6 Types of Ceiling Lights to Amp up the Home Decor of Your Home


Ceiling lights are an aspect of home decor and lighting, which is often overlooked. It’s essential to install the right ceiling light in the interiors since it serves more than one purpose, unlike what you think. From chandeliers to track lights and everything in between, the range of ceiling lights is just incredible. With numerous modern lighting options to choose from, picking the right ceiling lights for your interior can be quite challenging for you. It’s essential to select ceiling lights that go well with the overall appearance and match the purpose of the interiors. Take a look at a few of the popular and common types of ceiling lights and its uses.


Pendant Lights 


Besides acting as a light source, pendant lights work as a decorative element for any interior. These light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling using a string or cable. Pendant light looks its best when installed over kitchen islands, dining tables, reading corners, and stairwells. It’s often used as a task light, for chopping vegetables on a kitchen island or for reading a book on the reading corner. Pendant lights are best suited in rooms with a low ceiling. These simple light fixtures can either be used alone or in combination with multiple lights. Pendant lights impart an elegant look and add a touch of refinement to any room. 

Available in a broad range of size, luminosity, shape and material, these stunning lights provide effective down lighting. 





Once limited to castles and palaces, in recent times, modern homes and luxurious hotels are adorned with chandeliers. These ornate ceiling lights, add a classic touch and a royal look to any interior. Ideal for living room lighting, dining space and space meant for entertainment, these ceiling lights are often used for ambient lighting. 


Even though you can choose from chandeliers with timeless designs with an old-world charm to it, chandelier ranges these days feature lighting options and cutting-edge home decor designs. The options are endless- minimalist, contemporary styles or vintage, experimental designs and much more to complement any home decor


Flush Lamps 


If you’re looking for ceiling lights ideal for a low ceiling, then look no more than flush lamps. These unobtrusive light fixtures are installed right up against the ceiling, and look as if the light comes through the ceiling.  Flush lamps take up less space and can be set anywhere. These types of ceiling lights lend a sleek and clean appearance to any interior and have a compact design. Since there isn’t anything hanging from the ceiling, unlike chandeliers, small flush lamps are ideal for the hallway, bathroom or closet and larger ones for a kid’s room and bedroom. 


Semi Flush Lamps 


A flush lamp is close to the ceiling, but semi flush ceiling lights hang down 4 to 5 inches right below the ceiling. These fixtures are a combination of flush lamps and pendant lamps. In contrast to pendant lights, these light fixtures won’t take up a lot of vertical space. These lights can make a statement in kitchens and small dining spaces. Since the light bulb or LED within semi flush lamps are easy to access, you can switch them easily. Semi-flush lamps are functional yet decorative. Since semi flush lamps won’t provide lighting enough to lit up a larger area, these lights are often used in conjunction with other light sources. 


Both flush and semi-flush lamps are ideal for large-sized rooms that need ambient lighting and rooms with a low ceiling. 


Track Lights 


Track lights are a set of small-sized lights that are installed on a ceiling-mounted track system. It’s highly practical and elevates the visual appeal of any interior in which it is installed. These modern light fixtures can highlight any architectural features or artwork on the wall. This type of ceiling lights is ideal for illuminating both kitchens and hallways. Besides homes, track lights are common in modern hotels and museums. 


Recessed Lights 



These metal light fixtures are directly installed inside a ceiling and are completely hidden. This type of ceiling lights is often used as accent lighting to lit a protruding fixture, furniture or highlight an artwork. But recessed lights aren’t generally used as a primary source of light. These are installed either in a pattern or in a row in a larger room. Recessed lighting is equally ideal for providing ambient light in homes as well as commercial areas. Since it won’t protrude down from the ceiling, unlike chandelier or pendant light, these are ideal for rooms with low ceilings. 


From the overall ambiance and style of space to its varied uses, the ceiling light that you choose to install can impact everything else in a room. A dull room can be transformed into a dashing one, only by installing the right ceiling light, after considering the purpose of your room, the brightness of the light fixture and ceiling height. Now that you know the range of ceiling lights and its uses, it helps you to choose the apt one for home decor and lighting.

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