6 Tips on How to Rank on Google’s Featured Snippets
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6 Tips on How to Rank on Google’s Featured Snippets

Do you think ranking on the first page of Google is the ultimate target of business brands? Well, the competition has got difficult with them trying to rank their websites on the featured snippets on Google. So, what are featured snippets? These are exclusive search results that appear just above the usual organic search results and right below the paid advertisement searches. Often written like a paragraph, list, or table, featured snippets help enhance your online visibility, improve brand exposure, and maximise click-through rate by resolving users’ queries. Should you want to leverage this search feature, you must engage professional services from an SEO agency in Dubai. But for now, you can go through our blog and find some tips that may prove to be of great help with snippet optimisation. And should you want, you can also share these tips with your professional team for driving results.

Explore Content Ideas – You must have noticed that featured snippets are shown in a question-answer format, and we say you should try arranging your content in a way that answers the users’ queries the best. The right way to go about it is by adding a FAQ section on your website. It is going to help your website appear on the featured snippets on Google. However, to hit the set target, you should optimise the content with relevant keywords. The professional may use analytical tools to research keywords and make your content rank against them. Remember, the more concise your content, the better it can answer people’s queries and rank in rich results.

See Your Competitors’ Work – Conducting competitor research is important to upgrade your strategy by avoiding the mistakes they have committed and utilising the opportunities they have lost. Once again, using an analytical tool you can research competitors’ snippets and even see how much traffic they are drawing to their respective websites. Also, see the keywords and topic your competitors are using for ranking. Apart from incorporating such keywords, you may also want to look for other search terms that can help you rank on the snippets. When you strategise carefully, you can outstrip your competitors and win the attention of the target audience.

Maintain the Word Count – According to an analysis conducted by SEMrush, the ideal length of a featured snippet should not exceed 50 words. Remember, to answer the users’ questions in the best way possible, you have to stick to the said content length. With extra words, your content may lose the chance of being featured in the snippets. Having said that, we would also like to remind you that you should add at least 40 words in your content section. Along with that, you can use a header to divide the content section for ensuring easy readability for the users.

Use Structured Data – Although this factor tilts towards the technical side of SEO, you can’t overlook structured data given its growing importance in boosting online visibility of websites. Adding structured data in your website content will help the search engine crawl, understand, index, and rank your webpages better. Not only does it help boost your organic search result, but structured data has also proven to be useful in optimising for the featured snippets. Since it is a tad technical, you may want to get expert assistance from the professionals of an SEO agency. Lastly, don’t forget to add social media aggregator on your website and increase the brand visibility across online platforms!

Add Good Quality Images – Of course, your written content has to be great, but none can deny the distinctive charm of visual elements like images and videos. They are engaging, eye-grabbing, and can help your content stand out from the rest. You may upload an image designed by your team or pick a free stock photo available on various websites on the internet. Along with interesting pictures, you can add videos and double user engagement for your content. Most importantly, you must ensure that both images and videos are of high quality to create the desired impact on the audience.

Keep Improving the Snippets – Have you prepared snippets but they are still not ranking in the rich results? Don’t give up until you get there. Try to answer as many questions as possible related to your field or niche. Whether ordered or unordered lists, using bullets or tables can increase the probability of your content to be on the Google’s featured snippets. Keep in mind that you have to create content for the users that answers their questions. When you successfully do that, you can easily impress the search engine algorithms as well. All in all, the user-first approach can help you win at SEO, and featured snippets are no exception to this.

Closing Thoughts – Frankly speaking, no quick and easy formula can guarantee you a place in the snippets or rich results. Thus, we have discussed here the tried and tested methods that may help increase your chances to be on the snippets. Still confused and need professional help? Forholistic guidance, you can engage services from an SEO or social media agency. Being experts in this field, full-time professionals can enhance the online visibility of your brand and establish your authority in the world of the web.

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