6 Best Tooth Replacement Options For Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect your overall health and confidence. Many people feel less confident when they do not have a complete set of teeth. But fortunately, there are several affordable options for missing teeth available today, providing full functionality and a natural appearance. Although many people are shy about seeking treatment, tooth replacements are affordable and can be conveniently treated. Reach out to your dentist to know more about the best-suited tooth replacement options for missing teeth 

There are many types of tooth replacement options available. These options include implants, dentures, bridges, and veneers. Knowing the differences between each type of tooth replacement option is essential to deciding which is suitable for you. If you or your loved one is missing a tooth and looking for treatment options for missing teeth, don’t delay! Contact your dentist today or visit a nearby dental implant center in Longmont.  

Below discussed are the top 5 tooth replacement options for missing teeth: 

Dental Implants 

Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures 

Implant-Supported Bridges

Tooth-Supported Bridges 

Dental Veneers 

However, those who suffer from a misaligned bite should consider dental implants instead of veneers. A dental implant will help prevent further misalignment, while veneers will improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile.  

Key Takeaways  

When the tooth is missing, chewing can become painful and affect your jaw muscles’ health. As you lose teeth, the shape of your face changes. Your bite may shift to compensate for the missing teeth. Other symptoms can include sensitivity, pain, and difficulty chewing. If you have a dental problem, you may need a combination of procedures to replace your missing teeth. So, it is best to consider the best treatment available for missing teeth.    

If you are missing a single tooth or several teeth, there are several options to choose from. Dental implants, bridges, and complete & partial dentures are some of the best options for missing teeth. If your missing teeth are affecting your smile, you may go for temporary tooth replacement solutions like removable dentures, or you may even for a more permanent solution like bridges or dental implants. Visit a nearby dental implants center in Longmont to know how to replace missing teeth and which tooth replacement option is best for you!   

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