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7 Best Apps to Help you in Work From Home Situation


When the Covid turmoil befalls the world, we tend to change the course of life to unimaginable conducts. Thanks to apps technology for ensuring the lifeline of numerous businesses. Not to mention it allowed many companies to adjust to the modern mean of doing business. Simply, it enabled employees to work from home. According to Statistics, during the Covid-19 pandemic, 88% of businesses were forced to boost employees to work from home. On the other hand, 74% of organizations, even in the post-Covid Situation, plan to embrace remote work.

However, work from home is quite a challenge to address since many find it somewhat counter-productive. But still, to keep the businesses going in challenging circumstances, it’s worth it. Moreover, mobile apps are tremendous tools to help you in many directions.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 7 apps that will help you work from home. Here they are:

1 – Nozbe

You cannot work unless you bring the whole dispersed team in the same room. After you accomplish that, then applying productivity and achieving the target will be easier. Similarly, the Nozbe app helps you make that happen. Nozbe app brings the whole team under one place and puts in order your team via a to-do list using communication tools. In addition, it helps you collaborate with your team to grasp the desired goal efficiently. Nozbe makes sure no one misses out on anything. To achieve that, it enables the team member to access all the work. That includes projects, tasks, comments, apps etc.

Furthermore, Nozbe has a simple set of instructions. Simple, settle what the projects are in your mind, then create them and set teams in Nozbe. It also enables you to assign individual tasks and projects. Finally, it also allows you to add comments and attachments to your tasks here how to delete phonepe account.

2 – Snagit

We have Snagit here. You can use Snagit to change and enhance the way of communication in workplaces. Also, it simplifies the tiring and lengthy involved processes. In the same way, it cuts down the standards ways to communicate, teaches through wordy emails, training manuals, etc., and switches them with visual instructions for an effective and easy understanding.

Moreover, it lets you quickly capture your screen and add edit the video in possible ways. You can add your audio and instructions in the video to help your employees or potential viewers easily absorb your message. And Snagit also enables you to share essential files and context with coworkers instantly. It indeed ensures work from home and enhances productivity.

3 – Loom

If you check out loom’s website, it says I ton the cover page, “Show it, say it, send it.” And it truly lives up to that. Just like Snagit, it takes out the lengthy part and swaps it away with visual instructions. Moreover, it has an instantly ready-to-watch and share feature that helps you understand the flow easily.

Loom allows you to record videos on your screen and cam. Its instant sharing justifies the need when it appears. We can’t ignore the fact that we talk six times faster than we type, so that’s why you should prefer to look when you consider working from home. Not only at home but it also improves the process in offices or anywhere. A practical, expressive way to communicate honestly takes looms apps up a notch in any environment.

“Loom allows me to more personally connect with people without having to do 75 different one-on-one calls, which is just impossible at scale.” – Katie Burke, Chief People Officer

4 – Pinngle

The need to communicate from anywhere in the world is the top priority. In this case, Pinngle safe messenger offers you to connect with your team member globally via instant messaging; voice and video calls features are also available. Pinngle helps you share and collaborate with high-quality calls. And it also provides end-to-end encryption that ensures high security and privacy.

In addition, it pulls off high-quality and privacy services, surpassing all the average apps out there. This factor truly makes Pinngle more striking and stand out. If you have a poor internet issue, the Pinngle app effectively overcomes this common problem as it’s highly compressed.

5 – 15 Five

From all of the apps aforementioned in this blog, 15 Five work a bit differently. For example, the 15 Five app helps you to do that more easily when you need to measure your employee’s performance. It’s a performance management tool that allows the manager to gather frequent feedback. Consequently, it builds a successful business with honest work relationships.

These apps pitch a chance to managers to improve their business by unlocking employees’ best performances. In addition, this app allows the manager to read priceless feedback of their employees and respond correspondingly. That further helps employees to create a framework to improve and be the best as required.

In addition, it allows the employees to see their achievements and challenges. On the other hand, managers can use employee performance charts to gauge their strengths. Ultimately, this will increase employee engagement and drive them to attain the goal and improve even from home.

6 – Pragli

Working from home with the Pragli apps can be very easy since Pragli ensures virtual offices for remote and hybrid teams. Although working from distinct places can create unnecessary hassle, Pragli makes sure to provide you fastest connection with your team member effortlessly. Moreover, it’s securely encrypted and transmitted using WebRTC, which can be the best factor of this app.

Additionally, it enables you to have crystal clear audio and video quality to assure real-world presence in the remote workspace.

7 – Forest

People often check their phones approximately 58 times a day. Also, more than half of that happens during working hours. That means smartphones play a very distracting role in our work. When you cannot help checking your social media for no reason, constantly, then the Forest apps fits in this case for you. You can make your phone a productive tool by using the Forest app.

Forest app helps you achieve your desired goal at work and improve. Moreover, this app engages you to perform your task without distractions like in iPhone app developers , as it provides you seed, and you have to grow it by working. Pretty impressive, right? Do you want to grow a whole tree out of a seed?

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this blog helped you with the top 7 apps that can help you work from home productively. That being said, who knows what’s ahead of us – any disastrous situation that will force us to stay home. But you got to do your work while still at home. So, these apps can help you do that.

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Author Bio:

Arlo Jasper Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing. A professional writer with experience creating content for blogs and digital publications. A content writer and curator who is experienced in partnering up with individuals and corporations for creating quality content.I am passionate about telling stories that inspire people for a better future.


A professional writer with experience creating content for blogs and digital publications. I am passionate about telling stories that inspire people. A content writer and curator who is experienced in partnering up with individuals and corporations for creating quality content.

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