5 Writing Apps That Can Help You Beat Procrastination Right Now!


As much as us writers love to open our desktops or our phones and start typing from the get-go, technology hasn’t come so advanced to do that quite yet. One must open their laptop, switch it on, wait for a while, open a particular writing app, and then start to write. 

This complaining might seem hysterical for anyone who has seen the era with typewriters or with computers with the power of a calculator. Still, for a millennial like me, these are problems we go through every day leading to the thing any working professional hates the most, procrastination. 

Procrastination has cost all of us some golden pieces we could have written, all because we restrict our writing and creativity to a particular set of instructions that limit us, read on to know five writing apps that help you beat this procrastination and boost your creativity!


Grammarly is probably the most used writing app for writers nowadays because of its ease of use and how mainstream it has become. Grammarly detects any grammar mistakes you might commit and helps you ride through the procrastination that comes even after your writing is done. 

What’s more is that Grammarly is available on major operating systems like Android and iOS and also can be added as an extension in google chrome, the preferred desktop browser for many. Even in the free version of this writing app, one can access their spell and grammar check features as much as they want. 

In its premium version, Grammarly allows one to construct already written sentences in a much better way, hitting procrastination out of the park and removing any slack you might face while submitting that assignment at the last minute. 

Even if one does not wish to use Grammarly extensively, a quick check-up after finishing the write-up is a safe bet to place, given it takes 5 minutes to completely rectify even a thousand-word write-up.


Simplenote is a multi-platform inter-connected writing app aimed at those always striving for more. More work from more devices, More work from complete sync between everything you write, and much more. Simplenote is open-source software, which means every feature is completely free, and the software is available for any operating system you can think of! Just by creating one single account, a person can sync all of their devices and work on any project, anywhere, anytime. 

Gone are the days when you would procrastinate writing a particular piece because you could not or did not want to; just add whatever you want on the phone writing app and continue working on your desktop! 

What’s more, is that you can even sync your WordPress account with your simple note account, and there it is, everything that you work, at one single place, thereby removing all hopes of procrastination and giving your creativity a boost by taking you off the stress of choosing a writing app.

Google Docs

If you’re hearing about google docs for the first time, you might want to reconsider every technology-related decision you’ve made regarding your career till now. Google has been the premier software company for ages and continues to do so, giving strong competition to Microsoft in the professional space and tons of other companies in any software you can imagine. 

With its G Suite, Google includes the Google docs writing app, which you can use on your browser or any smartphone with a simple application, so of course, it has multiple device support, and even more, you can access your files from anywhere in the world! 

I have never seen anyone procrastinate because they didn’t have any device to write nearby, but if you were one of those, the problem solved! Along with google docs, you get a very minimalist design, google features like Google translate, and the ability to search any word instantly. 

What’s more is that you can even share it with colleagues with the privacy settings of your choice, kicking away the procrastination that comes with downloading offline files from your mail and sending and resending files.


Much like Simplenote, Evernote is also a writing app available across devices and operating systems, the only catch being that it is not open-source software. Hence it comes with a free and a premium version. 

But since this is more mainstream, it gets easier for a person to directly share notes within the writing app. Hence, creating a group of people virtually connected, provided they use the same writing app, i.e., Evernote. 


Hemingway is one of the premium writing apps on the market and is preferable for the ones willing to invest in a writing app that works flawlessly. Hemingway is available for most desktop operating systems and is a delight to use. 

This writing app can sort out grammatical errors, suggest better alternative sentences, and it even works offline! Hemingway is the ultimate writing app when it comes to professional use, and with such an amazing writing app installed on your device, words like procrastination should evade your dictionary! Pop over here to know more about Rebus puzzles that help build your vocabulary quickly.

There might be many distractions for a professional to work, especially in a creative field like writing, but with the correct writing app, one can at least procrastinate less and be more creative because of an increase in time.


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