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6 Essential Tech Tools For Corporate Lawyers

Read the informative article about 6 essential tech tools for corporate lawyers.

The introduction of technology into various industries and occupations has improved the efficiency of the people associated with them. The legal field is no different and in this article, we are presenting a list of some essential tech tools for corporate lawyers. Legal professionals have to read and maintain voluminous documents and handle several issues at the same time. Corporate law firms in robust economies like India ensure that their client’s business activities are in compliance with applicable regulations besides assessing partnerships and negotiating deals. These technological solutions will be useful to the professionals working with such agencies as they will help in the efficient management of their workload.

1. Clio

A very useful tool for attorneys, Clio is a cloud-based practice management solution. The service can be used for saving and managing important work-related files by users. They can use its document automation feature to save templates for most-used papers and generate them in seconds whenever their need arises. It also provides the facility for time-tracking and invoice generation which can be useful for small law firms as they would not need to purchase a separate software solution for the purpose. It can be integrated with other most-used apps eliminating the need to access them separately.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox provides people with a cloud-based storage service. Corporate lawyers in India or anywhere else in the world will find the product useful as they can not only save their files on the service but also use it to share them with others. Not only text documents but videos, codes, and even Pinterest boards can be saved using the service. A law firm can use its business version to organize all its files at one location and control access of team members to different documents.

3. Casetext

The next entry on our list of essential tech tools for corporate lawyers is Casetext, an online resource for legal research. People can use it to search cases, statutes, and regulations apart from articles by legal experts. It has an artificial intelligence-powered search tool called CARA, which is quicker and more accurate than traditional search. Users can simply drag and drop a case brief and they will be presented with the relevant law or other documents.

4. HelloSign

One of the biggest requirements of a lawyer’s job is to draft agreements or contracts and get them signed. HelloSign is a useful service that helps create such documents and provides an eSignature solution that eliminates the need for an individual to be present in-person to sign the papers. A document can be shared with up to 20 people whose signatures are required and the service can be integrated with other often-used applications like Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.

5. Ravel Law

Ravel Law is an analytical research tool for legal professionals. Its data-driven tools help analyze the given information to generate insights into how cases were decided by a particular judge. The visualization tools of this product can help prepare an effective strategy for litigation. Users can compare courts by the cases they have managed and check the grant rate statistics for over 100 motion types.

6. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner turns the mobile phone into a document scanner. Lawyers can use it to quickly scan text documents, photos, receipts, etc. and save them in different folders. They can choose to save the files as images or in PDF format. Users can set the page size and choose to scan in color, greyscale, or black & white mode. It also ensures the security of scanned files and people can set passwords to protect valuable documents.


These are some of the most useful tech tools for corporate lawyers, that can help them simplify various processes involved in their work and improve the efficiency of themselves or their firm.


Hi, I am Amy Jones, a legal expert at Ahlawat & Associates - one of the best merger and acquisition firms in India.. Also, read the latest law blogs.

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