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6 Powerful Tips For Keeping Your Clear Braces Clean

If you are using clear braces, there is a possibility that your orthodontist briefed you about the available options for clearing and maintaining them. Unlike the conventional metal braces, the brackets of clear braces are made of porcelain. To make your ceramic-made braces aesthetically pleasing and to blend with your teeth, you should keep them white and clean. You will find the following steps helpful.

  1. Brush your teeth three times daily 

    Brushing in the morning and night will not do when you have clear braces. Instead, make it thrice a day to preserve your braces from food debris. If you want to eat foods or drinks (like soda or black coffee), that can stain the braces, brush immediately you are done. If you have this extra money on the side, it can be wise to purchase an electric brush with it. It will save your teeth from discolouration.

  1. Floss 

    Your teeth may forgive you for not brushing after every meal but it certainly won’t when you do not floss. Flossing helps remove the leftover food particles in the mouth, so ensure you do it after a meal. If this is hard to keep up, try not to skip flossing at least twice a day. It will help you prevent gingivitis and severe discolouration of the teeth during the orthodontic treatment.

  1. Learn and avoid foods that stain your braces 

    I believe you got a long list of “thou shalt not” from your dentist. Now look to the section for foods and drinks, memorise them and do your best to avoid. Even when you do not have a physical list, read about those foods and beverages that can easily stain your braces and steer clear from them.Alright, I understand that it is not so easy for people to avoid those foods throughout the treatment. So when you sneak out with that now taboo food or drink, ensure you brush immediately you are done. That means that you should carry your toothbrush and paste everywhere you go for emergency cleaning. Considering the clear braces cost, ensuring they stay stain is important to avoid having to buy a new one.

  1. Always use a mouthwash for rinsing your mouth 

    Even when brushing and flossing is completely impossible after having food or drink that can cause stain; it will be a no-no for you to forget to rinse with a mouthwash. There are different types of mouthwashes in the market, and the most suitable ones are those with higher concentration. They will kill every germ in your mouth and deliver you from the bacteria that can turn a minor dental issue into a severe problem.It would be best if you used it after eating and drinking stainable foods and drinks.

  1. Go for professional cleaning of brackets 

    Maybe you did not know this, but there is an opportunity for the dentist to clean your braces, now you know. The truth that many people will not tell you is that no matter your efforts in keeping your clear braces clean, there will still be something wrong with it. So why don’t you go for professional braces cleaning?You can have this cleaning at least two times a year. However, it would be best if you visited the dentist that fitted your clear braces to clean them. He knows what he did at where and how to get to that extreme to take out the gross.

  1. Only use prescribed cleaning products 

    We all know that you are not supposed to use any teeth whitening product alongside your braces. So, let’s get down to the products. As a newbie in wearing braces, you will get different suggestions on products that will keep your teeth and braces at top condition. Hold the break while listening.Most of these products may not be helpful for your teeth, and you will fall into the ditch if you are eager to try all of it. Contact your dentist and seek his opinion about any cleaning product you want to buy.

    If you do not have any in mind, he or she will prescribe the best one for you.

Bottom Line

Now you know what you need to keep a great looking and functioning set of invisalign braces London. Take a seat and grab a glass of water; you will end your treatment like a pro. Wearing braces demands that you pay more attention to your oral health as failure can cause deterioration and other severe dental problems. You may pay more for treatment of issues on the side than you budgeted.

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