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5 PHP Facts That Help Accelerate Your Business

Companies worldwide have been happily using PHP and integrating its incredible abilities in their application, making them worthy of every praise. PHP backs up around 79% of all the active websites on the web currently. 

The statistics are a clear indicator of PHP’s popularity, which is a clear indicator of its abilities. Therefore, the technology holds a great significance in developers’ lives and a significant market standing. 

What is PHP?

PHP is otherwise called the “General Purpose Programming Language”. PHP regulates the back-end operations of a dynamic website.

It was launched in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The initial aim of developing PHP was to regulate and monitor the traffic Rasmus received on his personal resume. Therefore, PHP earlier stood for “Personal Home page.”

However, as the technology began to evolve, Rasmus made significant advancements into PHP and took its abilities to a whole new level. 

PHP now stands for “Hypertext Processor” and is gladly used to develop websites of any size (simple or complex). 

PHP has made the development process so smooth and straightforward that developers worldwide are inclined towards technology. 

Numerous esteemed organizations began to hire PHP developers to provide a fundamental PHP layer to their websites and provide them with seamless functioning. 

In that 79% active PHP websites, some renowned companies that are posing as a real example of PHP’s abilities are Facebook, WordPress, Yahoo, Tumblr, and Wikipedia.

Let’s understand why these many websites trust PHP with their brand. In this write-up, we will mention five facts that have made so many companies choose PHP, and that can add your name to the “big brand” list too.

Let’s start:

  • PHP is a budget saver!: 

The most liked aspect of developing with PHP is that it can be used without paying a single penny for its availability. The entrepreneur is not obliged to pay any license or download fee for PHP since it is open-source and free for all to use (comes under the General Public License). 

Besides that, PHP is also supported by a robust community of developers from around the world responsible for enhancing the technology’s functionality by providing it with a pool of facilities and resources. 

Multiple PHP-based solutions with their viability testes are present in the community pool; therefore, investing further on these resources is not needed.

However, you must make just one investment that is to hire PHP programmers with a solid knowledge base and impressive experience (projects and years).

  • PHP allows easy accessibility to multiple CMS: 

Most of the Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are coded in PHP. Therefore, if you are already maintaining a CMS-based website, PHP is a great way to leverage its capabilities. 

PHP also makes it easy to access CMS programs and customize the website as per your choice. 

Your aim must be to hire dedicated PHP programmers who can understand what you need out of your website and customize it, keeping everything in consideration. 

Therefore, the fact helps achieve the delivery of top-notch user experience via your website since PHP backs various CMSs that cater perfectly to user needs. 

  • Allows easy upgradation: 

PHP codes can be easily edited compared to other scripting languages. How? 

It is possible since technology allows easy decoding of syntax; therefore, the task can be executed in little time. 

PHP’s unique characteristic is that it allows an entrepreneur to turn their websites into one of the most progressive web apps. Since it is open-sourced in nature, it can continuously integrate new functions without spending too much into it. 

  • Retaining users is smooth with PHP:

What is the one factor that ensures your users stay and interact with your website? 

Of course, it is the loading time. If you need your users to stick to your website, you must ensure that its pages load within 8-9 seconds. If you fail to provide a fast website, you will record a higher bounce back rate.

However, you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is hire PHP developers and use PHP’s customization potential, seamless integration, and fast data processing to develop a website with quick turnaround time and outstanding performance. 

Since PHP is effectively used to develop dynamic web pages, it can quickly solve all tasks in minimum time. What’s more, is that is PHP codes can be embedded into the HTML, and a standard website can be transformed into a dynamic one, 

  • Allows Seamless Access to URLs:

It is essential for a website’s URL to be neat and accessible, which is what PHP promises. PHP represents the primary framework through the index page, which also proves beneficial for carrying out SEO activities. 

If you can set up a suitable URL, you will obtain three benefits: 

  1. Your web will look good
  2. The website will be simple to link
  3. It will reduce confusion among others

Therefore, if an entrepreneur can hire PHP programmers and implement PHP correctly, the entire development process will be like a cakewalk, and the website will be high in performance.

PHP will create even the most basic websites to massive enterprise-level websites dealing with an enormous load of data. Anything is possible with PHP, considering you have the right resource by your side. 


All the points mentioned above indicate just one factor, i.e., if you need to develop a dynamic website of no matter what size, your best choice is to go for PHP. The technology is brilliantly built to support even the websites dealing with massive data transfer and traffic every day. 

The fact that it backs around 79% of the total websites present on the web is a statement in itself. PHP has been used in many websites enjoying name and fame, and many more companies have been inkling towards it. 

With the rapid increase in PHP’s popularity, many more organizations are using this phenomenal technology to support their applications. Therefore, if you, too, wish to deliver an out-of-the-box website, customized to match your brand’s standards and user needs, and cater to a massive audience while managing traffic, then you must hire dedicated PHP developers and start with your work. 

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