7 Effective Ecommerce Customer Retention Strategies

Retaining customers takes as much effort as acquiring them as e-commerce space is extremely volatile and hugely competitive. In fact, retention is even more complicated as it comes only after giving value and right experience to your customers. So, you need right customer retention strategies to get repeat customers and grow the size of the business and realize its goals. Your customers won’t come back again if you did not provide them some value and that’s why a proper plan is important to nurture your sales funnel. Plus, there has to a solid long-term plan to nurture your ecommerce customers.

Here are some of effective e-commerce customer retention strategies –

  1. Use email campaigns with promotion

Email campaigns and promotions can always work magic on your existing customers and encourage repeat conversions. If you manage to make the email offers look and feel exclusive, you have done the job easily. With promotional codes and offers, you can always make your customers feel better about their investment in your company. If possible, include an expiration date with the email offer as this always induces action. It’s therefore important to understand how things can turn your way when you decide to use email campaigns and take step to benefit from promotion.

  1. Focus on text message marketing strategy

Using SMS marketing can be quite an effective ecommerce customer retention strategy and you can use it to drive conversions. When you use text messages, it helps in you two broad ways; first, you can convey you brand message in the easiest way possible and second, can connect with your customers in a low-cost manner. Many e-commerce companies link their email strategy with SMS to drive more conversion and achieve more traffic to their stores or websites. This is why text message marketing strategy works big time and fetches lots of desired value.

  1. Plan various customer loyalty programs

Customers who are loyal to your business deserve some rewards. And when you’re in the e-commerce space, there has to be a right mix of customer loyalty and reward programs in place to show them the care you have for them. Whether cash-back, discounts, coupons, freebies or other perks, there are always myriad of ways to reward loyalty and encourage customers to buy more with you. With customer being panicky and volatile and with no dearth of options elsewhere, you better be prepared and have a solid reward programs in place.

  1. Devise a customer-driven social media marketing strategy

Social media is not only helpful for acquiring new customers but you can also use it to retain the ones acquired. With different social platforms around, you can easily have a diverse strategy and engage with your customer groups. Apart from sharing information about your products and services, you can also boost the engagement with followers by having a solid social media strategy in place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are some of top social networks you need specific strategy and focus for.

  1. Prioritize customer services & customer experience

A solid customer retention strategy is one that is based on the foundation of giving value to your customers. If your customers are happy with the experience they get with your business, you’re always more likely to retain then and keep their trust for longer. When customers are given priority and when they receive better service, your part is done and you are sure to retain them for longer. This is how your existing customers can be forced to spend more than they would otherwise do.

  1. Give a touch of personalization to marketing campaigns

A touch of personalization can make your marketing campaigns more effective that they actually are. This strategy is simple and you just need to include your customer’s name or search for personal information  related to them and then everything related to your email becomes more valuable in true sense. Whether click rates, conversion rates or open rates, you can always trust personalization to improve various aspects of your marketing campaigns easily. This strategy may look simple but it works big time and it even does not involve much money.

  1. Create mobile-friendly campaigns

Optimizing your digital marketing campaigns is one of the best strategies for retaining your customers. The focus should always be on having mobile-friendly campaigns given the kind of clout and influence smarthpone-wielding customers have in the market. Apart from having responsive design, you also need to understand the channels from where mobile devices have effect on. Plus, you also need to optimize your campaigns for each channel as this can always have a positive impact on the conversion rates.

Clearly, it’s always a solid strategy to have the support of a top digital marketing company and add a new dimension to acquiring and retaining customers and giving a boost to different metrics.

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