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Travel and Leisure

5 wonderful Coorg waterfalls which will leave you amazed

India is the place where nature knows how to live with its beautiful natural beauty, which is in the shape of beautiful hills, snowy mountains, luxuriant green valleys, shiny lakes, enchanting wilderness, and amazing cascades. Karnataka’s Coorg was one such place with superb waterfalls surrounded by pure and invading nature, and one of the most delightful experiences in life was to experience each of them. What do you expect? Pack your bags and head to the hypocritical waterfalls to experience these beautiful moments in the Coorg Tour Packages.

Abbey Falls

Located amidst the thick forests of the Western Ghats the Abbey Falls is one of Karnataka’s most famous waterfalls and is one of Coorg’s leading sights. The waterfalls Nilakandi Falls lie some 50 metres above sea level among the thick tropical forests of Coorg and trace its source somewhere in the Thadiyandamol Range. from a height of 70 feet in a panoramic scenery that offers you a spectacular view. The trek to the cascades goes through green coffee, cardamom, pepper, and other spices. It is an excellent opportunity to capture the beauty and grace of the natural world for nature lovers and photographic enthusiasts. Just after the mountains, especially from October to December, the waterfall looks torrential. Even if bathing in falls is prohibited, the essence of the place itself is sufficient to attract tourists who want to relax and relax in nature.


Iruppu / Irupu Falls


Irupu Falls, one of India’s best waterfalls, should be on your bucket list if you want to experience the magic of Coorg Waterfalls. Iruppu Falls is located across the Lakshmana rivers and one of the most spectacular tourist attractions near Bangalore, a wonderful waterfall in the Hills of Brahmagiri between Srimangala and Kutta. The waterfall is located in the thick forest of Western Ghats, falling from a height of 170 feet across several stages. The wild waters and picturesque environments of the Irupu Falls make it a favorite for a picnic. In Coorg, it is an unforgettable experience, with you standing at the bottom of the falls and playing in the sizzling falls when holidaying. While the perennial waterfall remains open all year round, Iruppu Falls is the perfect year to visit after the rain.

Mallali Falls

Without Mallali Falls, one of the most scenic waterfalls of Coorg, our list is incomplete. Mallali Falls is a Kumaradhara River located on the foothills of the Pushpagiri Mountains. It descends from an altitude of 200 feet, making it one of Coorg’s tallest waterfalls, among the most important tourist attractions of Karnataka. A spectacular view of the green forests, valleys, and mountain landscape overlooks the waterfall. A jeep tour or a walk down some bumpy, forest tracks allows the cascade to be accessed and is very an adventure. The best time to visit the autumn is the Monsoon season to experience its voluminous flow. During peak monsoons, visitors can come into the waters, but not safe. A sight that cannot be missed is the heavenly landscape with its lush green forests and its clear water, fallen deep from the origin of the waterfall.


Chelavara Falls

Chelvara Falls is a waterfall near Cheyyandane village in Virajpet – Talacauvery road in Coorg formed by a Kaveri river tributary. It is a natural waterfall. It is one of Karnataka’s most beautiful waterfalls and also one of the main tourist sights of Coorg. It falls into a 50-meter deep pool from a height of approximately 150 feet. The waterfall is locally known as Empire, meaning the shape of a tortoise as the rock on which the water flows. It is a waterfall for the season, but the monsoon rains give life to this natural wonder, and there is no vision as ethereal as it is. Although tourists have stopped direct access to the Chelavara waterfall due to accidents around here this beautiful view can be enjoyed at a distance.


Honey Valley Nilakandi Falls

The Nilakandi Falls, situated near the village of Kabbinkadu, is also a striking Coorg Waterfall. It is one of the stunning waterfalls in Coorg and must include locations in the Karnataka Tour Packages, well-known as the Honey Valley. The Nilakandi Falls are located between the dense tropical forests of Coorg at about 50 metres above sea level, and trace its source somewhere in the Thadiyandamol Range. In the 75 acre private property of Honey Valley is this picturesque and serene waterfall. A 40-5-minute easy walk across a more or less level terrain takes you from Honey Valley to Nilakandi Falls. This is one of Coorg’s few tourist spots that depict the beauty of this beautiful destination.

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