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Home Improvement

5 Ways To Dispose Of An Old Air Conditioning Unit

air conditioning palm city

Air conditioners are one of the most essential appliances used in modern homes. They impart cooling in the hot and humid months and provide comfort. Over time, your air conditioning in Palm City will become old and dilapidated and you will either need to repair or replace it. The repairs can be done with the help of a repair technician and when replacing the unit, you need to discard the old unit properly.
If an air conditioner has become super old and disposing of it seems the best option for you then you need to find the right way to do it. Air conditioners contain HCFC (refrigerant), which has ozone-depleting properties, and thus it cannot be simply released into the environment. Even if your AC does not contain any ozone depleting substance, it needs to be carefully discarded as it still contains greenhouse gases. As such an air conditioner needs to be carefully handled and disposed of. If you have a dilapidated air conditioning unit in your home, but not sure how to dispose of it then here are some ways in which you can get rid of the air conditioner in your home.

Through Local Sanitation Programs

When it comes to the disposal of appliances like the air conditioners, there are certain municipal rules and regulations to be followed. Before dumping the air conditioning unit in a trash bin or a dumping yard, call your local sanitation services to know the right easy to dispose of an air conditioner. Some appliances have a specific area where they are disposed, others need to be dismounted before the disposal. Knowing the right way to dispose of the appliance is absolutely necessary. If your air conditioner needs to be dismounted before it is disposed of then you might need the help of a professional air conditioning service in Stuart to dismount the AC before dumping it.

Recycle The Old AC

When it comes to the recycling of an air conditioner there are two ways to do so. First, if your air conditioner is old but still functional, then the best way to recycle it is to donate it to a charity or cause that can make use of the air conditioner in a building or house. This way, not only do you help someone but also earn some deduction on your tax.
Secondly, if your air conditioner has become completely non-functional, then you might seek any local organization that reuses parts of old air conditioners rather than disposing of them in the landfill. Some parts of an air conditioner may not be recyclable while most of its plastics and metals are recyclable.

Dispose Of Through Bounty Programs

Sometimes local utility organizations conduct special bounty programs in which you can get rid of your old air conditioner and get some quick money in return. The owner of the air conditioner receives a bounty in exchange for allowing the appliance to be recycled. A recycler will visit your home to collect your air conditioner and you will receive your bounty after the exchange. These programs also allow a rebate or discount when purchasing a new high-efficiency model. You can contact your local electricity provider to find out about the bounty programs.

Disposal Through Retailers

This is one of the common methods of AC disposal. When you buy a new air conditioner, check with your retailer if they have programs for air conditioner disposal when it has run out of use. While HVAC retailers include this service as a part of their sale, others might reduce the cost of the air conditioner in exchange for the trade-in later. If you have an air conditioner in your home that you want to get rid of, call your air conditioning service in Jensen Beach to know if they offer disposal services as well.

Discard With A Bulk Trash Pickup

Bulk trash pickup programs allow homeowners to discard appliances in their homes that are too big for them to be disposed of by themselves or they are not suitable for disposal with other trash. Most of the cities in the United States offer a quarterly bulk trash collection program. You can contact your local trash collector to find out the dates of such pickups. Bulk pickup programs always work in a schedule so it is best to know the pickup timings when planning to discard your AC through bulk pickups. After scheduling a pickup, leave your old or worn down air conditioning unit on the curbside before the scheduled arrival, and the pickup truck will come in its scheduled time and pick up the air conditioner.

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