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6 Tips to Make Your Cat More Affectionate Towards You

Do you know a pet that is quite moody, temperamental, and sophisticated at the same time? I guess you and I, both are thinking along the same lines. These are the feline creatures that are aloof and act as if they don’t have any care in the world except for themselves. Regardless of how many of you agree with this notion, you’ve still got to admit that cats are marvelous too.  Adopting or buying a cat as a pet is one thing. But making them like is a different story.

If you are in the tug and war of love and hate kind of relationship with your cat then you are in need of a little guidance and lots and lots of pampering but in the right way.

So Shall We Begin?

Treat Them Like Cats

Let’s begin from here. You need to understand cats as a different species than dogs. You can’t treat them the way you treat a dog. This is a common misconception that all animals want the same level of attention and love or care but that is not true.

If dogs are socialists cats are more like solitary. They do not mingle with other animals until they have formed a close bond with them. So with this thought in mind, you need to balance your relationship with your cat. Research about the cat breeds and learn all you can about the cat you have.

Handle Them With Care

Did you think you could spoil and win the heart of your pet by buying the cat’s clothing and shoes? Then you are probably going in the right direction. Cats never mind being spoiled by their owners. They do love the attention and care but that’s “if” and “when” they allow it. So if you want to bring them new clothes like sweaters or woolen shoes for their tiny paws, then, by all means, treat them with love and care.

Cat-Friendly Environment

Cats love cozy areas where they can purr all day long or play and get away from the crowdedness. This is important when you have a home filled with kids. Cats will try to get away from the hustle and bustle and find a quieter place.

Find which spots your cat loved to hide into. Or you can place a soft comfy cat bed with catnip or other chewing toy they can tug and play with all by themselves. The more comfortable they feel in the environment the more chances are they will open up to you.

Process with Caution

Dogs tend to adapt according to the environment rather easily than cats. Felines hate the change of scenario and can remain spooked for quite a long while. To help them transition into their new home, you need to put the cat bed or any related furniture you may have bought a tad bit separately. This way you can supervise them from time to time. Also, avoid switching with the food too quickly too. If you want to give them a mixed diet of processed food and organic diet keep a balance.

Let the cat learn everything in their surroundings at their own pace.

Read the Body Language

Dogs express their emotions by licking and jumping at you. But how do cats express themselves?

You need to learn to communicate with the new pet so be very mindful of their presence. If cat ears are flattened, have dilated pupils, or are hissing or growling it’s the signal to back off. They are not in the mood to be petted. But in case they want your attention they will rub themselves against your legs or even jump on your bed and sleep with you. Also do keep an eye on where they love being scratched.

Bond with Grooming

The best time to bond with your cat is while you pamper them. And how is that possible? Let’s say you want to interact with your cat in the friendliest way possible then do so by brushing their fur. And when they let you brush them, it’s literally an honor for you. Use gentle hands to brush and untangle the fur. Also, practice a gentle wash too with pet wipes or a wet cotton ball around the face and eyes. What’s wrong with a little pampering and grooming? Nothing at all!


Try that and give some time to let your cat get used to being around humans. Once they start liking you there’s no going back.

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