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6 Common Myths About Managed IT Services

Subscribing managed IT services has many advantages. MSP adds more power and skills to your existing IT team and reduces their workloads. Managed service providers help you maintain and manage digital transformation, system applications, networks, and databases. Subscribing for managed IT services is the best way to improve the productivity and performance of the workforce. It is the least expensive way to avoid security breaches. However, many people have countless myths about these services. In this article, we will throw light on those misconceptions.

  • MYTH: In-House IT Team And Managed IT Cannot Coexist

            FACT: Many people have a myth that managed IT services and in-house IT cannot exist together, but it’s not true. In fact, if done well, having both managed service providers and internal IT technicians can give better results. Third-party IT vendors take over the day-to-day tasks of the in-house IT team so that they can devote all their energy to core areas of work. This will ultimately lead to the growth and development of the company. 

Tasks like IT help desk operations, security management, website development, payroll processing are often outsourced to managed service providers so that in-house IT teams can prioritize their tasks and activities to be more productive. 

  • MYTH: Managed IT Is Expensive

            FACT:  The managed IT services is a myth, and you should ignore it. In reality, it is the most cost-effective solution to make the overall business operations better. To subscribe to managed IT services, the user needs to pay fixed monthly or quarterly charges. The fee charged by MSPs is very reliable and affordable. 

According to the research, managed IT services help in saving money and time. They keep an eye on your IT infrastructure for 24x7x365, which banishes any technical fault from arising. This boosts the uptime and reduces the firm’s IT operating costs. 

  • MYTH:  Subscriber Lose Control Over IT Infrastructure

            FACT:  Hiring managed IT systems is like outsourcing a support system for IT needs; it doesn’t mean that you are giving up full control to a third-party vendor. But, if you do not manage your MSP effectively, you will lose control of your business. To avoid this, you should have open communication with service providers. Also, your in-house IT staff should have a clear idea about the services that have been outsourced as well as their own roles and responsibilities. 

  • MYTH: Managed IT Is Not Essential For Small Businesses 

            FACT: This is another popular myth about managed IT services and needs to be dispelled as soon as possible. Many small business owners think that managed IT services are just meant for medium and large businesses. However, small enterprises can also take advantage of outsourced IT services. These companies do not have enough bucks to have the expertise to deal with IT emergencies. They can get the help of highly trained professionals by subscribing to managed IT services at affordable rates.

  • MYTH: All MSPs Provide Same Services

            FACT:  Although all managed service providers focus on managing the IT infrastructure, each has a unique set of skills and services. Therefore, you can’t say all MSPs are the same. Before looking for MSP, you should identify the specific needs of your business. For instance, if you provide financial services, you must choose an MSP who specializes in working with financial institutions and emphasizes GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) compliance.

  • MYTH: Choosing Larger MSPs Is Better Choice

           FACT:   Many enterprises think that investing in larger MSPs leads to better results. However, the quality of services is not related to the size of the managed service provider. Many small MSPs also provide world-class IT services. Therefore, never consider the size of MSP while choosing, instead verify its operational maturity level. 

The Bottom Line -:

The managed IT services increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business at an affordable price. Not just that, it helps you to withstand the crowd.


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