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5 Reasons Why SEO on Websites May Necessary

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is to increase the online visibility of a website or web page through organic search results. SEO Three letters that could give you nightmares or bring you back to that school disco if you asked your crush to dance … but should really put a smile on your face. I cannot deny that there is so much information out there which is why it is difficult to know where to start with the optimization of your website for search engines. That’s why I’m going to tell you a few secrets of why SEO may seem scary than you, as you think:

1. It seems very technical at first

Needs to understand to show understanding, but in reality your mind is saying ‘I have no idea what’s going on’.

Website search engine optimization and all associated vocabulary like backlinks, keywords, html, metadata and the list goes on can be amazing and make you feel like you’re way out of your depth, but take a step back, and breaaaathe. You don’t need to have a background in computing or development to optimize your website. Optimizing your website for search engines can be done by anyone who is willing to learn and put in the work for it. There is so much advice and support through different channels that it won’t take you long to master the basics. Here are three channels you may find useful:

SEO blogs

Not only is having your own articles good for your SEO (which you’ll learn), but there are also hundreds of blog articles online that explain every single element of website optimization, from the basics to the more technical factors. Some of my favorites are Mike Schiemer, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, and Muffin Marketing.


I still love to put my phone down for an hour or so and pick up a good book to read. And there are many books on search engine optimization on websites that can help you. When I started with SEO, I read Olivier Andrieu’s ‘Referencement Google mode d’emploi’ and it taught me all the basics of AZ, a clear recommendation nod.


Online forums are a great place to learn from people in similar situations and ask questions about all aspects of optimizing your website for search engines you are struggling with. Reddit has a great SEO subreddit with a lot of experts and newbies communicating and interacting with each other.

A few simple techniques that can be applied are making sure you’ve added the metadata and choose the keywords you want to position yourself on. The metadata includes a unique page title for each of your pages and a unique description describing those pages. This way, Google can understand what your pages are about when crawling. If you’re looking for a page analysis tool, Digital Marketing Lahore can help you wink. The keywords you want to position yourself on should be included in your content, such as the text on the homepage of your website.


You don’t need to have a technical computer background to do website SEO

It doesn’t take long to learn the basics and there are many resources available to guide you

Start with simple techniques such as metadata and keywords

2. SEO can be expensive if you don’t get many website visits.

Patience is a virtue.

When you start optimizing your website for search engines, it’s important to remember that results don’t happen overnight. You may have invested a lot of money in an SEO campaign and the expected results the next day or the day after, but it doesn’t work that way. SEO is a long-term game and a long-term investment for your business. The results will eventually come in if the right strategy is in place, but you must forget about the idea that your SEO (return on investment) ROI takes effect immediately.

For example, you write a piece of content for your blog including researched keywords that can improve your rankings, you publish it, promote it on your social media networks, and come back to the office the next day expecting to be at the top of the results page. . Wrong. There is no specific answer to how long it takes to rank a page (that’s the fun and games behind website search engine optimization), but as long as you have a clear strategy and keep it up every day, you will over time time to see results.


Think of search engine optimization for websites as a long-term investment for your business

It may seem expensive at first, but eventually it will results come when the right strategy is implemented


3. There are so many tools to use.

It’s like when you walk into a shoe store and there are at least 5 pairs you want to buy.

You ask Google what the best tool to use for your website’s search engine optimization and about 500 different tools appear on the results page, and your mind suddenly goes’ OMG. There are so many tools I have to use ?? !! ‘… But no of course not! There are so many tools as they all provide different functions, data and at different costs. For example, the number of keywords to be followed, the number of backlinks analyzed or the number of web pages to be analyzed.

The best place to start is to test a few (as most offer free trials) to see which tool you can get along with the most in terms of usability, interface, understanding how it works, understanding the results, costs etc. Luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of SEO tools worth testing with wink. Most of the SEO’ers use a few tools at the same time, but this depends on what you want to get out of the tools and of course on your budget. I would advise starting with one and moving on from there.


Just because there are so many tools available doesn’t mean they should all be used

It’s all about finding the right tool that fits you and the needs of your website

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4. SEO will take over my life.

Think of it as your second dog; needs food, attention and time.

Okay, there is a lot of work involved in optimizing your website for search engines like Google, but that doesn’t mean it has to consume every minute of your day. The best you can do is prioritize your work, what I’m talking about here is to set aside a certain amount of time per week for your SEO. The minimum I would say is 2 hours a week.

The problem with search engine optimization on websites is that it doesn’t have to be done all at once and it takes time. After you do an SEO audit of your site, it will show you what needs to be fixed or improved first, from there you can create an action plan for each time you sit down and work on your website optimization. For example, with the CocoScan SEO audit tool, you get a personalized to-do list with a list of actions to be performed in order of importance so that you can work on optimizing your website as efficiently as possible.


Set aside at least 2 hours a week to work on your SEO

There is a lot of work involved in SEO, but not everything has to be done at once

5. Google’s penalties and Google’s unsuspecting updates

Please don’t hurt me, I haven’t done anything wrong! Promise!

It would be far too easy to just create a website and optimize it the way you want. Of course, Google has its own rules and regulations for optimizing websites with best practices to prevent people who cheat from making their way to the top. That’s why it’s important that you implement your strategies around these best practices so that you don’t run the risk of being penalized. Optimizing your website for search engines should be done in a clean and fair way. Through research and experience you quickly learn what Google likes and dislikes. Search Engine Journal offers a great article on the list of possible penalties.

Google may seem like your best friend 90% of the time (especially when it tells you the best weekend brunch place!), But the search engine also likes to throw a few surprises here and then. From a website’s perspective, Google’s algorithm updates can have a detrimental effect on their rankings, so make sure you follow the latest SEO news and keep an eye out for any strange changes in your rankings or website traffic.


Google has strict rules to follow when optimizing your site for search engines

Develop strategies around known best practices to avoid being penalized

Google likes to release new updates in a subtle way, so always follow the latest SEO news


There is no doubt that it can take a while to get to the bottom of website search engine optimization, but it is so important to increase your site’s online visibility and ranking in the SERPs. Don’t forget to spend time on it every week, be patient and you will soon think optimization is a walk in the park!

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