and unrealistic statements.

The ultimate solution to all these myths is that always seek the assistance of a professional surgeon. Also, choose ‘Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic for remarkable results.

We have highlighted some myths about hair transplants that everyone needs to dispel as soon as possible.

Myths about Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic

Here are the top 5 myths about hair transplant, and it is better to dismiss them timely.

  • Treatment Isn’t Suitable For Everyone.

It is one of the most popular myths. But you should know that it is not gender and age-sensitive. For instance, nowadays, both men and women opt for the treatment even in their early 20s. This myth is quite unreasonable because people think they can only lose their hair in the late 40s and 50s.

Generally, surgeons advise patients to wait till their late 20s. Men can experience male pattern baldness in their 20s, and hair thinning is quite common among women. So, you can go for any of the hair transplantation procedure as per your surgeon’s recommendations. It has nothing to do with age or gender.

  • Every Surgeon Can Perform Hair Transplant

Over the past few years, the trend and popularity of hair restoration techniques have increased rapidly. That’s why; almost every other surgeon has started hair surgeries to earn more money.

But it is wrong.

Remember, only FDA approved hair transplant surgeon with proper training can perform such surgeries. Not every other cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist is suitable for it. It is your responsibility to choose the surgeon after proper research. You need to ask about techniques, total years of services, and other relevant questions before paying for the treatment. Choosing ‘Black market private clinics’ due to their cheaper treatment rates can cause put your life and money in danger.

  • Hair Transplant is Expensive

No doubt, adding the periodic cost of hair treatment is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. But as compared to those episodic treatments, hair transplantation is quite affordable. Yes, you have to pay for the chosen surgery, but it’s one time cost. You don’t need to pay for it over and over again. Choosing the professional hair transplant surgeon helps in experiencing natural and long-lasting results. Surely, it could be expensive, but you don’t need to pay for it after a few months. Also, the follow-up treatments are economical, and you don’t need to rob a bank to get your desired hair back.

  • Hair Transplantation Is Invasive & Excruciating

Usually, most people don’t go for hair treatment due to its scary side-effects and wounds. But with technical advancement, it has become easier to enjoy the treatment without pain and side-effects. The professional uses the latest tools and equipment to ensure evident results and wounds can be healed in no time.

For instance, FUE is one of the most famous and well-recommended hair treatments these days. The entire process is less invasive with minimum and no side-effects. Also, the downtime is less than the traditional hair treatment. You can go back to your routine activities after some rest.

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So, if you haven’t chosen hair surgeries due to scary side-effects, then stop thinking about such risks now. Again, selecting a professional hair transplant surgeon can make the process unproblematic and simple for you.

  • Hair Transplant is Temporary

It is not true ‘Not at all.’ You should know that modern hair transplant treatments are all about extracting grafts from the donor site and inserting them into the scalp’s intended area. The process may take hours but always assures permanent results.

You may need some follow-up treatment or medication to speed up the hair growth process, but don’t worry, as the results are permanent.

Hair Transplant Surgery is Ideal to Stop Hair Fall

So, are you still worried about scars, expenses, unnatural and temporary results? Well, the core purpose of presenting the myths mentioned above was to let you know that they don’t make sense in real life. Don’t forget to choose qualified hair surgeons in Dubai to enjoy everlasting and satisfactory results.

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