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6 Ways to Avoid Car Driver Fatigue

Being a car driver is a tough job. You must drive long distances to safely and conveniently deliver goods or passengers. You must keep your eyes on the road or risk endangering yourself and your passengers. And you may have to deal with long hours, traffic, and poor weather conditions (especially in winter). Car driver fatigue is a serious issue that can cause fatal accidents.

So, how can you stay awake and alert while driving? Here are six ways to avoid car driver fatigue.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Driving long distances is tiring. It’s easy to shrug off the exhaustion and keep driving. But drinking plenty of water before and during your trip can help you stay alert and refreshed. Try to drink a bottle of water each hour before you start driving, then stop from time to time to rest, eat something light, or stretch your legs.

In addition, you can drink a cup of coffee or two to stay alert while driving. But make sure you don’t drink too much. The caffeine in coffee (and other drinks) can cause problems if you consume too much at once.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Car driver fatigue is often the result of not getting enough sleep. When you’re tired, you’re more likely to make mistakes, such as falling asleep at the wheel or failing to notice important details. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours.

3. Make Frequent Stops

Driving long distances is tiring. It’s easy to shrug off the exhaustion and keep driving. But making frequent stops can help you stay alert and refreshed. Try to make at least one stop for a break every two hours.

4. Keep the Car Temperatures Cool

If you have air conditioning, use it. But even if you don’t, you can keep car temperatures cool by opening the windows. You can also invest in an evaporative cooler, which uses water to keep the interior of the car cool without using any electricity.

5. Listen to Talk Radio or Podcasts Instead of Music

The radio is a convenient source of auditory stimulation that can help prevent car driver fatigue. But if you’re listening to music, try to avoid songs with lyrics. Music with lyrics is more likely to cause your brain to shut down and become unresponsive. Instead, try to listen to talk radio or podcasts, short-form audio programs that are easy to download and don’t require much attention.

6. Change the Position of the Driving Seat

If you’re driving long distances, you may get fidgety and uncomfortable in the driver’s seat. If so, try adjusting the seat back and forth to keep your body comfortable. If that doesn’t work, stop for a break or ask someone to drive for a while so you can stretch your legs.


Car driver fatigue can be dangerous and lead to serious car accidents. So it’s important to keep yourself alert behind the wheel. Try these six ways to avoid car driver fatigue, and you should find that your long drives are much easier and more pleasant.

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