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6 Secrets for Marketing via an Ebook that Everybody Misses

Content marketing is not just about blogs, articles, and sales copies. Ebook is a marketing medium that doesn’t get talked about enough. Sometimes, to effectively market your product/service and convert customers’ interest into sales, it is essential to educate them about the product/service and its purpose. Many companies are using ebooks to market their product instead of promotional blogs or articles.

Wondering how to use ebooks as an effective marketing tool? Well, here are some ways to market your product/service via ebooks:

· Email Marketing

Usually, when you subscribe to a website, you get a free ebook that gives a brief about their service/product and the value it provides. However, only people interested in what you’re offering will drop emails and opt for that free ebook. Therefore, this technique will not only clarify who your target audience is. It will also get you their emails for email marketing.

· Ebook Marketing

While many companies consider using conventional marketing methods to promote their business, you can use ebook marketing to stand out. This method is far more effective compared to other marketing techniques. Most importantly, you will generate more targeted leads if you use it.

· Understanding Your Target Audience

A good book develops a connection between the author and the reader. Promotional ebooks follow a similar philosophy. First, an excellent promotional ebook builds trust between your target audience and your business. Once that takes place, sales conversions are bound to happen.

· Redirecting Readers to Sales Pages

Because ebooks are digital books, they can contain links that redirect viewers to your product/service page.

· A Great Passive Income Stream

If you are selling your ebooks, they can also serve as a passive income stream for your business. Just don’t expect to rake in thousands of dollars every month from selling promotional ebooks.

Best Ebook Marketing Ideas for Better Business Reach

1. Make a List of Emails of Target Customers

Suppose you are selling multiple writing courses. In this case, who’ll possibly be your target customers? People who either want to be writers or writers who aren’t earning as much as they want to. But, how can you selectively target such audiences?

Well, start giving away free ebooks! In return, you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. Once you get the emails of your target customers, it becomes easier for you to stay connected with your target audience. So, even if you cannot make conversions at first, you can keep emailing. Sooner than you realize, you will be successful in selling your product/service through email marketing.

This marketing method is highly effective since you can’t offer your customers the same ebooks multiple times and expect to catch their interest. In fact, you can only provide an ebook once in exchange for their email. After you have the customer’s email, though, you can switch to email marketing and promote current and future products/services and offers.

2. Give Away Free Ebooks

Choose whether you want to distribute your promotional ebook for free or want to make money from its sales. However, if users don’t know enough about your company, how can you expect them to trust it? And if users don’t trust your business, they won’t spend a single penny on it—or the products/services it is offering. Therefore, if you have a new business and want your target customers to come to trust it, try offering free ebooks.

You can also provide something extra in these ebooks, such as tips and tricks. Then, lead the readers to your service page, where you can convert their interest into sales. For example, suppose you’re running a website that offers multiple writing courses to help students earn more. Now, if you want your target audience to believe in your service, you’ll have to offer them something upfront. So, offer them an ebook that gives away relevant information to whet their interest.

3. Get Influencers to Endorse Your Ebook

Celebrities and influencers are not only famous; people trust their choices. That’s the reason brands who want better reach hire the services of influencers. When influencers endorse a product, not only will they be marketing to millions of potential customers. They’ll also be encouraging their followers to trust your company.

Sales conversions can increase by 4% through endorsements. So, if you do have the budget, get an influencer to endorse your product. But, what do endorsements have to do with ebook marketing? You can ask influencers to promote your free ebook while your ebook will promote your business.

4. Add Promotional Offers in Your Ebook

Usually, a promotional ebook will attract the attention of your target audience. However, one thing almost every living person on this planet likes is discount. We all love it when we have to pay less for something. So, if you want more people to opt for your ebook, you can also add promotional offers to it.

Say you sell a course that normally costs $400. You can expect many people to leave your website and look for cheaper options. However, if you offer a 20% discount to users who download the book and subscribe to your newsletter, you may end up getting more customers.

Not only will you be able to distribute your ebook through this method, but you might also get a way to retain the interest of your target audience. That’s because once you get their email, you can use it for email marketing (revisit the section on Email Marketing above to understand how).

5. Offer Audiobooks as Well

Some people prefer listening to reading. Therefore, such customers will buy audiobooks instead of ebooks. When you take care of your target audience’s convenience, they begin to trust your business. Then, you can also expect them to buy your product/service.

Of course, your target audience might not be flexible. However, your flexibility is more important for sales conversions as a marketer. So, convert your book into the most popular audiobook format and watch it gain more readers!

6. Use Paid Ads

If you cannot charm customers towards your product/service, you might need to invest in paid online advertisement. While marketing can be done for free, paid social media tools can help you generate better viewership and sales.

Investing in these tools is worth it since paid ads can send a lot of traffic towards your ebook and, ultimately, towards your service/product page. Different social media apps have different paid advertisement rates. So, choose whichever provides the best value for money.

7. Hire a Professional Ebook Writer

A professional ebook writer can do a lot more for you than write an ebook. Creative writing experts are also skilled in SEO–one of the most important digital marketing skills.

SEO helps in better search engine rankings and the digital marketing of your business. Creative writing experts can add keywords to your ebook and optimize it in such a way that it gets the best search rankings. If your ebook is easily visible to your target customers, so will be your business.

It’s essential to hire a professional ebook writer to write an engaging ebook. No matter what promotion technique you use, if creative writing experts do not write your ebook, your readers won’t be interested in it enough to buy your product/service. Therefore, aim to make your business even more successful than it already is by making the correct choice!

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